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Content is king, undoubtedly. And to unlock the real power of your cannabis website, you need professional canna and CBD content writers by your side.

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cannabis content writing services

SEO-Optimized Content Is the Key

cannabis writing services

The cannabis industry is skyrocketing, increasing market competition. But many legal restrictions and challenges still exist when it comes to promoting digital businesses in that field. That’s the primary reason why canna and CBD content writing is so crucial for your online marketing. It’s a surefire way to boost your business and bring more people to your marketplace.

MjSeo specialists have found a perfect synergy between SEO and content marketing. We understand how to make them go hand in hand correctly to create content that really ranks high. Our cannabis copywriting isn’t about ordinary texts.

We provide you with your ideal cannabis SEO content writer, who’ll craft each sentence to deliver the most value to your customers. And help you get into the top five in the SERPs, of course.

Why Pick MjSeo's Cannabis Writing Service?

Cannabis SEO Expertise Trustworthy SEO

We have more than five years of experience in cannabis SEO and perfect results in highly competitive markets. That’s why we have so many new projects with our loyal clients.

Proven Results High-Grade Product

With our cannabis copywriting services, we make sure to stick to strict quality guidelines and meet the client’s needs. So you always get an exceptional, A+ product.

team Pro Team

Our highly skilled content team is capable of writing in 12 different languages and will surely understand yours.

tools Proprietary Tools

We’ve developed our own digital tools. Our specialists employ them to come up with top-notch content that fits each client’s requirements.

Proven White-Hat SEO Result That Converts

We are concerned with the outcomes. Every MjSeo cannabis content writer strives to create original texts for canna businesses and generate more leads for them.

Always available Client-Oriented Approach

We start whenever you’re ready. And we don’t stop until you are completely happy with our content writing services.

Save Time and Effort While Creating High-Quality Content

The legal landscape surrounding the canna industry has many peculiarities. Therefore, content writing for cannabis businesses is a very complex endeavor, as all the texts must comply with current regulations.

By entrusting the process to well-versed marijuana content writers, you will avoid potential legal pitfalls and build a dependable brand.

The value of SEO lies in delivering sustainable traffic. A strong cannabis SEO strategy focused on content marketing helps drive a steady stream of target visitors to your platform. When your texts are optimized for the right keywords, users can easily find you when searching for products related to yours.

Content should provide genuine value. With professional cannabis copywriting, the texts produced are both informative and captivating. Each piece will catch and hold your audience’s attention, whether it’s:

  • A blog post on science investigations
  • A guide to growing plants
  • A review of industry trends.

That way, you educate your customers while establishing a strong connection with them.

Expertly created articles are excellent for showcasing your knowledge and expertise. This way, you can position your company as a respected authority in the canna space.

With a proficient hemp content writer by your side consistently delivering high-quality texts and thought-provoking insights, you’ll gain credibility and become a go-to resource.

A robust cannabis content writing strategy is designed to have a long-lasting impact on your business’s success. Consistently attracting and engaging your audience will give you more opportunities for conversions and repeat customers. Consequently, you will improve your sales performance and gain a firm foothold in the cannabis market.

How fast can we write content for you?

Understanding Our Content Writing Process

  1. 01
    Doing Deep-Dive Research

    Firstly, MjSeo specialists explore the current state of your website and your competition. That way, it’s possible to identify search queries and topic ideas that will work best for your project. We’ll move forward only after you approve all the details.

  2. 02
    Drafting a Content Brief

    This is a short and concise form to request any type of text. Our SEO expert fills it according to the insights gained during the research and emphasizes your expectations (tone of voice, language level, niche expertise, etc.).

  3. 03
    Selecting Your Best Cannabis Copywriter

    Based on the info in the brief, we assign you your ideal cannabis SEO writer. We deliberate on our choice of author thoroughly, considering all of your preferences. Then we discuss important details with them and the general content guidelines that need to be fulfilled.

  4. 04
    Crafting and Polishing the Content

    Now the magic begins as the cannabis copywriter crafts the text, working out every aspect of the brief and implementing all your wishes and demands to create a quality piece. A proofreader looks through it and makes it shine like a diamond.

