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SEO Services for LA Cannabis Stores

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Our cannabis SEO agency will help your business grow and boost your traffic. With a personalized approach to every project, we perform the following works:

  • Create a semantic core based on the search queries of your target audience;
  • Promote your site to get it up to the top of search engines based on relevant KW;
  • Do local SEO to cover the needs of the people you are actually targeting;
  • Take into account federal regulations when developing an SEO strategy for your project;
  • Take care of the backlinking strategy that really works for your project dealing with cannabis SEO Los Angeles;
  • Provide recommendations on internal (on-page) site optimization.

When ordering our services, you can count on professional assistance and a full-fledged approach to site promotion for any US state, including California.

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How to Promote Cannabis Business in LA

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Before considering the basic methods of promoting a cannabis SEO company in Los Angeles, it is necessary to pay particular attention to an effective platform, i.e., the website. If it is at the stage of creation, make sure that the site is not just a place where all the main traffic is driven. It should be a clear, structured system with a well-organized sales funnel. If you get started your marijuana dispensaries’ business from scratch, the development and design of your e-commerce platform should be based on the general dispensary SEO marketing strategy.

Local customers from LA visiting a site should not be confused when they first open it. When designing a California marijuana SEO -optimized website, MjSeo professionals always carefully think over the purchase scenario (in other words, to the conversion optimization) – from following a link to placing and confirming an order. There can be several such paths at once, each of them should be simple and understandable for a potential client. If you have already got a website, the specialists of the MjSeo agency will develop an SEO strategy that will include carrying out the technical SEO on-page and off-page audits.

Specifics of the Niche

Working in the cannabis industry, the agency understands the specifics of the niche, as well as peculiar legislative aspects in different states. Therefore, if you are looking for a possibility to promote cannabis brands in Los Angeles, it is reasonable to cooperate with an agency that is specialized in the industry.

The most effective tools are:

  • SEO – website promotion to the top of search results;
  • Contextual, targeted advertising – displays of advertisements based on queries in search engines and user interests;
  • Content marketing – publishing useful text materials to attract the target audience, which will include link building;
  • SMM – business promotion in social networks;
  • Email marketing – engaging an audience by sending emails.

The MjSeo agency is a company of experts in the cannabis industry successfully promoting e-commerce platforms and dispensaries in Los Angeles and other states with the help of the above tools. Entrust your marijuana project to professionals, and you will not only increase the recognition of your brand in California but also get a possibility to expand your cannabis business nationwide.

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Due to the nature of their business, cannabis websites may not use standard marketing tools like Google Ads or social media advertising. This leaves a limited promotion arsenal, and it must be used to the fullest. As a result, SEO is indispensable.

Our cannabis marketing agency Los Angeles will help you drive organic traffic to your site (i.e., attract more potential customers) without ads. We develop strategies that push our clients to the top of Google search results.

On average, ranking requires between 3 and 6 months depending on the starting point. An established business will see the results of CBD SEO sooner. Building page authority from scratch (i.e., ensuring trust from Google) takes time. We develop tailored strategies based on extensive research.

Our cannabis SEO company provides the full package of services for marijuana businesses. There are three components: local SEO, national SEO, and link building. We will help you gain more customers in the area, expand your reach to a national scale, and build high-quality backlinks to boost your position in the Google ranking.