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Why is SEO so important for cannabis companies in Canada?

Cannabis SEO Services


If you are running a business in the cannabis industry, you know that the niche is specific. The promotion of your site in Canada is also peculiar. And MjSeo Agency is the right choice since we are specialized in cannabis SEO promotion.

Working with our agency, you will get an increase in the number of monthly users visiting the site from the search results. And proper search engine optimization will lead to a reduction in the cost of attracting one user to your site.

User experience will improve, leading to repeated visits, increased sales, and customer lifetime value. The technical condition of the website will improve, and the conversion rate of the optimized pages, thanks to keyword research, will increase.

What can we do for your cannabis business?

national seo
National Seo

If you strive to work nationwide, choosing a professional cannabis promotion agency will improve your organic search rankings. So, your brand will be recognized all over the country.

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local seo
Local SEO

Increasing the number of local clients is possible thanks to a well-thought-out local SEO strategy. Thanks to MjSeo Agency cannabis SEO services, your business will get to the top of local enterprises.

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Link Building
Link Building

To improve the position on the SERP, high-quality relevant backlinks will be useful, which will contribute to the reputation of your canna business, both locally and nationally.

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Which business we work with:

Medical or Recreational Dispensaries
Dispensaries are among businesses that require local cannabis SEO services most of all. Thanks to a well-thought-out strategy from the MjSeo Agency, you will be able to reach potential clients who have hesitated if they need to use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, as well as those who have not been aware that your cannabis medical dispensary is located in the vicinity.
Cannabis E-Commerce
Canadians are active users of cannabis products. Since there is a demand, there are a lot of e-commerce companies offering various marijuana products. And your store needs marijuana SEO in Canada to be able to withstand the competition. Gain more traffic to your site, hence, increase sales of your cannabis products.
Local Weed Producers/Sellers
Local sellers of weed are actively cooperating with cannabis producers and distributors. To get connected with them, your company should receive a sufficient amount of organic traffic and be included in all the essential local directories, maps, as well as mentioned by reputable cannabis resources. The MjSeo Agency will help you with this.
Branded Cannabis Products/Accessories (Head shops)
Reaching the sellers of cannabis products and accessories is similar to starting cooperation with weed sellers. You need a solid presence on the Internet by the most popular search queries. So, keyword research is a necessary step to make sure that head shops will become aware of your brand.
Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services
Working with clients on a wholesale basis will help you get a source of steady income. By attracting more organic search traffic to your site, the MjSeo Agency will ensure that such customers will not miss your website searching for wholesale cannabis products online.
Cannabis Product Variations (oil, dry leaves, etc.)
If your company sells leaves, oils, or other cannabis-related products, your potential customers will be searching for such items by entering queries in the search bar. The MjSeo Agency will determine your potential customers’ search intent and will optimize your pages so that they easily find your site looking for cannabis products of interest.
Cannabis Resellers
Resellers of cannabis products need to have high-ranking positions since the competition in this niche is really tough. To help your website to improve its positions in the SERP, the MjSeo Agency will carry out the audit of the site and define which high- and low-frequency cannabis keywords should be added to pages of your site for it to be ranked for these search queries.
Cannabis Transporters
Transporting services are often demanded in the cannabis niche. And an online reputation of a courier company is really essential. MjSeo will make sure that your company has a solid positive reputation on the Internet and appears in the SERP by the relevant queries from potential clients.

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Are you working in the cannabis industry in Canada? Regardless of what exactly you are doing, your website needs to have a solid online presence, while the target audience should know the name of your brand. To stand out among numerous cannabis websites, you need to cooperate with an experienced cannabis SEO company.

MjSeo will start with carrying out an audit of your website to define if there are problems with internal and external SEO optimization. Based on the results, the specialists of the agency will work out a proven SEO strategy that will work best for your business.

As a result of optimization works carried out by our SEO agency, the amount of organic traffic to your website will increase. Besides, your brand will be recognized among potential customers. And if you want to expand your business, we will incorporate national SEO strategies into the strategy of SEO for your cannabis company.

So, get in touch with the representatives of MjSeo Agency and do not miss out on the opportunity to boost your business and increase your profit, thanks to a well-thought-out SEO strategy.

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To determine the cost for SEO services, every agency needs to evaluate the following factors:

• The present state of the website, its technical part, as well as current positions in the SERP;
• The purpose of a business owner;
• A specific niche in the cannabis business in Canada (growing of cannabis, sales of accessories, delivery, etc.);
• The number of competitors;
• The current reputation of the brand, etc.

As you can see, there are plenty of aspects that influence the scope of works that need to be done by SEO experts. And to know how much SEO services will cost for your website, it is worth ordering an audit from MjSeo Agency. In this way, you will know which problems your website has, how to solve them, and how much it will cost.

First of all, it is complicated to exactly predict the period required for you to notice the first results from SEO. Usually, it takes around three months. However, it is crucial to remember that cannabis content marketing and SEO are different from promotional strategies in other niches.

More so, the speed of results from SEO depends on the present ranking of your site. The lower it is — the more complicated it might be to achieve the results. The above-listed factors influencing the sot of SEO services directly affect the duration of time required for the first results from SEO to be noticed.

The cannabis industry is booming in Canada. More and more companies are appearing. As a result, the competition is really tough. A company, regardless of the niche, cannot exist without an online presence and its brand awareness. And for this, cannabis SEO is a must. So, if you want to improve the profitability of your enterprise, then SEO is a necessary step to take. Without it, your business will be lost among numerous competitors in the market.

Here is a simple explanation of what SEO is; it will help to understand how it works. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the optimization of a website to improve its position on the search engine results page (SERP). SEO is also a reliable and inexpensive marketing strategy that helps drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates.

SEO improves your online presence by making your site more attractive to search engines. In other words, search engine optimization measures how well your site goes through the entire process: from crawling to ranking.

For example, well-structured internal links to your website pages make it easier for search engines to navigate from one page to another. This allows them to explore the resource in detail and index more content. Besides, these links make your platform look reputable and reliable.

Search engine algorithms also consider other ranking factors, such as relevant keywords, inbound link quality, and content relevance (how long ago it was updated).

Thus, optimizing your site’s content based on these factors can significantly improve your search rankings. In this regard, both internal and external SEO optimization is essential. To better understand how the SEO process takes place, it is better to get in touch with the cannabis industry experts from the MjSeo Agency.

If you want your cannabis company to be successful and increase the profitability of your venue, then cannabis SEO is the right approach. The most essential here is to correctly determine where your website is now, understand the needs of your target audience, define and analyze your competitors, and build the whole SEO strategy based on the collected data and analytics. MjSeo Agency may carry out an audit of your site to determine the problems on the way between you and your customers.

This depends on the kind of cannabis business you run. If you have an e-commerce platform, then expanding your activity nationwide would be a good step for development. However, for a small café offering cannabis to its clients, local SEO will be more effective. The specifics of your business determine if you need local or national SEO or even both.

Correctly chosen and implemented SEO strategies will increase the amount of organic traffic to your website. Of course, this will lead to an increase in sales. However, SEO is not a miracle. If your services are lower in comparison to competitors, or the products are not as good as stated on the site, new clients will leave. Therefore, aside from the promotion of your business, it is essential to make sure that the level of services and the quality of your products meet the expectations and requirements of the target audience.