TOP-10 Biggest Dispensaries in the USA in 2024

TOP-10 Biggest Dispensaries in the USA in 2024

During the last years, the number of businesses in the cannabis industry has drastically grown. The reason for it is that marijuana is legalized in several states now. It also becomes more popular and widely accepted. Even more people are interested in this culture or are related to it in any way.

Considering this fact, it is evident that the number of marijuana users constantly grows and there appear more dispensaries. Of course, there are large players on the market while new ones appear every month. However, most people tend to trust proven businesses that exist for some time now and have established trust in their brands.

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We’ve prepared the list of the TOP 10 biggest dispensaries throughout the USA. Of course, the situation can change every minute and you are free to conduct your own research or check the online reviews on any dispensary you like. The provided brands are all legalized to offer recreational marijuana for sale to everyone of age 21 and older. Don’t forget to have an ID or driving license to prove your age.

1. Dutchie

This is one of the biggest companies in the USA based in Oregon. It was founded in 2017 and continues to grow. It has around 200 employees and has open positions for new industry professionals.

This is a fast-growing e-commerce provider which supplies the biggest and most popular dispensaries in the US. It helps to create the best experience for these companies in order to attract more clients. An interesting fact about the company is that they are backed by Snoop Dog’s Casa Verde Capital, which has an established name in the industry. At the same time, it is not the only notable investor of the company, which speaks about its qualitative and trusted products.

2. Jushi

Jushi is a company from Miami, Florida, that was established in 2018. It is one of the biggest companies in terms of the product they produce and the number of employees which run at almost 900 people now.

This is a fast-growing company that continues to develop new products and extend its offer. According to their website, they are striving to become a leading brand in the cannabis industry. They not only produce qualitative hemp and cannabis products but also care about the popularization of marijuana and creating a strong community around it. It is another established brand and people trust it and become their returning clients.

3. Columbia Care

This is a company from New York City that was founded in 2012. It is one of the oldest brands and a lot of people have known it from the very beginning. The company has more than 300 employees and continues to grow. It is not a fast-growing brand anymore because of its age. However, their clients trust them for years and know that they can expect only high-quality products.

Since its inception, the company has completed around 800,000 sales transactions. This is proof of the highly experienced manufacturer and provider of cannabis products. It is essential to note that the brand cares about providing cannabis products to those in need of them. Columbia Care works with hospitals and medical centers around the world.

Moreover, they are trying to implement innovations in their processes in order to create better products. This allows them to expand the industry and its culture. Their mission is to help people and improve their lives.

4. Cresco Labs

This is a company from Chicago, Illinois that was established in 2014. They have more than 800 employees and continue to grow. The company is quite popular among marijuana users and attracts new customers every month.

Their goal is to provide the patients with reliable relief. Cresco Las is involved in the researches and development of new products and analyzing their effects on various medical conditions. It allows them to provide the products their patients require. The company is the leading manufacturer of edible medicine.

Cresco cares about the safety of its patients and tries to satisfy their needs. They control every step of producing their medicine, which guarantees high quality and effectiveness.

5. C3 Industries

C3 Industries is from Detroit. This is a rather small company but its revenue is compatible with those mentioned above. C3 is involved in cannabis cultivations and the further creation of cannabis products. They have several facilities and their products are widely used.

They also influence the whole cannabis culture and try to increase loyalty to the plant. It has numerous customers who trust the brand already for several years.

6. Verano Holdings

The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Chicago. It’s quite a big and trusted brand. The company cultivates cannabis and creates products to help people. Verano’s goal is to provide people with safe products dedicated to the improvement of their lives.

The company is oriented towards new technologies and creates innovative products. It joggers numerous options that can assist in medicinal therapies. Several of the company’s products are unique and have no analogs on the market.

7. Ascend Wellness Holdings

This is a developing company from Boston. They also cultivate and create cannabis products. It is also a dispensary operator in several states. The enterprise is quite popular and has regulars who trust their products.

The goal of the company is to create an inclusive environment in the cannabis industry and provide people with high-quality products that will help them. The company cares about the safety of its clients and tries to make a positive impact on their lives.

It is also notable that besides the high-quality and innovative products, the company is really client-oriented and many customers appreciate the experience they have with the company.

8. Green Peak Innovations

This company is from Dimondale and was founded in 2016. Green Peak’s goal is to deliver high-quality products that will help improve people’s lives. They are also creating a clean and safe environment for patients.

The company is focused on elevating the level and quality of cannabis products and the professionalism of cannabis brands. Overall, they are trying to influence the industry most positively and it seems that they succeed in this.

9. Holistic Industries

Holistic Industries was founded in 2014 and is one of the oldest companies on the market. It is based in Capitol Heights and provides the patients with a high-quality product. It is notable that they are not only resellers but also educators trying to increase people’s trust in the industry.

Holistic Industries provide the best care and services for patients. It is trusted by medical establishments and works with retailers in order to serve the community.

10. Connected Cannabis Co.

Last but not least in today’s list is Connected Cannabis Co. based in Sacramento. The company is known for its years-long experience in the industry, which makes them a trusted brand that knows its way and goal.

They’ve tried numerous ways of growing marijuana and created their own approach to cultivating in order to provide their customers with products of the highest quality. They also apply the latest technologies in order to make the whole process better, and the final result is highly assessed by numerous clients.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are numerous different companies. However, they are similar in their goal – providing the highest quality of products and services to their clients. It is also worth mentioning that this list is far from full, we’ve tried to acquaint you with several cannabis businesses but this list can be extended. Choose the brand you trust but don’t be afraid to try something new. Perhaps, you’ll find the very best product for yourself.

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