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Professional team
Professional SEO

Our skill and experience in the international market will boost your weed SEO and skyrocket your results in the search engines.

Highly Competitive
Highly competitive

Our experts will create highly competitive SEO strategies to promote your weed business in your region.

Professional SEO specialists
Professional specialists

Our team consists of 85+ professionals who can deliver the best results in the shortest possible time.

Develop Our Own Tools
Data-driven approach

We form a strategy only on the basis of accurate data and do not believe in SEO magic. This approach has helped our clients climb the Google ranks sustainably and effectively.

Perfected Art of SEO
Perfected the art of SEO

Thanks to our expertise, we help scale our clients’ hemp businesses. We are proud to have perfected the art of SEO so you can get the traffic you deserve.

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We are always here

We work with companies in 45+ countries and speak 12 languages. We are always in touch and ready to improve your cannabis SEO.

Why is SEO so Important for Cannabis Business in the USA?

What is Cannabis SEO?


Cannabis search engine optimization is the scope of various activities that will improve your website, hence, you should have a better ranking for your platforms by search engines thanks to organic traffic. Nowadays, it is even more problematic to avoid SEO for cannabis marketing. If you run a cannabis e-commerce website or are involved in the marijuana business, you are not an exception to the rule. Every cannabis business should think about increasing its online presence by attracting more organic traffic.

There are two options: You may either hire an in-house specialist who will carry out all SEO works for cannabis marketing for your online store. Alternatively, you can entrust hemp SEO work to cannabis SEO experts offering the best services for cannabis businesses, which is a faster, turnkey solution. With our experience, understanding of the cannabis market, and proven strategies, you will be able to attract more traffic and expand your business, which is the best solution.

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Our Cannabis SEO Services

national seo
National Seo

By choosing a professional cannabis SEO agency, your marijuana business will expand its activities to a national scale. Enhanced visibility in organic search will translate into more visitors and conversions, which will significantly increase your bottom line.

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local seo
Local Seo

Thanks to our cannabis marketing SEO team, your company will become well-known in your neighborhood. Local citations on reputable directories and prominence on Google Maps will boost sales to customers looking for dispensaries nearby.

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Link Building
Link Building

High-quality backlinks are one of the pillars of marijuana SEO. The team at our cannabis SEO company will work out a link-building strategy that will increase the number of backlinks to your site. This will improve your ranking in the search results.

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Dedicated SEO Teams

We believe that every client deserves 100% of our attention. Therefore, we attach dedicated SEO teams to every project. Compared to other SEO companies, we entirely focus on your needs, putting our expertise at the forefront of your weed business online.

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Website Design & Development

Our web design and development experts are happy to create and launch your online weed store from scratch. We will guide our customers along the way, applying our marketing efforts all the way up until the first sales.

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Content Writing Services

Our team of professionals knows everything about digital marketing. Dozens of creative people and experienced copywriters are working on the creation of SEO-optimized content every day so our customers’ websites appear at the top of organic search after several months of work.

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What Types of Cannabis Businesses Need SEO?

Medical or Recreational Dispensaries
The MjSeo Agency will provide medical dispensary SEO services that will help your cannabis products to become the number one choice of medical users. Does a dispensary need SEO? Yes, especially as even more states legalize cannabis and new businesses appear regularly. Entrust it to professionals, and your brand will become widely recognized by doctors and patients.
Cannabis E-Commerce
If you are selling cannabis brands’ products online, your business will be challenged by competition. But hiring the MjSeo Agency, a professional SEO service for cannabis sites, will take your web sales revenue to a new level. With its help, you will be able to display your products and services to interested and target audiences.
Local Weed Producers/Sellers
Local weed sellers are active clients of cannabis companies. To establish a connection with these customers, your business needs a solid presence on the most significant local platforms, maps, and directories. Involve the MjSeo Agency to assist in the process. The specialists will create an individual strategy for local SEO and website promotion.
Branded Cannabis Products/Accessories (Head Shops)
To reach head shops in the cannabis industry, our agency will increase your brand awareness among end users and the owners of head shops they visit. Make sure they all know your brand name with the help of the services of the MjSeo Agency.
Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services
Finding clients you can supply with your cannabis products on a wholesale basis will give you a regular source of profit. Thanks to the services of SEO for cannabis companies, such clients will easily find you online through relevant searches.
Cannabis Product Variations (Oil, Dry Leaves, etc.)
If you provide a wide range of cannabis products, including dry leaves, seeds, oil, and more, your potential clients should find your website by making the corresponding searches. MjSeo Agency will help you improve your positions for searches related to the whole range of products you sell. We will make sure that you get to a higher position on the SERPs using our thorough cannabis SEO strategy.
Cannabis Resellers
Resellers cooperate only with companies that provide the best terms of agreement, and they constantly check out the market. Thanks to MjSeo, they will find your cannabis business both online and offline. Our marijuana SEO agency will increase your visibility online and address your target audience. This leaves you with the task of satisfying their terms for working together.
Cannabis Transporters
Courier services often cooperate with the cannabis industry. Thanks to the services of SEO for cannabis delivery from MjSeo, you will be able to regularly and profitably cooperate with cannabis transporters, increasing your clients’ base by adding their end users to it.

