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Our services include high-end link building strategies, custom-built to meet your needs and goals.

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With a growing number of marijuana and related product businesses regularly opening, the cannabis industry is highly competitive. And CBD link building services are a must-have for those companies who want to boost revenues. For this strategy to bring benefits, it is crucial to select a professional link building agency such as MjSeo.

We have extensive hands-on experience in SEO, including the marijuana niche. Hence, while building the profile of backlinks for marijuana companies, we make use of our well-established relationships with webmasters and the owners of cannabis resources.

By adding link building to your SEO strategy, you will not only attract more organic traffic to your website but also increase the domain authority and recognition of your brands. Entrust this to MjSeo, a professional cannabis SEO agency.

Cannabis SEO Expertise Cannabis SEO expertise

MjSeo specialists have worked in the canna niche for years. We will develop a bespoke strategy tailored to your business.

Proven Results Proven results

Entrust your project to MjSeo, and your website ranking will improve thanks to the SEO techniques we use.

team Link building specialists

Our link building services are provided by a team of pros with extensive experience in building backlink profiles.

In-house tools In-house tools

To manage and control the links we have built for cannabis link building, we use in-house developed tools.

Proven White-Hat SEO Proven white-hat SEO

We know which approaches and techniques will be effective in your case and will not resort to anything illegal.

Always available Always available

Our SEO link building team is reachable whenever you need our help. Get in touch, and we will reply promptly.

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  1. 01
    Competitor Analysis

    Every cannabis link building strategy starts with an in-depth analysis of competitors in the client’s niche. We analyze the dynamics of their promotion, as well as determine the types of links and the anchor list that they use. After that, we investigate whether this approach might be effective for the quality link building strategy of our customer.

  2. 02
    Planning Link Building Strategy

    The next step of our professional CBD link building services is the planning of our promotion strategy. Based on the data received, we compile an anchor list for the first 3-6 months of the campaign, based on which we will prepare anchor texts. Hence, our specialists determine the optimal dynamics of building the profile of new backlinks.

  3. 03

    Next, our outreach specialists determine the relevant domains and collect the databases with webmasters’ emails by getting in touch with existing and recently launched cannabis websites. We negotiate beneficial terms for publishing content with backlinks to the resources for our customers.

  4. 04
    Content Creation

    Then we create content using the relevant keywords and add the URL to your website as organically and naturally as possible. Our content writing specialists take care to meet the requirements of webmasters while writing the content in terms of our CBD link building strategy.

  5. 05
    Publishing and Reporting

    After publication, we prepare a detailed report that contains the price for posting, site metrics, as well as URLs and anchors that have been used. With the help of our in-house tools, we monitor all your links and make sure to detect broken links or any other possible problems with the publications that might negatively affect your online credibility.

  6. 06
    Full-scale Link Building Process

    Every link building plan for niche sites is tailored to the needs of the particular business. We will scale the number of links and select the strategy that will bring the maximum benefits to the business. We might also resort to blogger outreach services if this will eventually bring a profit.

cannabis backlinks

Backlinks are a strong signal for search engines to rank your site. As a competitive niche, the cannabis industry is no exception. Your competitors are building dozens or even hundreds of backlinks to the pages they would like to run high, so the importance of backlinks cannot be ignored.

What will you get from effective link building for cannabis developed by our professional company for you?

  • Stable organic traffic — get customers from both organic searches and referral sites and get to the top positions in the SERP;
  • Quality backlinks — get well-refined and target audience visitors from referral sites;
  • Proven domain authority — show search engines that you are #1 in the cannabis business;
  • Boost the weight of your CBD site — increase the value of your website with a strong strategy;
  • Strong backlinking core — develop a strong backlinking core with guest posting and relevant marketplaces.

One of the main benefits of creating backlinks for hemp, CBD, and cannabis is that it is an effective and completely legal way to expand brand awareness and increase the visibility of your business. A professional agency always considers the goals and values of each particular business when looking for platforms on which to publish posts.

In that way, an effective link building strategy for cannabis allows you to attract more potential clients despite the numerous restrictions applied to marketing strategies in this niche. It is also convenient to track the results of this strategy and assess its effectiveness.

cannabis and cbd link building

If you understand how essential building backlinks is for your cannabis business, be sure to pay attention to the process of finding a reliable executor. Hiring an agency with no experience in the niche that utilizes spammy sites might lead to negative consequences such as receiving penalties from search engines.

In digital marketing, it is always crucial to work with professionals. And if you are looking for an SEO link building company for your cannabis business, make sure that this agency has experience in the niche. There are a lot of caveats related to building CBD backlinks and following the legislation in force.

And you are in the right place. MjSeo is a professional agency that meets the above criteria. Being narrowly specialized in the marijuana niche, our experts know the methods that will not endanger your business. We have in-house link builders who will be working on building inbound links from high-traffic websites to your platform.

Our specialists resort to only white-hat link building. We do not outsource specialists for implementing the custom link building campaign that we have developed to achieve the desired results.

Our Pricing

from $220
  • DR: 25+
  • Organic Traffic: 1000+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Website Category: Cannabis, CBD, Health, Lifestyle, News
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from $270
  • DR: 40+
  • Organic Traffic: 5000+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Website Category: Cannabis, CBD, Health, Lifestyle, News
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from $350
  • DR: 60+
  • Organic Traffic: 30000+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Website Category: Cannabis, CBD, Health, Lifestyle, News
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There is no definite response to how many high-quality links you need to rank first for the search query you are interested in. We have a data-driven approach that allows us to determine how many and what kind of links your project needs in order to improve the site’s visibility and surpass your competitors.

Of course, the number of links that we build will depend on the goals and priorities of your business.

The link mass that we can build depends on the needs of your project. We can build as many as necessary. For MjSeo experts, the highest number per month has been 200. However, this is not the limit.

For the management and control of CBD backlinks that we have built, we use an in-house developed tool — With its help, we can not only track the backlinks but also control the work of outreach specialists. Hence, we make sure that clients get the most out of MjSeo’s cannabis link building services.

To scale the process of link building for CBD oil and other cannabis products, our team uses all the professional and SEO industry-effective tools. These include:

  • Gmass: Any research team looking for webmasters and resources with high domain authority uses this to communicate with webmasters.
  • LinkChecker: This tool is used to control backlinks and manage link builders.
  • Ahrefs, Similarweb, Majestic SEO, and Semrush: These are used to analyze the links and anchor texts of competitors.

Based on insights from our research team, we identify relevant sites with high domain authority. To get backlinks, we contact each website owner and produce content in accordance with their requirements and Google’s guidelines. Every blog post we submit will contribute to the end goal — boosting your company’s reputation and sales in the digital space.

The main purpose of link building is to improve the ranking of your cannabis site. Backlinks are a strong signal to search engines that your resource is relevant to the query and that it can be trusted.

A well-built link profile will prove to the search engine that the content on your pages is valuable. Hence, it will display these pages higher in the SERP.

Based on our experience in the cannabis niche, we recommend starting the process of building external links with $1,500.

However, this depends on the scale of your business and the developed SEO strategy for your business. A national campaign will undeniably cost more than local SEO services.