10 Myths About SEO

Absolutely anyone who has got at least any relationship with the Internet has heard about SEO. If you are an owner of a business, in the cannabis industry, or any other, understanding the basics of a successful SEO promotion is a must.

In 2021, a lot has changed in the world of Internet business. More and more spheres are moving online. Therefore, the competition is really fierce. If we are talking about the marijuana business in the USA, the movements towards the legalization of recreational cannabis and marijuana products have considerably contributed to the increased rivalry. As a result, to promote a platform, a lot of approaches need to be taken. If you hesitate about your abilities, there is always a solution — resort to professional services of the MjSeo Agency. The specialists of the company will audit your site and build the strategy that will ensure your online presence in the fields you are working in.

It should be also noted that SEO is not an exact science. Therefore, every project requires a unique approach and custom strategy. Since there is no one-fit-all solution, SEO is surrounded by many myths. We have collected the 10 most popular of them and will dispel them. Be well-informed to understand what exactly your business needs.

1. SEO is a One-time Thing

There is an opinion that it is necessary to carry out the optimization of the site only once, and it will maintain its high ranking for a long time. However, in this ever-changing world, it is complicated to believe that something can remain stable. This is also applicable to SEO. Just think about the following:

  • Competitors are regularly appearing, and their SEO efforts will inevitably influence the SERP of Google.
  • The search engine is constantly working to ensure the best user experience. Therefore, new algorithms are being developed and launched. The launch of every algorithm is always followed by a significant change of websites’ positions in the SERP.
  • The relevance of the content is lost, which will inevitably lower the positions of a site in search results.
  • The preferences of clients change all the time, so do their search queries.

The above list is not exhaustive. However, it should be sufficient to prove that SEO is not something you do once and enjoy long-term benefits. This is a process that should never be stopped. Otherwise, you will lose the positions that are gained due to some efforts.

2. Duplicate Content Will Get You Penalized

First of all, let’s define this type of content. It is called duplicate when the same information is present on several pages. These can be the pages of one site or pages of different web resources.

Even though Google has already confirmed that there is no penalty for duplicate content, this myth is still quite spread. Probably, the reason for this is that duplicate content is still harmful to your website. Here are the possible issues caused by it:

  • Undesirable/unfriendly URLs appear in search results;
  • Dilution of backlinks;
  • The wasted budget on crawling;
  • Scraped or syndicated content will outrank you.

So, the crucial recommendation, in this case, is to carry out the audit of your site to define if any of the above issues may be interfering with your promotion strategy. Get in touch with a MjSeo, and the specialists will provide you with more details about the SEO audit of your platform.

3. Social Signals Help Rankings

It seems obvious and logical that the more your content is shared on social media, the more interesting it is to users. Hence, this should definitely improve the ranking of your platform. However, it is necessary to take into account that John Mueller from Google (Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst) states that there is no direct impact of social signals on the ranking of a platform.

Well, everyone should undeniably rely on the official statement of the search engine. However, the influence of social media popularity cannot be completely denied:

  • If your content is actively shared on social networks, and users are actively clicking on the links to your site, this definitely increases the traffic. And this is a ranking factor.
  • The more quality backlinks you get — the better it is for your platform. Because they are also a ranking factor.

Therefore, in an SEO strategy, relying only on social media is not a wise decision. While adding the use and promotion on social media will bring more traffic and positively influence the ranking.

4. Keyword Research Isn’t Essential

Some people will say that if you come up with a relevant keyword for your webpage, you don’t need to research it or look for additional KWs and LSIs for it.

However, just thinking that a keyword is enough to use in your content is fundamentally wrong. If you have no data on keywords, you won’t have numbers to support the fact that it’s a good keyword to target. Plus, without keyword research, your page might only rank for one KW, which limits its visibility.

You have to do keyword research to select the relevant keywords and LSIs, which will drive traffic to your page. Besides, thanks to carrying out the keyword research, you will not only define the list of search queries but also understand what interests your target audience. As a result, you will know what your potential clients expect from a business like yours. This will contribute greatly to your promotional strategy and the level of service.

