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First things first, backlinks matter. Therefore, a well-crafted link building strategy is your ticket to the top of the SERPs.

Our agency knows the secret to making it. Get in touch today and elevate your rankings and authority with our high-end cannabis link building services.

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The canna industry’s growth is incredible, with the cannabis and CBD market anticipated to reach over $33 billion by 2025. This means more and more businesses will open in this area, and the competition will increase. Thus, quality cannabis and CBD link building is the perfect tool to help you stand out and succeed online.

At MjSeo, we understand the value of backlinks. Possessing extensive experience in cannabis SEO, our team relies on proven white hat techniques to build them. Applying a professional approach, we implement this part of the SEO strategy to deliver the most beneficial impact.

Our cannabis and CBD link building company has established close relationships with webmasters and the owners of authoritative resources. Hence, we can craft a robust link profile for your company that will bring in more organic traffic, improve your domain authority, and ultimately boost your revenue.

Cannabis SEO Expertise Vast Expertise

We’ve explored the world of cannabis SEO for more than five years. Now we know it inside out and can give your business a result-oriented strategy.

Proven Results Booming Outcomes

Our clients’ ROI is our number one priority. On average, it is about 354%, while organic traffic is 250K+ per month. Indeed booming, isn’t it?

team Link Building Proficients

Our link building for CBD and cannabis websites is done by experts in this craft. You can rest assured that your link profile is in the safe hands of a team of pros.

In-house tools In-House Tools

Our unique proprietary tools for link building are like the icing on the cake. When we build a link profile, they are used to keep it strong through link management and control.

Proven White-Hat SEO White Hat Approach

MjSeo’s cannabis link building services are based on employing Google-approved strategies, techniques, and tactics. We deliver rankings and authority, complying with search engine guidelines.

Always available Always in Touch

Whenever you need to share ideas, get advice, or clear up doubts, we’re always available. Communicate with our expert link building team regarding important moments using Telegram or other messengers.

The main benefit of link building for every canna business lies in improving search rankings. A correctly executed strategy gets your platform links from relevant and authoritative resources. Search engines view this as a signal that other sites have confidence in and endorse your platform. This propels your cannabis website up the SERPs.

Furthermore, when you consistently appear at the top of search results, it increases awareness of your brand. Over time, potential customers will start to perceive your company as trustworthy. Establishing authority in their eyes eventually leads to more conversions and fosters customer loyalty.

The contribution of content cannot be overestimated. That is the space where your link appears in front of readers. When it is poorly created, people just skip it or close the tab.

That’s why we strictly follow the requirements of webmasters and Google guidelines. But apart from that, expert writing comes into play. All the posts are based on previous research and are, therefore, engrossing and authentic. They are unique and structured in a way to be easily digested by users.

Overall, the quality of the written piece for link placement is of great importance. It’s this aspect that makes readers more curious about the topic as well. Consequently, there is a higher chance they will click on your link to learn new information.

Transparency and open communication shape the end result. Receiving regular reports on the project gives you full visibility of the techniques implemented and links built. Therefore, you can keep an eye on the current performance.

You can easily connect with specialists to clarify blind spots, discuss the next steps, and request changes or adjustments. When the link building team is available to address any of your questions or concerns, you have peace of mind knowing that everything is going as it should.

Top-of-the-line cannabis and CBD link building services are about creating links that have the desired effect. Getting them from appropriate resources is only part of the job. Ensuring that when a link is lost, it’ll be brought back, and when it’s broken, it’ll be fixed, is what makes you confident your investment is really paying off. This is possible through detailed backlink monitoring and tracking.

Apart from that, comprehensive analytics provide an exhaustive picture of whether your goals have been achieved. Clear metrics for your website and data-based conclusions give you an understanding of the progress from a long-term perspective. Thus, you’re able to measure the success of the entire strategy.

How soon can we get your website ranking #1?
  1. 01
    Getting a clear picture of your goals

    We build links for cannabis and CBD websites only with our client’s goals in mind. Therefore, you’ll be scheduled for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your business specifics, competition, and the types of links you’re after.

  2. 02
    Taking a close look at your rivals

    Researching your competitors is beneficial because it allows us to uncover link opportunities for your cannabis company. Analyzing their strategy, link profile (including links they’ve potentially hidden), and link structure, we highlight important details that will contribute to your strategy.

  3. 03
    Shaping your bespoke strategy

    Now, based on the collected data, we put things together and develop your personal link building strategy that will keep Google happy and involve creating only natural-looking, white hat links to your cannabis platform.

  4. 04
    Gathering your perfect team

    Need 500+ links monthly? No problem. We’ll set up your team, which will devote all its attention solely to your project. Otherwise, you’ll be assigned a project manager who’ll collaborate with our centralized team to implement your strategy.

