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SEO is like a game. And we know the rules to play it successfully. Thus, our CBD SEO services will bring you results — meaning traffic, clients, and sales.

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Why SEO for CBD companies?

cbd seo services

Nowadays, a robust online presence is a must for any brand, and cannabis businesses are no exception. For those operating in the CBD market, investing in CBD SEO services is the best bet.

Why is search engine optimization so important for companies in this niche? Well, things are simple. Given the restrictions on paid ads and the high demand in the market, leveraging SEO serves as a winning solution. When you turn to professionals, they develop a tailored promotion plan for your company that will bring valuable outcomes.

Wondering how it works? A comprehensive SEO strategy implies utilizing many techniques. Specialists perform keyword research, analyze your competitors, build a strong link profile, and do other necessary work for Google search optimization with your goals in mind.

This way, CBD website SEO can deliver you recognition in the niche, draw clients, and, as a result, boost profits. Sounds like a success story, doesn’t it?

Elevate Your CBD Company with MjSeo's SEO Services

Proven results Industry Expertise

Our CBD SEO company has five years of experience in local and international markets. As a result, we create exceptional SEO strategies for CBD businesses.

Outstanding Results

On average, our clients’ organic traffic per month is 256,854, while their ROI is +354%. Isn’t that outstanding?

Dedicated teams Dedicated Teams

A dedicated SEO team will promote your CBD website. These skillful pros will solely focus on growing your business around the clock.

In-depth audit Deep Audit

When we take on your promotion project, we do a deep-dive audit first. That’s to make *sure* we can deliver the results you expect.

Responsible Approach

You get a report on the performance results weekly or monthly. And we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss the details. No blind spots; you’ll have a clear and full picture.

Prompt Support

Our team is always available on Telegram (or other messengers) to give you lightning-fast responses. Ask questions, share insights, resolve doubts, and more.

Unlocking the Power of SEO for CBD Businesses

Organic traffic is the most valuable and sustainable source of traffic. It isn’t influenced by changes in algorithms or advertisement costs, like paid sources could be. Furthermore, when you get higher on the search mountain, your rivals will have a hard time dethroning you.

Traffic from unpaid search engine results is always an excellent solution in the long run. Launching a marketing campaign a month before the holidays? Then, SEO may not be of great help. But for growing your CBD business and scaling it exponentially, it’ll work best.

Even well-known digital marketing agencies utilize the power of optimization in their promotion campaigns. They know its potential and prioritize it as a main traffic acquisition channel.

SEO for CBD companies is a surefire way to give your cannabis business an edge over competitors. This strategy comprises various tactics and practices utilized directly on CBD websites. It can be content optimization, technical SEO, selecting SEO keywords for products, and much more. Ultimately, all of that is highly effective for eCommerce sales.

The higher you rank, the more organic traffic you receive — and sales, of course. Users typing in specific queries are more likely to convert. That’s because they’re further down the sales funnel. They’re seeking a particular product. And an SEO service for CBD ensures you can be one of the first companies to offer it to them. Hence, they’re more likely to buy from you.

It’s true that earning the trust of the search engine is crucial to boosting cannabis SEO efforts. That way, your company can move up higher in the SERPs for relevant keywords. At the same time, when you appear as one of the first results in searches for hemp-related products, there is automatically an increase in audience confidence.

For instance, strong SEO for CBD oil sites includes creating a correct description and title and optimizing content with the necessary keywords, among other things. And those web pages will occupy high positions in the SERPs. Consequently, the recognition of that brand in the CBD market will undeniably grow.

What is one of the primary goals of SEO for CBD companies? Driving natural organic traffic from search engines, undoubtedly. Its great importance lies in providing a truly stable flow of visitors with relevant search intent.

All quality SEO services for CBD businesses include content optimization. Various factors need to be taken into account when performing this. It is all about working with keywords and the best local SEO tags for CBD, structuring the sections of your site, and optimizing technical aspects and semantics.

Only by considering these essential points is it possible to influence the amount of targeted traffic directed to CBD websites and drive long-term value for online cannabis businesses.

It’s obvious that an optimized platform is far easier to use and navigate through. And when users can quickly find what they are looking for, they are more likely to stay, explore your products, and make purchases.

Performing SEO for CBD brands directly influences a website’s usability. Professional optimization is aimed at improving it through plenty of methods. They include increasing page loading speed, optimizing images and content, repairing broken links, and adding outbound links. All these efforts ultimately provide a much better user experience. In turn, this leads to higher conversion rates and better rankings in search engines.

How soon can we get your website ranking #1?

The Process Behind Our CBD SEO Strategies

  1. 01
    Getting Over Your Goals

    First, we will schedule a free 30-minute meeting (on the house). Consulting with our CBD SEO expert, you can discuss your CBD business’s specifics, potential competitors, and ideal customers and define promotion goals.

