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Our experienced writers, editors, and SEO experts provide unique content tailored for optimal search engine visibility, quality assurance to ensure timely delivery of your project, and specialized expertise to bring credibility to your website.

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cannabis content writing services

SEO-optimized content is the key to success!

cannabis writing services

When it comes to digital business promotion, the cannabis market is very competitive and has a lot of legal restrictions and challenges. That’s why SEO content is so important for your online marketing: it can help boost your business and bring more people to your marketplace.

Our content writing experts craft each sentence to provide the most value to your customers. They also work closely with the SEO team to create content that will get you in the top 5 of organic search results in just a few months.

Choose MjSeo for Cannabis Content Writing

Cannabis SEO Expertise Trustworthy SEO Services

15+ years of experience in SEO and perfect results in highly competitive markets.  That’s why we have many new projects with our loyal clients.

Proven Results Exceptional A+ Grade Product

With our cannabis writing services, we make sure to stick to strict quality standards and meet the client’s needs.

team Professional Content Team

Our highly skilled content team is capable of writing in 12 different languages and always understands yours.

tools In-House Developed Tools

We use our own tools to come up with top-notch content and make sure it fits each client’s needs.

Proven White-Hat SEO Content That Converts

We are concerned with the results and strive to create original texts for cannabis businesses as well as generate more leads for them.

Always available Dedicated Client-Oriented Approach

We start whenever you’re ready, and we don’t stop until you’re completely happy with our content services.

How fast can we write content for you?

Our Content Writing Process

  1. 01
    Drafting the Technical Task

    Firstly, a dedicated team of CBD writers creates the cannabis content plan and technical tasks for your project.

    We start by looking closely at your website and doing deep research on your competitors. This assists us in determining which search trends are most crucial to your project. Our proposal at this stage also covers keywords, phrases, and topics that will work best for you. We guarantee that all ideas and plans will be discussed in detail with our client, and we will not move forward without your approval.

  2. 02
    Communication with the Author

    We conduct thorough research to invite every best cannabis copywriter to join our experienced team, so we can guarantee that you receive the best content with a deep level of expertise. After the project roadmap and technical task approbation, we communicate with the assigned cannabis content writers to discuss every detail of the task and general content requirements mandated to be fulfilled.

  3. 03
    Content Writing and Proofreading

    Our writer for a cannabis blog starts working on the content based on the technical task and finishes his work by the deadlines set. We engage skilled editors and proofreaders from our cannabis writing service to check the content and make it shine like a diamond.

    You get well-optimized, original content that is good for both people and search engines because it is written in a way that is convincing to the audience it is meant for and packed with verified information that could help potential clients find their way to your website.

  4. 04
    Delivering the Result

    Finally, the marijuana copywriting process is finished with publishing articles on other sites to make them visible to search engines. Accurately integrated backlinks, meta-information advancements, and description improvements will increase your search positions and attract a new target audience interested in cannabis products to your online store. Such SEO content optimization will undoubtedly pay off.

Professional Writers for CBD & Cannabis Companies

cbd and cannabis writers

No doubt, content is king when it comes to online marketing nowadays. Professional business copywriting relies on careful planning; every stage is analyzed and optimized. That’s why professional cannabis writing services require some time for research.

What are the essential requirements for a cannabis content writer? It’s mandatory for any SEO text creator:

  • to have deep expertise on the subject they write about;
  • follow the technical task requirements;
  • use keywords and phrases organically, so the texts could only profit from search engine optimization;
  • make sure the content is valuable, engaging, readable and easy to understand;
  • and to love to write.

All of these points are unquestionably shared by our cannabis content writers who have a strong passion for writing as well as knowledge of both the topic at hand and the cannabis industry as a whole.

We always include the secret ingredient — complete focus on the client’s needs — to elevate our work to a higher level. Therefore, until everyone is satisfied with the texts’ quality, we will continue to work on them.

Boost Your Business with Marijuana Content Writing Agency

writers for cbd

Our cannabis content writing services are in great demand, particularly in emerging markets, as marijuana is becoming more and more legalized around the world. If you ask us whether it’s more effective for the business to hire a cannabis blog writer or a team that can handle content-related processes from all angles, we’d say the answer is obvious.

A professional agency that handles various tasks in the cannabis business copywriting day-to-day has the knowledge, experience and a pool of engaged authors to bring the true gem to the surface.

So many pros, right? Not so when it comes to the matter of cost, one could argue.  But MjSeo is here to prove to you that it’s possible to not exceed your budget and get excellent service.

As a client-oriented agency, we are always looking for ways to boost sales for our clients, not their spending. Sounds like a decent commitment? So why wait, just drop us a note to check on our services.

Our Pricing

Blog Article Writing
from / per 100 words $13
  • choosing a suitable author
  • plagiarism report
  • editing
  • revision if necessary
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Technical Writing
from / per 100 words $5
  • choosing a suitable author
  • fact-checking
  • plagiarism report
  • proofreading
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from / per 100 words $4
  • editing
  • fact-checking
  • revision
  • further updating
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Copywriting is the creative processing and compilation of knowledge/experience in the text form that improves its perception. Both people and search engines highly value the unique, creative content, which is why original texts rank much higher than alternative sources. Effective strategy and planning distinguish SEO projects from simple texts.

Cannabis content writers create unique custom content on various cannabis industry topics as they have extensive knowledge of it. They do deep niche research first to use reliable sources while writing. Further content creation involves text structuring and shaping.

Proofreading is required to boost the reader’s engagement and present complex things understandably. Authors use relevant keywords and strictly follow SEO demands to make the text visible to search engines.

A professional cannabis content writer will make sure that your articles are well-structured, SEO-optimized, and interesting for readers. If you hire an agency with a pool of professional cannabis writers, you will get an expected volume of top-quality content in a limited time. Thus, you can invest in quality and quantity at the same time.

After massive cannabis legalization in different countries, the niche of cannabis business copywriting became in demand. Numerous online stores have appeared, creating a competitive environment. To stand out from the crowd, canna stores should develop their SEO strategies.

Knowledge of the positive effect of cannabis will gradually change the market landscape, and good content plays a crucial role in this process. So, both businessmen and customers will benefit from it.

The cannabis business copywriting niche involves various factors influencing the total number of words written per particular period. Everything depends on urgency, demands, content type, topics, requested expertise and volume.

Our Content Department is fully packed with proficient writers, editors and proofreaders to produce about 80K words per month without delays or losing quality, readability, and other essential text characteristics. Do you need more? Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities to scale.