  5. 05
    Presenting the Final Result

    Of course, you’ll receive the content by the deadline. The provided piece will be easy for people to find and for search bots to crawl. It’ll be ready to be published, so you can start increasing your rankings and bringing more of your target audience to your platform!

Professional Canna & CBD Content Writers for Your Business Needs

cbd and cannabis writers

No doubt, content reigns supreme when it comes to online marketing nowadays. So, MjSeo’s copywriting for cannabis companies relies on thorough planning and research. Every cannabis business writer on our team is a well-qualified content creator. Through their work, they showcase the following:

  • Extensive expertise in the subject they prepare the text on
  • Strict adherence to the content brief requirements
  • The ability to transform the material into a well-structured and beneficial piece for the audience (so they don’t lose interest till the last sentence)
  • A love of writing and a bottomless hunger for learning.

MjSeo’s cannabis copywriting is a superior blend of a body of knowledge in canna, an understanding of CBD SEO, and a strong passion for writing. And we always include the secret ingredient — a complete focus on your needs — to elevate our work to a higher level.

Content Writing Solutions for Cannabis Businesses

writers for cbd

The marijuana market is growing rapidly, with no sign of slowing down. All businesses in the industry strive for steady online development. Quality cannabis content writing can contribute a lot to that. And the MjSeo Agency is here to fulfill the demand for it.

However, hesitation often arises about whether to just hire a cannabis writer or collaborate with a specialized vendor. We say the answer is obvious. As an experienced canna and CBD content writing agency, we clearly understand the process from all angles. Achieving high-end results requires a team, unquestionably.

We deal with plenty of diverse tasks related to cannabis copywriting on a day-to-day basis. All the mastery and expertise we have collected allow us to execute your unique, tailored content strategy. The one that will help Google send users your way and turn lurkers into customers.

Any worries about the cost? With MjSeo’s reliable service, you will see that it is completely possible to get an amazing outcome within your budget. We plot your course to success, looking for ways to boost your sales, not your spending. Ready to experience the magic? Reach out to our pros today.

Our Pricing

Blog Article Writing
from / per 100 words $13
  • choosing a suitable author
  • plagiarism report
  • editing
  • revision if necessary
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Technical Writing
from / per 100 words $5
  • choosing a suitable author
  • fact-checking
  • plagiarism report
  • proofreading
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from / per 100 words $4
  • editing
  • fact-checking
  • revision
  • further updating
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Generally, copywriting is the creative processing and compilation of knowledge/experience in text form to enhance its perception. SEO (search engine optimization) implies that the content isn’t only easily digested by readers; the material is crafted in a way to help your website rank better in SERPs. Effective strategy — including planning, analysis, and research — distinguishes SEO projects from ordinary writing projects.

Yes, MjSeo’s specialists use AI tools for cannabis content writing. But it is crucial to note that they are mostly meant to assist in the creation process. These tools can’t fully replace the work of a professional weed writer.

If any AI tools are employed, our proofreaders always review, fact-check, and polish the content to create a great result.

A cannabis copywriter is a skilled content creator who crafts unique, custom texts on various industry-related topics. They possess extensive knowledge of the niche for which they write, but they approach every task by doing initial research.

After identifying dependable resources for writing, the author produces a text, structuring and enriching it with keywords. Then comes proofreading to improve the result.

A professional canna and CBD content writer hones in on every detail, ensuring the text is readable, interesting for readers, and, of course, visible to search engines. Hiring an industry-specialized agency with a pool of qualified cannabis content writers means you’ll get the expected volume of great content in the shortest timeframe possible. Thus, you invest in quality and quantity simultaneously.

The more legally and socially acceptable cannabis becomes, the more businesses appear on the market. MjSeo’s professional content writing services are tailored both to dispensaries and online stores to help them stand out in this landscape.

Knowledge of cannabis’s positive effects will keep changing the industry; good content contributes to this. So, both businesses and customers will benefit from it.

Different factors influence the total number of words written per particular period. It depends on urgency, content type, topics, requested expertise, and volume.

MjSeo’s content department is fully packed with talented writers and proofreaders and can produce about 80K words monthly without delays or reduced quality. Need more than that? Contact our canna and CBD content writing company to discuss the possibility of scaling.