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Can’t run paid ads? No problem.

We know the marijuana SEO industry inside and out – and will dig deep to come up with an effective SEO strategy that increases your traffic…. and your sales.

  • Boost organic traffic
  • Recover lost traffic
  • Get more sales
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Why SEO for cannabis companies?

If you want your cannabis business to be found online… then you need marijuana SEO. Period.
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Rank higher in search engines

Outrank the competition and climb to the top of Google search results.

Increase your traffic

Attract more of the right people to your website.

Get more sales
Get more sales

With more traffic… comes more opportunities to convert leads into customers.

Truth? Most cannabis SEO agencies don’t dig deep enough… so their strategies fall flat

cannabis seo services

Promoting a cannabis business online isn’t easy. Paid ads are pretty much off the table. And your social media accounts could be shut down at any second.

So if you want to drive traffic to your site, then marijuana SEO is your best bet.

A lot of cannabis SEO agencies devise strategies based on guesswork. Minimal data. Or SEO “best practices.”

This results in lost traffic…. and Google penalties.

Which is why we often find ourselves cleaning up the messes that other SEO companies make.

Get things right the first time around – and partner with our award-winning cannabis SEO agency instead

Here’s how our cannabis company is different from other SEO for cannabis companies:
Proven results Proven results

On average, we’ve gotten our clients a 354% return on investment. Need we say more?

Lightning-fast responses Lightning-fast responses

Inside Telegram, you can communicate with your team, share files and ask questions anytime. They’ll respond so quickly, you’ll wonder if they ever sleep.

Dedicated teams Dedicated SEO teams

You’ll get your own dedicated SEO team that works for you (and nobody else) around the clock.

5+ years in cannabis 5+ years in cannabis

Our team has spent years getting to know the ins and outs of the cannabis niche – so we can get you (much) faster results.

Transparent reporting Transparent reporting

Each week, you’ll get a breakdown of your weed SEO results. And we’ll hop on a Zoom call to go over everything in detail. So you’ll never be left in the dark wondering “what’s that mean?”

In-depth audit In-depth audit

Before starting any project, we’ll do a deep-dive SEO audit. To make *sure* we can get you the kind of results you want. If we can’t, we won’t take on your project.

Award-winning SEO agency

“Data-driven” isn’t just a buzzword that we throw around. We use data to drive every decision we make.

If you partner with us, you won’t have to worry about getting a cookie-cutter cannabis SEO strategy that flatlines your traffic or (worse) penalizes your site.

We’ll start by analyzing every inch of your cannabis business – and then use that data to come up with a zero-guesswork weed SEO strategy. One that will help you outrank the competition – and reel in more perfect-fit website visitors.

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TOP SEO Experts in the Cannabis Industry

Get results 3-6 months faster than other agencies
Cannabis SEO Experts

We’ve worked with 35 cannabis companies to date, from cannabis seeds to CBD to local dispensaries.

For each subniche, we know the keywords that convert more into sales – and the competition for those keywords. Plus, we keep an open line of communication with the top webmasters in the cannabis industry.

This way, our cannabis SEO experts are able to get you results 3-6 months faster than other agencies.

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Our Cannabis SEO Services

Go from a barely-there ranking to the first page of Google.
National Seo

Rank for certain keywords across the country with our national SEO services for cannabis businesses.

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local seo
Local Seo

Attract more customers from your target area – and optimize for local search results.

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link building
Link Building

Drive your website to the top of search results with high-quality, long-lasting backlinks for cannabis businesses.

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Cannabis SEO Management
Cannabis SEO Management

Boost your valuable traffic month after month with SEO for cannabis management

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Website design & development

Dazzle your website visitors from the get-go with a beautiful, high-performing website.

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content writing
Google-friendly Content

Get relevant, valuable content that drives traffic and generates leads.

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How soon can we get your website ranking #1?

Whatever type of cannabis business you have, we’ve got you covered

Whether you need SEO for cannabis seeds or SEO for marijuana SEO, our cannabis SEO firm has got the knowledge and expertise to get you results.
Medical or Recreational Dispensaries Medical or Recreational Dispensaries

The MjSeo Agency will provide medical dispensary SEO services that will help your cannabis products to become the number one choice of medical users. Does a dispensary need SEO? Yes, especially as even more states legalize cannabis and new businesses appear regularly. Entrust it to professionals, and your brand will become widely recognized by doctors and patients.

Cannabis E-Commerce Cannabis E-Commerce

If you are selling cannabis brands’ products online, your business will be challenged by competition. But hiring the MjSeo Agency, a professional SEO service for cannabis sites, will take your web sales revenue to a new level. With its help, you will be able to display your products and services to interested and target audiences.

Local Weed Producers/Sellers Local Weed Producers/Sellers

Local weed sellers are active clients of cannabis companies. To establish a connection with these customers, your business needs a solid presence on the most significant local platforms, maps, and directories. Involve the MjSeo Agency to assist in the process. The specialists will create an individual strategy for local SEO and website promotion.

