Dispensary Marketing Ideas

The cannabis niche is constantly evolving. New businesses emerge every month and the competition in the industry grows. It is expected that by 2025, sales of legal cannabis will hit almost 30 billion. In such circumstances, the dispensary owners should think about creating successful business models and making their brands recognizable. In order to attract customers and make people choose your products, you should offer various dispensary deals.

There are numerous options for dispensary deals like daily specials, cannabis deals, discounts, and so on. It is quite a simple way to promote your products to existing customers and attract new ones. If you are not sure what deals will fit your business the best and which exactly you should choose, then read this article.

Let’s analyze why various special deals are so effective among customers on the example of existing deals offered by dispensaries across the United States. And if you are thinking about other ways of promoting your brand, address an MjSeo Agency, a team of experts who know how to drive sales and increase the number of customers.

Alaska: Cannabaska – Anchorage

The Cannabaska store offers a special discount for early birds – 15% on all the products in the store. It means that the clients can purchase edibles, oil, merch, accessories, and so on during an hour after the shop opens.

This approach works because people are not usually shopping for cannabis products before going to work. As data shows, the most popular hours are 2 PM – 6 PM. In this way, Cannabaska drives a lot of traffic during unpopular hours because it offers a significant discount.

California: Airfield Supply Company – San Jose

Airfield Supply Company offers a discount from 2 PM to 4 PM, three days a week. Happy hours are a good approach not only for bars and restaurants but also for e-commerce. Customers can purchase various selected products among edibles, flowers, and concentrates.

This approach is effective for the same reasons as with Cannabaska – the store drives additional traffic during the hours that are less popular. During this period, most people think that they need to deal with their work and not that they should relax after it.

Colorado: Green Dragon – Byers Pl, Denver

You can run specials whenever you want: every week or every day. But there is also an option of a certain dispensary special that can work at any time if you add a creative spin. Green Dragon recently offered their customers to win $500 if they find a golden ticket in one of their all-flower joint packs. It really reminds us about Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, right?

Such giveaways attract people to specific products. It is effective to offer such a deal to those items that are not very popular or cost more than the others. Just analyze what products are sold slowly or are unpopular and create a special offer for them.

Massachusetts: Northeast Alternatives – Fall River

Northeast Alternatives offers a 20% discount for those patients who are new to this company. It allows the company to attract new customers and increase the visibility of the brand. Attracting new people is one of the most difficult steps as they will surely come back when they see your high-quality services and products.

Maine: Wellness Connection – Portland

Wellness Connection offers various special deals throughout the week. Everyone will be able to choose something that will suit their needs and preferences. Moreover, it promotes people to try new products because they can get a discount on them.

It is known that people love products that are new and not popular yet. And when they can get an additional discount – it helps you sell anything you have. Such products become as attractive as trendier ones.

Michigan: Green Genie – Detroit

Green Genie offers their customers to win four grams for the price of an eighth every Sunday. Of course, this strategy is highly effective because people love to have deals. If you offer them something extra for their money, it makes them more interested in the product. You can also notice that the same pattern works here – the dispensary chose a less popular day and attracts people during slower hours.

Oregon: Kaleafa – Portland

This is another dispensary that offers various deals during the week. However, Monday is the most popular day among all of them. The reason for it is that on Mondays a customer can purchase 1 gram of cannabis that is promoted right now and get another gram for just $1. The type of offer changes weekly so, it is reasonable to check out this offer regularly.

Such an offer almost guarantees that people will buy your product because getting a gram for just $1 is an amazing deal. It is also a great way to sell cannabis of lower quality or those products that are less popular than the others.

Nevada: Euphoria Wellness – Las Vegas

The offer by Euphoria Wellness differs from all that we saw before. This dispensary has its own merch – a branded T-shirt that you should wear when you come to the dispensary in order to get a 10% discount on anything you buy.

First of all, such a deal increases merch sales since people know that they will get bonuses if they have your branded products. Moreover, it allows you to advertise your brand because people who are wearing your T-shirt, promote your business to everyone who can see it. So, try to make your merch stylish and attractive to purchase.

In Conclusion

Offering people various deals makes you special. In such a way you stand out and attract new customers, sell unpopular products, and promote people to return to your dispensary. It is your choice what offer to create. But make sure that it will be interesting to people and also will bring them some benefit.

Andrew High is an experienced digital marketing expert. He specializes in helping businesses within the marijuana industry market their products and services online. With years of experience in creating marketing strategies for cannabis-related businesses, Andrew has a proven track record of success.