  5. 05
    Coming up with link assets

    Not every agency creates link assets. They’re difficult and time-consuming. But we do it because we want our clients to get backlinks from reputable resources. We’ll either offer you options for how you can create them or make them for you.

  6. 06
    Getting links and monitoring performance

    Your cannabis or CBD link building strategy will be put into action. We’ll professionally implement the proper blend of tactics to deliver authoritative links to your website. Throughout that process, we’ll watch your link profile to find new and fix broken links.

cannabis backlinks

Every comprehensive and robust SEO strategy includes cannabis or CBD link building. Why, you ask? Because quality backlinks are regarded as one of Google’s strongest ranking factors. In simple words, this is what helps push your site up in the SERPs.

In a competitive cannabis space where every business builds dozens or even hundreds of external links, their weight becomes considerable. Moreover, with numerous restrictions applied to marketing in that field, link building for CBD and cannabis arises as an effective and completely legal form of online promotion.

When cannabis backlinks are created with quality as the main priority, your website greatly benefits in the long run. By partnering with the MjSeo Agency, you can expect to increase the value of your platform and attract more potential customers.

cannabis and cbd link building

Tired of ordinary agencies saying a lot of buzzwords? Eventually, they cut corners and go for quick solutions. At best, you receive no benefits. At worst, your site will suffer due to penalties from search engines and a demotion in the rankings. Collaboration with the MjSeo Agency is a completely different story.

Our cannabis and CBD link building agency is a trusted vendor holding the key to driving your business down a road of growth. How do MjSeo’s services make clients happy? We listen to their wishes. Then, we apply our knowledge to craft a custom-fit campaign. That is our formula for being a reliable executor and delivering those sought-after results.

Distinguished by hands-on expertise in the cannabis and CBD SEO spheres, we will leave no stone unturned when developing your link building strategy. Our team is aware of potential caveats related to creating CBD backlinks.

So we won’t endanger your cannabis business with random methods; we will put it right on the radar of potential customers with white hat techniques. Book a consultation today — let us show you the magic of pro link building.

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  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Website Category: Cannabis, CBD, Health, Lifestyle, News
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from $300
  • DR: 40+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Website Category: Cannabis, CBD, Health, Lifestyle, News
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  • DR: 50+
  • Content Writing: Included
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Website Category: Cannabis, CBD, Health, Lifestyle, News
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Building backlinks is paramount to thriving in the competitive cannabis landscape. However, it requires deep expertise and knowledge to get quality ones and not face any undesirable outcomes like penalties.

By relying on professional cannabis link building services like MjSeo’s, you entrust the whole process to experts. Their experience allows them to bring you high-quality links from relevant and authoritative resources.

When it comes to cannabis and marijuana link building, we use different SEO tools to assess the important metrics and factors. Among them, the essential ones are:

  • DR 30+
  • Organic traffic 1,000+
  • Positive links and traffic dynamics without sudden drops or spikes
  • The number of referring domains is 1.5 times that of linked domains

Also, we monitor that there’s no “sponsored” or “advert” tag and that the post is published under a logical category.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer regarding the number of backlinks that will help you achieve a top ranking for the search query you’re interested in. Here, it depends on the goals and priorities of your business.

We always take those into account and properly mix them with our data-driven approach to define how many and what kinds of links your project needs.

This depends on the specific needs of your project. In fact, we can build as many as are necessary. The highest number per month our experts have reached is 200. However, that is not the limit for us.

Backlink management is done with the help of our in-house-developed tool — It allows for efficient tracking and monitoring of your link profile. Apart from that, we use it to supervise the workflow of our link builders. Thus, we ensure our clients get the most out of MjSeo’s cannabis link building services.

We utilize different SEO industry-effective tools to scale the process of link building for CBD oil and other cannabis products. For instance:

  • We use Gmass to communicate with webmasters and locate resources with high domain authority.
  • LinkChecker is valuable for tracking backlinks and managing the work of link builders.
  • We employ Ahrefs, Similarweb, Majestic, Moz, and Semrush to analyze your competitors’ links and anchor texts.

The process is grounded in the insights of our research team. First, MjSeo’s specialists seek relevant resources with high domain authority and communicate with their owners.

Next, we produce content following their requirements and Google’s guidelines. Ultimately, every submitted blog post contributes to the end goal — boosting your business’s reputation and sales in the digital space.

The main goal of link building is to move your website up in the rankings. Quality backlinks are considered a signal to search bots that your resource is relevant to the query and trustworthy.

A strong link profile serves as proof that the content on your pages is valuable. It causes them to appear higher in the SERP.

At MjSeo, we strive to offer affordable CBD link building with a primary focus on effectiveness. Guided by our experience, we recommend starting the process of building external links with $1,500.

However, the cost may vary based on your business scale and the specifics of your customized strategy. For example, a national campaign will cost more than local optimization.