Our tools & services

Our Step-by-Step SEO Process

After discussing your needs and expectations, our team will zoom in on your niche, competitors, and target audience. Drawing on our expertise and experiences with other dispensaries, we will recommend solutions aligned with user intent, keyword difficulty, and other SEO vitals.

Excellent cannabis content is the bedrock of success. Our cannabis SEO firm will develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals. We will also plan a link-building campaign to enhance rankings through credibility.

Our customized roadmap will enable you to leverage superior marijuana marketing solutions. The MjSeo team will gain high-quality backlinks, help you polish your content, and improve technical and on-page optimization. Comprehensive SEO will push your site to the top of organic search results, helping it forge ahead.

We stand behind our work and provide detailed reports with quantifiable outcomes. Effective cannabis search optimization will lift your cannabis company to the first page of search results, where it will be noticed by millions of potential customers!

Top SEO Experts in the Cannabis Industry

cannabis seo

If you are running a business and have a cannabis brand, it is always a wise decision to entrust the promotion of your online platform to a professional agency. Searching for an expert in SEO for cannabis seeds? You are in the right place! MjSeo is the top SEO agency for cannabis companies.

If you’re in need of top SEO experts in the cannabis industry, look no further than MjSeo. Our team of experienced professionals has been working in the cannabis niche for years. We are advanced in marketing efforts and are familiar with all aspects of SEO for cannabis companies. We’ll work with you to develop a custom marketing plan that takes into account your unique needs and goals as well as your potential customers.

Be sure that you’ll get everything necessary to achieve success. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how our cannabis store SEO experts can help you attract more organic traffic and grow your business.

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Get Ready to Grow Your Traffic?


The usual price for marijuana SEO starts at $1,500/month without including the link-building budget. The cost of dedicated SEO teams that work full time on your project starts at $5,000 per month.

Traditionally, the price of SEO can be influenced by many factors – whether it is a new domain or a domain with some history, its previous experiences with promotion, what exactly was achieved over the duration of the project, the location in which the business operates, the type and quality of content published on the website, as well as user interaction with the resource.

We can analyze your site for free to make recommendations for your future SEO campaign in various search engines like Google. This will take 3-5 business days. Send us an email at or leave a request on the site and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Historically our company has iterative interactions with both projects from scratch and domains with at least some previous promotion history. We understand how luxury marijuana dispensary SEO as well as SEO for yet unknown brands should work. After detailed niche research, we will offer the best SEO strategy for your brand new website, which will bring the maximum results for your business. For example, we may create evergreen content, focus on local SEO, or focus on low-competitive product groups to get quick results in SERP.

For sure, before launching a cannabis SEO campaign for a new website, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the niche and competitors, as starting to focus on highly competitive keywords (for example, “buy CBD oil”) is not a good idea for a new website.

First of all, you need to understand why your organic traffic is not growing or why it has decreased. There are several possible reasons:

  • Poor optimization of your cannabis company’s website (on-site optimization)
  • The presence of many technical errors that should be immediately eliminated
  • Your link building was too aggressive.

Usually, this initial analysis (2-5 business days) helps us understand what steps would be needed and what you can achieve with us — whether the project will grow or if we first need to neutralize the negative consequences of previous work on the site before planning the activities of the next project.

Just contact us and our specialists will conduct a complete SEO audit (find the technical flaws on your cannabis website, consult you on the additional steps, analyze the search volume keyword rankings to create useful and interesting content) and provide you with any further recommendations.

You can see the first results of SEO for cannabis in 3-6 months. You should understand that the results depend on the speed of implementation of all the recommendations offered by the cannabis SEO company. At the initial stage of work, we analyze and give rough forecasts of how quickly and how much website traffic we can get in your niche and within a certain budget. These projections serve as targets for us to achieve results.

The degree of competition in the niche is among the most crucial factors, but the speed with which you will see results is directly impacted by the initial data of your cannabis site. All in all, even though SEO promotion activities sometimes allow your project to achieve high-ranking results in three months, it’s better to count on a longer period.

We have worked in the cannabis niche for several years now, and we do not outsource any of our SEO tasks. We have all the necessary cannabis SEO experts in our company:

We can also create a separate team for your business that will create an individual search engine optimization strategy and work only on your project and your goals.

What is SEO for cannabis? This is search engine optimization or site promotion of your cannabis business in the search results on Google or another search engine. Unlike other promotion tools, search engine optimization works to gain free traffic from search engines.

If you manage to rank higher with your cannabis website and get to the top of the SERPs, your business will be able to attract much more traffic in the cannabis niche to the site. While many are perplexed by the complexity and incomprehensible ranking algorithms, as well as the long implementation period, hiring a professional agency can help you achieve better ranking results by attracting more organic traffic to your cannabis platform.

We accept wire transfer, SEPA payments, PayPal, Payoneer, and all other payment options, even crypto payments. You can use any method of payment you are comfortable with and change it later if needed.