Link Building For Cannabis & CBD Companies

Linkbuilding for Cannabis

Regardless of the niche, any business needs to build its SEO strategy to promote the project online. Cannabis link building is a part of any advertising campaign, and the CBD and/or Cannabis SEO strategy is no exception.

Hiring a professional agency for the promotion in the cannabis niche, you will not have to worry about the keyword list or cannabis links. . The MjSeo agency will develop an effective digital marketing strategy that will improve your site’s ranking.

Increasing your website authority and attracting more customers to your business is extremely effective with building backlinks for marijuana companies. It is a solid way to promote popular pages and get higher in search results.

How it works?

Outreaching For Quality

Writing Cutting-Edge Content

Link Placement Optimization

Typical Deliverables You Can Expect for Link Building

  • Backlink analysis
  • Previous penalty evaluation
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Competitor backlink audits
  • Evaluate content and website assets
  • Strategy Development
  • Link & relationship building
    • Isolate quality sites based on the following:
      • Keyword relevance
      • Reputation
      • Trust
      • Authority
      • Neighborhood
      • Social influence
    • Outreach performed via
    • Outreach via social and contact forms, etc.
  • Ongoing research & outreach
    • Isolate quality sites based on the following:
    • Outreach performed via
    • Outreach via social and contact forms, etc.
  • Editorial links/mentions on 3rd party sites
    • Isolate quality sites based on the following:
    • Outreach performed via
    • Outreach via social and contact forms, etc.

Why are backlinks important for SEO?

Are you operating in a highly competitive niche and looking for a way to boost your site’s rankings? Get to the top of SERP with a well-thought-out link building strategy. It is easier to have your site ranked high when search engines see that many resources give credit to you.

What will you get from an effective link building strategy developed by our professional company for you?

  • Stable organic traffic — get customers from both the organic search and referral sites;
  • Quality backlinks — get well-refined and target audience from referral sites;
  • Proven domain authority — show search engines that you are #1 in the cannabis business;
  • Boosted weight of your site — increase the value of your website with a strong backlinking strategy;
  • Strong backlinking core — develop a strong backlinking core with guest posting and relevant marketplaces.

One of the main benefits of creating backlinks for hemp, CBD, and cannabis is that it is an effective and completely legal way to expand the awareness of the niche and increase the visibility of your business. A professional agency always considers the goals and values of each particular business when looking for platforms to publish links.

In that way, creating backlinks for cannabis allows you to attract more potential clients simply and understandably against the background of numerous restrictions that are applied to various marketing strategies in this niche. It is also convenient to track the results of this optimization strategy and assess its effectiveness for a certain business.

Even if you are operating in a highly competitive niche, with a cannabis SEO strategy, you can achieve great results in a shorter time and with minimal investments on your end. Employ the knowledge and experience of true professionals.


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External links are links to your site from other resources that form a link profile. By forming it, you increase the site’s ranking for search engines, increase traffic and brand mentions, as well as attract more interested users through queries.

To understand if your cannabis site needs more backlinks than the sites from other niches, it is, first of all, necessary to start with the audit of your platform to determine its possible problems. After fixing the bugs, an expert will determine the optimum strategy for building the link mass. It is worth remembering that the number of backlinks also depends on the available budget.

For the marijuana business, just like for any other, it is a natural and productive link profile that is important for a website. Dealing with its formation, we are always following the below principles:

  • No chasing for quantity at the expense of quality. It’s more important to worry about the quality of the references to the site. High-quality links are more useful than a hundred purchased from a donor with a bad reputation.
  • Acting gradually. Quick link profile building is not acceptable. We do this smoothly, adding a few natural links. It is necessary to switch to more serious volumes gradually, constantly maintaining them. In order to avoid falling under the filters, the procurement must be carried out very carefully, covering different pages. And this is the main focus of our experts.
  • Selecting donors carefully. We work to leave mentions of your cannabis website on reliable thematic sites containing useful, interesting content. The previously purchased link mass is constantly monitored, removing links from low-quality donors. Topical forums, blogs with viral content, reviews, promotions, and polls are great for posting mentions, and the agency makes use of them.
  • Avoiding deviations in the schedule. There are no breaks in link building.
  • Keeping track of the variety of tools. The site and content promotion strategy should include different ways of building the link mass.

The main rule of the SEO strategy in managing backlinks is to work only with quality links. Key quality criteria are:

  • The authority of a particular page and site. The donor must have a high level of trust from search engines, a wide audience, and useful content.
  • Donor relevance. The site must correspond to the theme of the project. A website about cars is definitely not a good place to mention a cannabis project.
  • Location on the page. Links placed in the footer or sidebars are less effective than those placed in the main content.
  • Anchor text. We use it naturally and organically in the sentence.
  • Text environment. In the context of the link, there will be appropriate phrases and words that are appropriate in the meaning.
  • The number of clicks. We will keep an eye on this rate and adapt the strategy accordingly.

Another essential point is tracking the activities of competitors. Some unscrupulous companies may deliberately place low-quality links to your site. Therefore, MjSeo experts will keep track of possible malicious activities of competitors. Interested in building the link mass for your project? Contact the MjSeo team for details.

It is necessary to cooperate only with authoritative websites relevant to your target audience to achieve the highest results with CBD backlinks. MjSEO utilizes proven tools like Moz Link Explorer, Ahrefs, Linkcheker and SEMrush to get backlinks safely and check for healthy domains.

It is essential to pay increased attention to a domain authority score and spam percentage. The former should be 40+ and the latter less than 65%. Thus, you will improve the visibility of your website and demonstrate to the search engines that it is reputable and useful for visitors.