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National SEO, in this context, refers to the long-term investment to optimize organic traffic search marketing to focus on the promotion of a cannabis business’ website so it can rank higher. National SEO services focus on how the site ranks in its country of operation. The very idea is to have the site be the first one in search results when anyone types the keywords used to optimize a site on the National SEO level. The emerging cannabis industry needs the services of a National SEO expert, just like any business trying to rank higher.

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What Would a National SEO Campaign Look Like?

Doing national SEO for your cannabis brands without planning for it could go wrong in many ways. There are several things to base your plan on, including who are the stakeholders, and what would you like to see, what are the goals of the business, and the geography you want to rank for. As you do this, keep the business’s core plan close, as they will guide decision-making, strategy, and developing national SEO tactics.

Every business will find it a little challenging coming up with the keyword but not with modern tools like Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Search Console lying around, not to mention search term reports from Google Ads. With these tools, you will know the terms searched first and leverage them in content to rank higher. In addition to finding keywords, check out what those ranking have already done. You get a competitive advantage over them since you can avoid committing to bad or fruitless ideas and identify what improvements you can make to stand out. When it comes to on-page SEO, granular keyword research for individual pages can help you know what to optimize and how to optimize it, including identifying areas to do national SEO consulting with cannabis SEO experts.

As the premier search engine everyone relies on, Google can make or break your marijuana businesses. Google My Business is important because about 60% of shoppers use it to find local businesses using the feature. Using the GMB tool, a business can submit its information to show up in search results and maps. If you would like to gain the kind of national SEO packages such as a map and GMB presence top businesses enjoy, optimize the business name (it should be legal, legitimate, and accurate. Do not stuff it with spam or unnecessary text). Phone numbers — in GMB, businesses can set the same number for the whole business or go granular and have multiple numbers for multiple locations. Categories — Fill in as many as apply to your business in Canada. URL — Provide a recognizable and smooth experience from the time a customer finds your business to when they decide to visit the site. You have the option of connecting customers to the nearest working URL if you have granular national SEO strategies. Address — Make the address accurate if you need to provide a physical location. Media/photos — constantly upload and update media to ensure prospective customers can get some idea of what you have before visiting the store. You can share posts, too, even though they don’t stay up more than seven days. Your audience can be encouraged to click on the website, buy something or come to your location if you have one.

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In a word, yes! Setting up a well-optimized site with professionally developed SEO to achieve online business success is vital for any cannabis company. This applies to both local and national-based markets.

The ranking mechanism in SEO ensures that the keywords and products marketed are prioritized in the search engine, thus creating organic traffic. This way, the consumer can get more specific results for their interests.

For example, if they live in the city, their results will match the relevant marijuana business nearby. This promotes the industry by letting more people know about the existing companies and their benefits.

In this context, local CBD SEO uses the native/local keywords used to rank higher in searches conducted by users in close geographical proximity. The national SEO focuses on creating a more extensive reach for national and international audiences.

Another difference is that local SEO is more suitable for a more centralized location. A cannabis business that is more limited and subsistence thrives when the search engine is optimized locally. The national SEO is usually reserved for bigger companies. They often operate large-scale and have several locations scattered around various geographical areas.

At some point, a small business might need to expand its reach to more than just its local area. For that, your goals only need to be tweaked slightly to include the broader market. Consequently, the keywords change, the scope of content changes, and the presentation expands to have more than just the local area’s needs.

Since each business in Canada is unique and there are no templates one can just pick up and apply for the transition, it is often worth checking in with the experts to get their take on the best course of action.

Regardless of the uniqueness of each business, strategies for national SEO will revolve around the same tenets as building up a local presence, just with a broader focus. For instance, a business must still pick keywords that can be deployed generally or granularly to create a more targeted website that the search engine can quickly recognize and recommend.