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With the legalization of CBD or recreational cannabis, SEO for dispensaries becomes an integral part of a marketing plan. Considering the struggle of dispensary marketing in social media and Google, search engine optimization is a perfect way to attract highly qualified traffic to your business.

As Google is the largest of all search engines , it is crucial to optimize website content to achieve higher positions on its pages. Having an effective SEO strategy and implementing it correctly will help you to achieve your goals and attract more clients to your dispensary .

Using a thought-out strategy from a dispensary SEO agency, you will increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase revenue. Tough advertising restrictions on social media and Google are not a problem!

SEO specialists keep track of statistics from different cities and regions. They will analyze local search queries to drive online and foot traffic to your dispensary .

Why should you choose Mj Seo Agency for Your dispensary?

Team of professionals

As a seasoned dispensary SEO agency, we know the ins and outs of cannabis marketing.

Proven experience and success

Using our SEO strategies, marijuana companies have risen in the SERPs and boosted revenues.

Strategies tailored to your goals

We develop a unique approach to every business, considering its values and SEO goals.

Boosting brand awareness

We will make your marijuana dispensary more recognizable through on-site and off-site seo.

Complete transparency of methods

Clear and effective SEO services for dispensaries drive high-quality traffic and increase revenues.

National and local SEO expertise

We will help you reach customers in your area through efficient localized strategies.

Does a Dispensary Need SEO?

Medical marijuana markets are increasing, which means that businesses need SEO services. More and more people are looking for dispensaries online. To attract the attention of these potential customers, your site needs to appear at the top of the first SERP (search engine results page). This is the primary condition for visibility in the digital space, particularly for businesses in this highly censored segment.

Enlist the help of cannabis dispensary SEO experts to ensure long-term success. Professionals will accelerate the growth of your business to help it get ahead of the competition and boost revenues. An experienced SEO agency specializing in the recreational market will play a vital role in attracting more customers. Getting to the first page is only the beginning, but a successful strategy will bring lasting results.

SEO for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

It is essential for a company to conduct both on-page and off-page optimization. It will allow you to sustainably get to the top of relevant search rankings. Research of important keywords is only one of the strategic components. To drive sales online, you need a balanced combination of methods, such as:

  • using carefully selected target keywords
  • providing great content
  • optimizing your website for mobile devices
  • building a strong backlink profile
  • optimizing content for local search

Dispensary search engine optimization must be based on an in-depth analysis of your website, industry, and target audience. There is no single best practice, as every business is unique and requires a comprehensive approach.

Considering the unique position of the weed industry and the current restrictions, it might seem difficult to conduct an effective marketing strategy. However, there are several digital marketing channels that can be covered in a legal way. A comprehensive SEO strategy will help your business develop and connect it to a wider audience.

MjSeo is a local SEO agency that specializes in marijuana dispensary SEO and can make the whole marketing process simple and understandable for you. We have helped numerous local businesses to increase their revenue and foot traffic. CBD SEO is useful and successful when you work with a dedicated agency.


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For a business in the cannabis industry to be visible, it is essential to rank higher on search results. Organic traffic is the key to attracting more customers. Considering numerous strict limitations for marketing in this industry, it might seem difficult to advertise. A proven SEO agency for dispensary websites will create an effective strategy that will bring you ahead of the game.

It is essential for dispensary SEO strategy to involve both on-site and off-site optimization strategies. The former includes the analysis of the website data and keyword research in order to create high-quality content for you. It is also necessary to remember that long-tail keywords have proven to be effective in this niche.

Off-site optimization includes link building, directory postings, and internal linking. Using various tactics will allow you to make the website visible to new customers. Thanks to our dispensary SEO services, Google and other search engines will understand that your website and its pages matter more than the others.

For dispensary owners, it is important that an SEO agency shares the same values. We always analyze our clients’ goals and expectations in order to provide the best service. You will receive reports and analytical updates on search traffic, so you can track the progress of your website. Our services are transparent and legal so you can completely rely on us.

To boost sales, companies need targeted traffic. As any cannabis-related ads are prohibited, this requires high search rankings. SEO will help you rise to the top of the SERPs, so more users will notice your store, visit it, and make a purchase. Optimization strategies are comprehensive, as search engines use hundreds of ranking factors. In addition to general methods, dispensaries also need to optimize for local searches to become visible to users in their area.