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In a contemporary world, all businesses have shifted online. And the cannabis industry is not an exception. If you are running a business in this niche, you might have already understood the importance of a well-optimized site and a professionally developed digital national SEO marketing strategy for your cannabis business. Only in this way, will you be able to get organic traffic that will lead to sales and revenue.

With an MjSeo agency, the company working in the field of providing national SEO services in the cannabis niche, you can expect that your e-commerce site offering marijuana and cannabis products will be ranked high among the top companies. Entrust your business to national SEO experts from an MjSeo agency and get ready for boosting it!

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What Would a National SEO Campaign Look Like?

If you have already got a website for your cannabis business, before drawing a detailed national SEO marketing plan, the specialists of the MJ SEO agency need to understand which of the parameters of your platform may require optimization.

Only after detecting all the possible off-page and on-page SEO errors and their elimination (these two steps vary depending on the pending situation with the site) will it be possible to proceed to further steps of the national SEO tactics.

The next step foresees the analysis of the local and national listings, as well as checking out the activity of competing cannabis brands. In this way, we will be able to define which approaches are effective for the competitors of your company and understand if we can utilize the data in the strategy to be worked out.

For the optimization of content on the site, we need to carefully study the target audience and define what interests them most of all. Thanks to this step carried out by cannabis SEO experts, you will get to know your clients even better and even understand what is missing in the range of products you offer.

Your website needs to be appealing and meet Google’s guidelines on images optimization. Creation of the new visual content may be necessary as well.

The creation of unique and engaging content for your marijuana project is a must. Thanks to the use of keywords, this content will not only attract organic traffic to your site but also help your potential clients understand the main value of your brand.

The national SEO packages MJ SEO agency offers to its clients include link building. The process is essential if you want your platform to be ranked well by the search engine. The number of required links and the first results you will notice depends on many factors such as the desired result, the current position in the SERP, and the available budget.

None of the SEO strategies is effective without analyzing competitors. Therefore, our agency will include this analysis in the set of services rendered by the MJ SEO agency. This will also help understand the working methods of promotion in your particular cannabis niche.

The national SEO consulting services will also include a set of various analytical reports that will help in the evaluation of the undertaken steps, as well as to draw further promotional plans. To stay competitive, SEO in the cannabis industry is an ongoing process.

Get Ready to Grow Your Traffic?


Definitely. For any cannabis company with physical locations seeking to attract visitors, both national and local SEO campaigns are extremely important. Of course, with local SEO, you can easily get offline customers who will come to your shop to buy a product they are looking for. People will use Google maps and online directories to find your address and the shortest way to get to you.

However, if you want to win a large market share, then you need to implement strategies for national SEO. Since the legality of cannabis varies in different US states, many people shop online. And a well-thought-out national SEO will make your company visible to a wider audience. Thus, people from other states can easily find you on the web, go to your site, and make an order right away. This scenario will significantly boost your revenues and will help you reach a new level for your business.

Differently from local SEO, national SEO campaigns allow you to reach customers on a national or even global level. You are not targeting an audience from a specific area anymore but instead, focus your effort on an extended user stack. The two cover the same principle, but still, there are some significant differences.

With national SEO, you need to target more general keywords, which makes national SEO campaigns more difficult to tackle. The competition on the global level is tougher. And to compete with larger marijuana businesses on a national level, you will need to conquer high positions with high- and mid-frequency requests. Branded keywords will hardly work here unless you have established a recognized brand already. But with a well-thought-out and all-covering strategy, you are likely to get access to a much wider target audience with national SEO.

In order to shift from local to national CBD SEO, there are a couple of tasks that you need to perform. First of all, you will need to revisit your semantic core, remove branded keywords, and use high- and mid-frequency inquiries instead. The same should apply to paid SEO campaigns. Your main mission is that your target audience can easily find you when typing in an online request in a search engine. Their physical location shouldn’t be taken into account.

With national SEO, backlinking has more importance for a business. So, be ready to invest more in getting quality link mass. This approach will pay you off well, helping your small business step into the national or even global arena.