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Wanna promote your local canna-business online? That’s where SEO for dispensaries should come into play. We’ve mastered every inch of it to get you:

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  • More customers
  • Boosted sales

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Does a Dispensary Need SEO?

seo for dispensaries

That’s probably the main question on cannabis business owners’ minds. And it’s for a reason.

At present, the popularity of dispensaries is skyrocketing. So is the competition in the niche. Hence, your business simply cannot do without SEO promotion. Why, you ask?

Think of the numbers. According to Ahrefs, the phrase “dispensary near me” is searched on search engines 531,000 times monthly. Without a strong SEO strategy, you cannot guide your cannabis business to the top of that online search mountain.

Cannabis SEO services can help you thrive online. SEO specialists identify the most effective keywords to reach specifically your target audience. Then, you’ll get noticed by people in your area, even those who may not be familiar with your brand. The last thing is to convert them into clients, so your sales will grow. Moreover, a well-crafted SEO strategy will contribute to building credibility with them.

Seeking a way to give your cannabis company that competitive edge? Our expert SEO service for dispensaries is a good place to start.

MjSeo: Your Trusted Local SEO Provider

Cannabis SEO Expertise Proven Results

Our dispensary SEO services are designed to provide a high return on investment. In fact, we’ve already boosted our clients’ ROI by 354% on average. Incredible, isn’t it?

Proven Results Niche Expertise

Our SEO team has invested more than five years in learning every facet of the canna industry. Consequently, we can deliver (much) faster results for your business.

team Local SEO Experts

Only experts in local SEO for cannabis dispensaries will take your promotion project on. They possess the required expertise and will work solely on your strategy goals around the clock.

tools Comprehensive Auditing

An in-depth audit is a must before we begin any service for local canna businesses. That’s to make *sure* we can get the outcomes you seek. If we can’t fulfill your project, we won’t take it on.

Proven White-Hat SEO Reporting & Meetings

We provide a report on your CBD local SEO performance either weekly or monthly. And have a Zoom meeting to discuss the details. No need to scratch your head about any issues, as everything will be clear.

Always available Efficient Communication

Using Telegram (or other messengers), you can communicate with your team and receive replies in the blink of an eye. Clarify obscure details, share important files, and ask questions — we are always in touch.

Why Local SEO Matters?

Local marketing for small and medium-sized businesses works best with a focus on a local strategy. That way, they get superior outcomes. The same is true for local cannabis companies.

Need to increase visibility in local search results? Then, local SEO for dispensaries is the way to go. That’s because targeting your specific geographic area improves your chances of appearing in searches for people located near you.

The local SEO competition is less fierce than the national competition. Consequently, optimization for a smaller geographic area is a much simpler job.

In other words, your dispensary website will have an easier time ranking for local queries. You’ll achieve results much faster than if you were to compete on a national scale. Small companies will especially benefit from this.

However, the bigger the demand in your region, the greater the competition. Businesses in Los Angeles and other big cities have more rivals.

Local SEO services for dispensaries consider local ranking factors and focus on a specific area. And this is a surefire way to bring in more loyal clients.

The primary reason is that you’re located in their region. They prioritized your products over the other options in their vicinity. That points to the value they place on what you offer.

Moreover, local clients are more likely to return. There’s no need for them to travel farther, which means repeat business for you.

Effective CBD store and dispensary SEO is about investing more resources in target audience research. Efforts will be put into investigating the tastes, preferences, expectations, and wishes of your potential customers.

As a result, you will have a clear picture of what they want and how to deliver it. All of that is beneficial for your SEO efforts. Taking these points into account will help polish your final marketing plan.

Considering further scaling your marijuana dispensary business? Then, investing in a quality local SEO strategy is a rewarding decision. It is a route to boosting organic traffic from search engines and turning your shop into a success story.

Decent results from dispensary local SEO promotion will contribute to developing your network and covering a larger audience. Furthermore, you will have more leverage when approaching investors for business expansion.

How soon can we get your website ranking #1?

Unveiling Our Local SEO Process

  1. 01
    Performing Advanced Keyword Research

    Keyword research is key to successful cannabis dispensary SEO. At MjSeo, we investigate what your customers search for. Then, we pick queries with high search demand that are relevant to your business. Finally, we attract qualified traffic, improving the chances of conversion.

  2. 02
    Identifying Your Main Competitors

    We explore terms that your competitors target, observe how they build visibility in local searches, and examine their strengths and weaknesses. Assessing their approach to challenges helps us create a winning dispensary local SEO strategy, giving you an advantage in the SEO game.

