Largest Cannabis Growers in USA

Largest Cannabis Growers in USA

The legal cannabis industry has been thriving in the United States for years, and it’s only expected to grow. With more states legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational use, there are new opportunities for growers everywhere. Whether you’re just getting into the game or already have plans to expand your operation, here are seven of the top largest cannabis growers in the USA 2021, according to Greenhouse Grower:

  1. Los Sueños Farms (California);
  2. Village Farms (British Columbia);
  3. Solaris Farms (Arizona);
  4. Ultra Health (Colorado);
  5. Glass House Farms (Oregon);
  6. FlowerOne (Washington State);
  7. Mammoth Farms (southern California).

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for centuries to relieve pain and other ailments. It is now being grown commercially in many countries, including the United States of America. Cannabis can be cultivated outdoors or indoors, depending on where you live and what type of cannabis you want to grow. During the last years, the cannabis industry drastically evolved presenting new businesses and spheres. Let’s have a look at the largest cannabis growers in the USA.

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Los Suenos Farms

“America’s best cannabis is grown here, and we only use natural sunlight.” It was founded by a Costa Rican family, and it’s located on 400 acres of land where they grow hundreds of pounds every day that will be further purchased by the four biggest retailers in the region. The company’s marketing materials make frequent use of beneficial insects to control pests, and it is highlighted in its marketing tools. It is also open to providing production advice on how to grow a high-quality crop.

Village Farms

“Our greenhouse is like a time machine,” founded in Canada. The company was formerly producing tomatoes and peppers, but now it’s the largest cannabis producer on the East Coast of the USA with an estimated yield reaching around 30 000 pounds annually. The company recently announced a joint venture with Emerald Health Therapeutics to convert an existing 25 acres, a one-million-square-foot greenhouse in Delta, BC. The initial conversion will entail growing tomatoes, but eventually, Village Farms and Emerald plan to grow cannabis as well.

Solaris Farms

The company produces premium cannabis products which are grown in their own state-of-the-art facility located near California’s Coachella Valley, where they also grow flowers for top dispensaries in the Los Angeles area. They have developed their own kind of plant to control the quality from the very beginning. Solaris Farms is a company that has mastered all aspects of growing and selling cannabis products. It specializes in producing various types of marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes: flowers, edibles, etc. The largest greenhouse complex owned by Solaris Farms covers almost five acres.

Ultra Health

The company is based in New Mexico, and they are the largest provider of medical cannabis products across the state. They have their own grow facilities and deal with local growers that meet Ultra Health standards for growing organic medicine. Ultra Health is the first cannabis company in New Mexico to be awarded the Clean Green Certification for its organic growing methods. One of the main goals of Ultra Health is sustainable agriculture, which means they are using resources like water and soil efficiently without compromising their product quality.

Glass House Farms (medical marijuana)

A company that uses the latest technology to produce and grow high-quality products. Their most popular brand is “Sunshine,” and medical marijuana by Glass House Farms has been a great success. Glass House Farms is a company that has been operating for more than five years now. And they are growing cannabis in greenhouses using hydroponics and aeroponics technologies. They have a lot of experience, but they also use their own seeds for a faster growth process. Greenhouses are illuminated with photoperiod lights and light deprivation to maintain a continuous harvest cycle at Glass House Farms. The greenhouses are divided into areas. The continual cycle is made up of different phases: cleaning, planting, developing plants, and harvesting. This enables Glass House Farms to employ a full-time workforce of 122 people all year round.


It is another company that has been on the market even before some other growers started to produce medicinal marijuana products. Their farms are located in British Columbia, where Canada borders the USA. This company is widely known for its wide range of products and the quality of its cannabis. Flower One provides a wide range of goods, including wholesale flowers, full-spectrum oils, and distillates, as well as finished consumer packaged items.

Mammoth Farms

It is the second-largest company in the cannabis industry. They were pioneers of cannabis production, and they have been producing medicinal cannabis products since 2014. This company is also known for its quality and variety of goods and a wide range of services it provides to consumers: from growing processes support all the way through post-harvest solutions to selling the ready-to-consume products directly to customers. This company also uses a state-of-the-art facility to test and research cannabis products. The company also provides custom services: they design each cultivation process according to the needs of their clients, including creating different growing systems and designing tailored conditions for plants depending on location, climate variation, or other factors that may affect the growth cycle.

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