5. PPC Advertising Helps Rankings

Using or not using paid ads does not directly affect the running of your platform. There is also an opinion that the placement of Adsense blocks has a positive effect on the positions since Google makes a profit on them. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Ads do not affect your site’s visibility in organic search in any way.

However, one cannot deny that using paid ads from Google has a positive effect on your platform. This advertising leads to more traffic to your website. As a result, it influences the company’s image. Therefore, PPC can correlate with positions. Just like social media, this tool should be used combined with other SEO strategies and approaches.

6. Longer Content Is Better

For some requests, search engines really prefer to rank longer texts. But this is not a rule of thumb. Moreover, this does not mean that it is necessary to squeeze each page to the maximum, filling the text with watery content. For example, a product page should certainly not have 10,000 characters of text.

You can display indications of the optimal number of words in the text for promoting an e-commerce site:

  • For a blog page, this can be 400 words or more;
  • For a product category page — 200-300 words;
  • The product description should not be longer than 100-200 words.

Besides, it is necessary to remember that it is not the length of the content that matters — it is its quality and relevance for the target audience.

7. SEO Takes 3 Months

We have already mentioned that SEO is not an exact science. The strategy to be implemented depends on many factors:

  • The niche in which you work,
  • The number of competitors,
  • Current positions of your site,
  • And more.

So, to predict how much time your particular platform needs to improve its position, it is necessary to carry out the audit of your website, define the strategy, and start implementing it. Only after that, it becomes possible to foresee the amount of time required for SEO in your particular case.

The term of three months is, however, the minimum amount of time needed to notice the first results.

8. Keywords in URLs Are Very Important

Here are the main recommendations for URLs. Search engines and users look at the URL and imagine what they will see on the page. Best URL optimization should be as follows:

  • keywords should be used at the beginning,
  • dashes should be utilized as separators,
  • keywords should match the title of the page as closely as possible.

As you can see, URL plays an essential role in SEO. However, it does not mean that adding KWs in it will do the miracle. The search engine robots crawl not only the URL and meta tags and all the content on the page. Therefore, it should be relevant to the KWs used in the URL. So, it is one of the essential promotional steps. However, adding KWs to URLs only will not lead to the improvement of your site’s ranking.

9. The More Pages, the Better It Is for the Site

Many people are convinced that the more pages a site has, the more traffic it gets. Just like with link building, it’s not enough just to create many pages. Make sure to bet not only on quantity but also on quality: without good content, you can’t get to the top, and no pages will help.

Keywords and their presence on the pages of a platform are essential. However, it is one of many factors taken into consideration by the search engine. Behavioral factors and many other indices are used to determine if a platform has really valuable and interesting content for the audience. The primary goal of Google is to provide users with responses to their questions, and they need not only provide responses but also help them solve their problems. This is only possible with high-quality content. Therefore, be focused on the quality rather than quantity of the content you post.

10. SEO Doesn’t Work

Those who claim that SEO has no influence may also state that these are PPC ads that help platforms improve their ranking. But we have already understood that it is not so. Paid advertising is a great tool but not a panacea, much less a replacement for SEO efforts. According to statistics, only 10% of users who view an ad click on it, which means only 10 people out of 100. The rest prefer organic search. Large companies care about SEO, and it is impossible not to notice that the organic traffic they manage to get is transformed into increased revenues.

If you have come across an indecent company promising (or even guaranteeing) you quick results, do not think that all the agencies are like that. Finding a reputable SEO company, you will be guided through the process of promotion, and you will see how your website can improve its organic positions.

Final Words

It has indeed become more complicated to promote websites on the Internet. However, with new rules and algorithms from the search engines, new strategies and approaches in SEO appear. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to improve the position of your platform, make sure you will cooperate with professionals who have experience and a portfolio. These two factors are essential in the process of choosing an SEO agency to entrust the promotion of your platform to.

Andrew High is an experienced digital marketing expert. He specializes in helping businesses within the marijuana industry market their products and services online. With years of experience in creating marketing strategies for cannabis-related businesses, Andrew has a proven track record of success.