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Dispensary seo

The cannabis industry is no longer a niche or hidden idea. The market is growing almost exponentially, with more players entering the market every day. You need a comprehensive dispensary SEO strategy for everything to stand out from the crowd, including the dispensary itself.

For that, you need the help of SEO experts, developers, and designers. SEO for dispensaries in Canada works best when it is tailor-made for a specific client. That is why developers are crucial in creating the best solution for your dispensary marketing strategy.

The competition is here, showing cannabis sellers scramble to capture organic traffic from search results. The market is a new and curious one that good SEO can tap into.

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When assembling a group of experts to improve search engine results, experience is essential. We have a history of helping medical marijuana companies rank higher and improve their overall revenues by enhancing their CBD SEO strategies.

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You could use a hammer to break eggs, but wouldn’t you rather do it differently? That is where tailor-made solutions come in. Our experts can use SEO for marijuana dispensaries to find opportunities, strategise on how to take advantage of them, and create an SEO campaign that works for the specific dispensaries.

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Given that our cannabis SEO agency relies on experts for everything, reliability and informed optimisation are what your dispensary website will get. Optimisation entails making everything work as smoothly as possible to maximise the returns on each effort.

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Does a dispensary need SEO?

In a word, yes! Cannabis dispensaries need it more than other industries since they are prohibited from using many traditional forms of advertising like pay-per-click ads or social media.

Cannabis companies cannot pay to rank higher since the laws expressly forbid doing that on any of the useful platforms like Google and Facebook. But because you can’t and shouldn’t use those methods, CBD SEO with the right cannabis SEO agency emerges as the most important path to take.

Luck is on your side if you are a local business dispensary since you can use the medical marijuana dispensary SEO to capture as large a market share as you can. Optimisation follows the same best practices that define successful cannabis dispensaries.

They include:

  • The creation of unique and robust content with relevant target keywords;
  • Fast loading time;
  • The establishment of trust across the site;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Optimisation for mobile devices.

As much as your competitors, like you, aren’t paying to make it to the top, they aren’t asleep at the wheel either. Cannabis dispensaries know that SEO for marijuana dispensaries is important to rank higher, which is why the quality and frequency of its use characterises any successful dispensary website.

Some of the easy cannabis dispensary SEO steps anyone can do include:

  • Filling out your Google My Business page and implementing local SEO for useful search engine results;
  • Earning user reviews to build trust and boost brand visibility;
  • Creating content to inform and encourage viewers to share with others and form the necessary relationships to get backlinks;
  • Using meta descriptions;
  • Internal linking;
  • The URL and slug;
  • Page loading speed and more.
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SEO aims to get your local business noticed. Brand awareness and increased visibility are achieved through effective SEO, which yields:

  • Organic search traffic can be directed to the website and converted into buying more customers.
  • A better user experience that keeps visitors on the site longer (like when leveraging internal linking) so you have a chance to show them everything you have to offer.
  • Better rankings. More than 70% of people are likely to click one of the five top suggestions they see on page one of a search. If you are that high up, it works in your favor.
  • When your site has proper SEO strategies in place, you will, in all likelihood, inspire trust in your target market.
  • SEO can help you get social media promotions as people are more likely to share content they perceive as trustworthy.
  • SEO gives you a leg up on the competition, especially when they have not optimised their sites to the same level as yours.

Since we have established that Google does not allow the cannabis industry to buy ads, SEO presents itself as a good way to rank higher, therefore the need for the cannabis dispensary SEO. The organic traffic you need to grow your business comes from empathising with your audience and trying to pinpoint what they may be looking for.

This can then be incorporated into high-quality content that uses long-tail keywords and other effective strategies to rank higher.

When someone carries out keyword research for a term like ‘CBD oil’, the search engine reads their intent as wanting to know more about the oil, where it comes from, how it is made, what effects it has, and where it can be bought.

The assumption, therefore, is that this person is just starting to find out about cannabis or is looking for more information about the best way to take it for specific reasons. Your dispensary SEO strategy, therefore, answering those questions in the most authoritative and informative way, is how a website ranks higher.

SEO performance is measured by tracking specific KPIs that tell you where you need to spend less or more time and effort. As an SEO agency for dispensaries, we recommend measuring:

  • Organic traffic;
  • Search engine ranking;
  • Visibility in search;
  • Your link building performance;
  • Organic click-through-rate (CTR);
  • Traffic containing the brand name;
  • The bounce rate;
  • Dwell time (how long are visitors on your site);
  • The return on investment (ROI).

Our dispensary SEO services make it easy to leverage KPI data for improving the site.