5+ years in cannabis Branded Cannabis Products/Accessories (Head Shops)

To reach head shops in the cannabis industry, our agency will increase your brand awareness among end users and the owners of head shops they visit. Make sure they all know your brand name with the help of the services of the MjSeo Agency.

Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services

Finding clients you can supply with your cannabis products on a wholesale basis will give you a regular source of profit. Thanks to the services of SEO for cannabis companies, such clients will easily find you online through relevant searches.

Cannabis Product Variations (Oil, Dry Leaves, etc.) Cannabis Product Variations (Oil, Dry Leaves, etc.)

If you provide a wide range of cannabis products, including dry leaves, seeds, oil, and more, your potential clients should find your website by making the corresponding searches. MjSeo Agency will help you improve your positions for searches related to the whole range of products you sell. We will make sure that you get to a higher position on the SERPs using our thorough cannabis SEO strategy.

Cannabis Resellers Cannabis Resellers

Resellers cooperate only with companies that provide the best terms of agreement, and they constantly check out the market. Thanks to MjSeo, they will find your cannabis business both online and offline. Our marijuana SEO agency will increase your visibility online and address your target audience. This leaves you with the task of satisfying their terms for working together.

Cannabis Transporters Cannabis Transporters

Courier services often cooperate with the cannabis industry. Thanks to the services of SEO for cannabis delivery from MjSeo, you will be able to regularly and profitably cooperate with cannabis transporters, increasing your clients’ base by adding their end users to it.

Cannabis Industry Consultants Cannabis Industry Consultants

The main task of consultants working in the cannabis industry is to give expert advice on various issues. This can only be done by people who understand the topic and can offer competent solutions. Thanks to our cannabis SEO marketing services, your website will bring you organic revenue through queries related to the services you provide, and you will be able to find new clients who need your expert advice.

Get insights you can’t find anywhere else with our proprietary SEO tools

Ahrefs, Moz and SEMrush are great and all. But they only scratch the surface of SEO compared to what our internal tools can do.

One of them, Command Control, allows us to find the low-hanging fruit keyword groups. So you can get targeted traffic… for a smaller budget.

How our cannabis SEO experts get you results that make your competitors green with envy

  1. 01
    Discuss your goals

    First, you’ll hop on a (free) 30-minute call with a cannabis SEO expert from our team. And you’ll fill them in on your business and objectives.

  2. 02
    Analyze 300+ factors of your website

    Next, we’ll analyze over 300 data points of your website and SEO. Identifying what’s working… and what’s not.

  3. 03
    Craft your cannabis SEO strategy

    Based on that, we’ll come up with a custom cannabis SEO marketing strategy for your business. One that brings qualified traffic to your website.

  4. 04
    Set up your team

    Based on your business needs and objectives, we’ll recruit and hire your own personal team of cannabis SEO experts. They’ll work for you full time, giving your project their full, undivided attention.

  5. 05
    Get results – and scale

    No cannabis marketing SEO strategy is set in stone. We’ll review things on a weekly basis and continually look for ways to bring *more* high-quality traffic to your site.

Clients rave about our in-depth approach, transparent communication and ability to get results

But don’t take our word for it. Hear it from the horse’s mouth:
Don’t let your competitors steal all the traffic (and customers)

Book a free consultation with one of our cannabis SEO experts to see how our marijuana SEO services can help you outrank the competition with an effective SEO strategy.

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Still having doubts about working with our cannabis SEO agency? Let’s clear them up

It depends! If your site is more established, you can expect to see results within 2-3 months.

If your site is newer, you may have to wait 3-6 months until you start seeing results from cannabis industry SEO.

We can’t make any guarantees – but we will do everything in our power to get your site ranking in that coveted #1 spot.

After we do the SEO audit, we should have a good idea of what’s doable… and what’s out of reach.

We don’t outsource. And we won’t assign you random do-it-all “SEO experts” from our team either.

Instead, we’ll recruit and hire the best cannabis SEO specialists required for your project – and they’ll work for you full time.

Our services start at $1600 per month. On average, our clients invest between $5000- $9000 in our digital marketing services.

It’ll depend on your needs and budget. But at minimum, you’ll get:

  • A complete SEO audit + competitor analysis to find out where the hidden opportunities lie – and what might be pulling down your ranking
  • A custom cannabis search engine optimization strategy to help your website steal the top spot of Google – and bring in high-quality traffic
  • Detailed weekly reports with your cannabis SEO results
  • Weekly sprint calls where we discuss how things are progressing – and next steps

Unlike many other SEO companies, we don’t care about metrics like Domain Ranking and Domain Authority.

At the end of the day, the only things that matter are your page ranking, your organic traffic and your ROI. Those are the metrics that we pay attention to at our cannabis SEO company.

We accept wire transfer, SEPA payments, PayPal, Payoneer, and all other payment options, even crypto payments. You can use any method of payment you are comfortable with and change it later if needed.