  2. 02
    Researching Your Niche

    Then, we will perform thorough research. We analyze over 300 important data factors about your CBD website and SEO to get an idea of where it stands and identify steps to deliver your desired results.

  3. 03
    Crafting Your Perfect SEO Strategy

    Next, our CBD SEO agency will shape a custom strategy for your cannabis business. No ready-made solutions — we will come up with a plan tailored to your strategic needs and company objectives.

  4. 04
    Setting up Your Team

    Finally, once you approve the plan, we will recruit your personal team (right from scratch). These experts in cannabis SEO will be deeply focused on implementing your promotion project full-time.

  5. 05
    Delivering Results and Scaling

    SEO for CBD companies is an ongoing process. We’ll review things weekly, delivering you an action plan on Monday and a performance report on Friday. We’ll constantly seek ways to draw you *more* quality traffic.

Top CBD SEO Agency for Scaling a Business

seo for cbd

MjSeo provides only custom-fit SEO solutions for a CBD business. Our supreme optimization package is what will level up your CBD website’s position in search engines.

We know that each CBD company is unique. So when it comes to performing perfect SEO for you, we’ll dig deep. We’ll explore the state of your platform and SEO efforts, investigate your competition, and determine your ideal customer. Only after that will we match everything up with your goals to pick the most suitable set of tools and techniques.

What could these include? We can suggest propelling your link building efforts to help your website gain more authority in the eyes of search crawlers. We may incorporate quick-win keywords throughout your content to boost targeted traffic. When appropriate, we reflect local SEO in the strategy so that you’ll be noticed by more potential customers, specifically in your area.

But all these are just examples. In our collaboration, we’ll identify what works best for you and deliver it to your business.

Doubting the Relevance of CBD SEO for You?

cbd business seo services

The truth is that many websites simply lack basic search engine optimization. Are you just starting out your business in the CBD industry? Or do you already have a platform but have never utilized this promotion method before? Implementing only technical and on-page recommendations in a correct manner can show you that SEO really works.

Have you had negative experiences with some CBD SEO companies? When a provider relies on guesswork and minimal data, the possible outcome is nothing but lost traffic — or, worse, penalties. That’s why you need expert SEO agency services.

Collaboration with MjSeo is what will pave your way to online success. No more cookie-cutter plans or one-size-fits-all practices. Only tailored marketing techniques and a working strategy. Our SEO for CBD companies is not about promises with no outcome or some ordinary “best practices.” It’s all about considering your requirements and using expertise to get top-notch results.

Wanna skyrocket your visibility, website traffic, and sales? Contact us today, and our pros will help you find the ideal solution for your business development.

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Yes, SEO for CBD websites will do this. For that, many techniques can be used, including:

  • Website and content optimization for relevant CBD-related keywords
  • Implementing on-page and technical strategies
  • Building high-quality backlinks

All of that helps increase your visibility in search engines, leading to a higher number of organic visitors specifically interested in CBD products or related information.

The time it takes to see results from CBD SEO services depends on the following:

  • Market competitiveness
  • The current state of the website’s SEO
  • Algorithm changes

For brand-new websites, the timeframe is at least four to five months (for the first results). For old sites with SEO promotion, it can take three months or longer. Significant improvements can be seen in nine months to a year.

SEO is a long-term strategy that requires ongoing effort and patience. Often, you will not get an ROI in the first year. However, you can get a return of two to five times your investment from SEO efforts in the second and subsequent years.

It’s essential to understand that the SEO landscape is dynamic, and search engines frequently update their algorithms to provide users with the best possible results. So, what works today may not necessarily work tomorrow. Consequently, there are no guarantees of achieving specific positions.

SEO isn’t set in stone and requires continuous adaptation and optimization to help your business stay ahead.

When it comes to the cannabis niche, marketing channels are highly limited. Advertising on popular social media networks comes with many restrictions, while it’s mostly forbidden on Google Ads. Only with a certificate from Google is it possible to advertise topical or hemp-derived CBD products containing 0.3% or less THC. Therefore, CBD SEO marketing is the primary focus for growing your canna-business online.

Yes, for sure. We have successful working cases in the cannabis industry and the CBD niche specifically. Contact our CBD SEO company specialists, and they will provide you with bright instances of canna-businesses flourishing online with our SEO efforts.

The cost of our CBD search engine optimization service begins at $1,600 per month. The average investments of our clients vary from $5,000 to $9,000.

Overall, the niche is highly competitive. The minimum budget for complex promotion is at least $3,000 ($1,500 for SEO work and $1,500 for link building). For a one-time service, the cost starts at $1,000.