Cannabis Gifts 2022: Top Ideas for Businesses & Consumers

Christmas is approaching. And if you have not yet prepared gifts for all of your friends and relatives, it is your last chance to have them delivered on time. We have made a selection of fascinating gifts for cannabis lovers. Besides, some of these items might be suitable for those who have never tried marijuana.

If you are not a consumer but a company working in the cannabis niche, understanding which goods are demanded among potential clients is useful. In this way, you will understand which products to include in the range. After all, even if not for Christmas, people exchange gifts all the time. Then, you will be able to resort to the services of a professional SEO agency working in the cannabis niche like MjSeo Agency and promote these popular items, which will definitely lead to an increase in sales. So, here are the top 10 ideas to consider.

Option 1 — Christmas tree with cannabis leaves

You can dress up your plant with Christmas decorations and admire it on Christmas and New Year holidays. But the decorations weigh a lot, so in order not to injure the plant and not worry about your harvest, buy a special artificial tree in the form of cannabis. An artificial cannabis bush will look great in a themed get-together and last for a very long time. Such a gift will greatly surprise and delight your friends who love weed.

Option 2 — Christmas Decorations

How about a little plush and stoned Santa Claus? Or cannabis balls? Themed toys can also come in handy to ensure a good mood before the Christmas and New Year holidays, making them really cozy in your favorite cannabis style.

Option 3 — Cannabis TV Series and Films

Is your friend a fan of the Weeds series and constantly watches funny weed comedies? So, give him or her a subscription to watch these films, where he/she can contemplate them without scouring in search of available versions to watch. Or you can give them a hard drive with all the favorite movies already on it (you can buy a licensed version on a DVD if your friend is a fan of retro).

Option 4 — Cannes-themed books and magazines

Themed books on marijuana have become even more popular after the legalization of cannabis in some states, and magazines are printed almost every day. Such a gift is perfect for those who are constantly interested in the world of marijuana, the industry, and the economy in the cannabis field. Why not put together a collection of such magazines or books and present it to a friend?

Option 5 — Device

If your friend has not yet got a grinder, then it’s time to give it to him/her! Or you can hand a new pipe or bong with a fascinating design. You can even put together a collection of unusual smoking devices that you will hand over to your loved one for each new holiday. Also, among the devices and accessories, we can mention the following options:

  • paper for joints and blunts,
  • special unusual jars for storing marijuana,
  • a vintage lighter, etc.

Option 6 — Painting with a Flower of Marijuana

Do you like to create and paint? Then paint a beautiful picture for your friends with big buds and juicy trichomes. Even if you are not a pro, your friend will be pleased to receive a handmade gift.

Option 7 — Giant Joint or Blunt in the Form of Funny Figures

This gift is also suitable for those who like to do everything with their own hands. And most importantly, the big blunt will be a lot of fun to smoke in a big and fun company!

Option 8 — Homemade (and Store-sold) Ointments and Cannabis Balms

Does your grandma or aunt constantly complain of back pain? Give her a cannabis ointment that can help her better than any drug from the pharmacy. And most importantly, she does not need to know from what you made this balm; it is important that it is herbal, which means it is natural!

Option 9 — Hemp Branded Clothing and Accessories

Cannabis socks are not trivial — they are classic! A lot of clothes with such symbols are being produced for every taste and size. So, you are free to choose what you want and like as a gift for a friend. Are you afraid to wear such a symbol in public (if you live in a state with strict bans) but really want to express your indomitable love for marijuana? Cannabis panties will come in handy! No one else will see such a piece of clothing

Option 10 — Hidden Safe

It is not safe to hide cannabis. In states where the use of marijuana is legal for medical and recreational purposes, such a gift is just a fun and, no less essentially, affordable thing to present. There are so many original designs and ideas; you will like such collections and want to get one for yourself.

Final Words

It is commonplace to prepare gifts for friends and close people, and the most essential in the process is to have fun yourself. Just imagine what you would like to receive, and it will be easier for you to make a list of gift ideas for your friends. Hopefully, the suggested list of cannabis gifts will be handy or, at least, inspiring. Enjoy the holiday season!

Dmytro Syvak is an expert at MjSeo.Agency, where he works as a business development manager. He also writes blog articles for the MjSeo Blog, and he takes part in interviews and podcasts. Dmytro has a big experience in the cannabis industry, he loves to share his knowledge with others and develop his skills.