  3. 03
    Doing the Best On-Site SEO

    On-page SEO is integral to search engine optimization. This technical step in local SEO for dispensaries allows us to get the most out of your platform. We ensure your web copy is correctly structured and relevant keywords are included throughout the content.

  4. 04
    Improving Your Google Business Profile

    We manage your online dispensary presence across Google search, a local pack, and maps; add NAP citations; and create location pages. This part of local SEO for CBD enables customers to find your company when they search for products similar to yours.

  5. 05
    Building Links from Local Websites

    Link juice is of great value for quality search engine optimization. So whether we’re dealing with a weed shop or cannabis delivery, we build links. Since Google prioritizes websites relevant to the searcher’s location, we get them from regional resources.

  6. 06
    Scaling Your Local Web Presence

    Finally, our SEO company works on increasing your search engine visibility and brand recognition. This implies getting more positive customer reviews and covering a larger geographic area. All these moves will ultimately lead to boosted rankings in local search results.

Increase Sales Using Cannabis Local SEO

cannabis local seo

This is a highly effective solution for many types of businesses in the cannabis industry. You may be the owner of the offline shop or office where people come to make a purchase. Or you may own an online store focusing on an audience in a specific area. Local SEO for weed is the approach that works best for both.

Quality SEO services for cannabis dispensaries and CBD shops are a way to achieve top positions in local searches. And with those high rankings come valuable benefits. People can easily locate your business online through relevant searches, explore your deals, and make purchases.

On top of that, local SEO for CBD companies doesn’t require much investment. You can bypass well-established companies with a relatively small budget allocated for optimization. As your business grows, you can begin incorporating global campaigns into your promotion strategy and switch from local to national SEO anytime.

Launch Your Local SEO Journey with MjSeo Experts

local seo for cbd stores

In terms of cannabis marketing, local SEO work is often overlooked. But the truth is that dispensaries do need to invest in this practice. It’s a sure way to rank highly in local search results, attract cannabis customers, and, most importantly, generate sales.

The MjSeo agency understands the nuances of the local landscape. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution, leaving you with lost traffic and Google penalties. And don’t throw out tons of empty promises. We drive real results.

Our efforts are geared toward helping you dominate the regional market and consistently grow online. In our collaboration, we rely on the deep expertise we’ve gained over the past five years. Incorporate the techniques and tools that will work best for your cannabis business. MjSeo is all about a professional approach and data-driven decisions.

Our dispensary SEO agency listens to the desires of its clients, considers their requirements, and looks for ways to bring them into reality. MjSeo’s experts develop and implement a customized and tailored strategy. It will move your page up the rankings, drive organic traffic, and skyrocket your ROI.

Are you serious about taking your business to new heights? Contact MjSeo today to reach your full potential!

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Local SEO is a search engine optimization method. It allows websites to rank better in the SERPs for users in a specific area. It’s proven to be effective because it:

  • Gets both an online and offline local audience.
  • Helps bypass recognized brands on a regional level.
  • Brings narrowly targeted and purchase-driven traffic.
  • Requires a smaller budget and provides results pretty fast.

Local optimization focuses on improving a website’s ranking in local search results for location-specific queries. General SEO aims to enhance overall visibility and organic positions in search engines, irrespective of location.

Also, local SEO strongly emphasizes optimizing GBP (aka Google My Business), building citations, and managing online reviews. General optimization involves a broader approach unless one aspect is particularly relevant to the specific business.

The timeframe it takes to see results from local SEO for dispensaries depends on several factors:

  • Local market competition
  • The state of your website
  • Existing optimization efforts
  • Algorithm updates

Generally, it can take up to a year to notice significant improvements. However, for businesses in small cities, the results of local SEO strategies could be seen within the first three to four months.

Overall, Google doesn’t allow ads that promote the use of, sell, or give instructional content about cannabis, either medical or recreational.

However, according to the Advertising Policy, ads for topical or hemp-derived CBD products containing 0.3% or less of THC are permitted. CBD advertisers must also have certification from Google to run ads.

When it comes to the online promotion of cannabis businesses, the resources are pretty limited. Paid ads are mostly forbidden, and requirements for social media accounts are strict and greatly vary depending on the platform.

The best decision is to opt for CBD local SEO services. This source of organic traffic will bring sales and propel your company’s growth.

According to Google, the following factors can influence local rankings:

  • Relevance (how well a local Business Profile matches what the user searches for)
  • Distance (how far potential search results are from the location term used in a query)
  • Prominence (how well-known a business is)

Apart from that, the success of local SEO for CBD can be impacted by mobile-friendliness and backlink profile quality.