Link Building for Cannabis

Link building for Cannabis

Link building used to be about the coolness of the feature and how it can just take you from one place to another with a single click. Today, cannabis link building is so entwined with online marketing, especially for shops trying to create an online presence, that you cannot skip it.

If a business creates backlinks for marijuana companies in Canada with valuable/entertaining/relevant content, on-page SEO, a great user experience and more, it can drive more organic traffic to the site. Consequently, this translates to increased sales, especially by optimizing its conversion rate.

So, what is the big deal with getting cannabis links for your site? Let’s find out.

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Link building seeks to find hyperlinks from other websites to your own and sometimes even to link to other content you have done. The process works the other way too, where your content is linked by others, improving the search engine’s perception of the importance of your cannabis business’ content.

You can also opt for guest posting where a reputable site allows you to post on their platform and even promote your brand to their audience. Normally, they will want payment for it or for you to return the favour.

In link building strategy formulation, a relationship with and connection to a reputable site has the same effect as authoritative content. You can think of the effect as the digital equivalent of a vote of confidence.

Proper cannabis SEO ensures your site is perceived as a go-to for information, content, or just superb products works in your favour. As with anything, a reputation has to be built up. The more referencing a site gets, the higher it ranks as domain authority.

As we have come to find out, ranking higher directly translates to increased visibility, the generation of organic traffic, an improved conversion rate, and boosted sales. Brand value for any cannabis business in Canada can benefit from quality backlinks for hemp CBD and cannabis by other reputable sites.

If you can create content, offer services or impress a reputable brand enough for them to refer you, their traffic will be interested to find out whom their favourite brand looks upon so favourably. And don’t forget about backlinks for cannabis. From there, it is up to you to capitalize on the newly interested visitors to successfully market itself.

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Right off the bat, you may have guessed that backlinking requires building relationships through the right content promotion techniques. It is not uncommon for businesses in the same space, significantly when their interests overlap but do not threaten each other’s bottom line, to produce great content separately and then coordinate to link with each other to raise their respective value.

Building relationships takes time and commitment long term but ultimately pays off by widening your base to include potential customers from channels or audiences you might not have access to or control of.

To build a good relationship requires that you and your partner(s) both bring something to the table. That means building up your own presence on social media, producing great content and generating organic traffic, which you can offer in exchange for linking to a partner. It is easy to create a network when you and your partners can add value through linking.

If you have information that people can trust, be entertained by, rely on and have an easy time understanding and sharing, it can be the leverage you need to build the right relationships.

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There is no limit to how many you can have. However, there is such a thing as a reasonable number and brand mentions. First off, the number of links you use depends on how much content you write and how frequently you post. As always, the focus is on getting quality linking instead of linking for the sake of doing it.

You can choose to build the relationships before launching the website to launch a site ready to go on day one. However, that route is not always an easy one since you have no leg to stand on when pitching it to an already established outfit.

That is why we are big proponents of the internal page linking method. A business can start by creating its own content and linking back to its homepage. In the first month, the link can range from 5-10, with increments of about five more backlinks each month after that.

It would help if you had a comprehensive library of helpful content and as many as 40 high-quality links by month six. During this time, form relationships whenever possible but focus more on increasing the value of your online presence to have something to offer to potential backlinking partners when you build a network around other reputable operations in your industry in Canada.

As the business grows, content output and, eventually, links may start to get out of hand. There is simply no way anyone can remember them all. But don’t worry, because CBD backlinks management can be made simpler using enterprise tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Majestic, SEO Spyglass, SE Ranking, Nightwatch and more. They enable you to get backlinks relevant to your content.

However, that is not where link management ends. We analyze your links and how they perform to achieve the set-out goals. Our team reviews them for relevance (is your information up to date?). Protecting the existing links that already work will ensure that you remain afloat for longer and get more value out of your content by extending its shelf life through updates that add value and keep it current.

We also review inbound links to ensure that your partners link to valuable content. Finally, we formulate the right SEO strategy to keep growing your high-quality links.