Best Cannabis Conventions & Trade Shows 2021

Despite the pandemic and lockdowns, 2021 became an important year for the cannabis industry. Currently, recreational marijuana is completely legalized in 18 states, and acceptance of this plant continues to grow. Moreover, it is also legalized in Canada. This country became one of the world’s largest marijuana hotspots.

Considering the growth of marijuana use, it is also evident that its culture is expanding, too. And 2021 is a crucial year in terms of various conventions.

There are numerous competitions, festivals, shows, and conferences in this industry. There are also conventions for various businesses, even for CBD companies. Participating in such weed conventions may be beneficial for the business because various companies share their experience and one can learn some recent news there.

Moreover, it is a possibility to share your ideas and thoughts in a like-minded community. You can also create a network that will help you in the future, increase the visibility of your brand and attract new customers.

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Here is the list of the best conventions of the last half of the year:

Conference Name Location Start Date
High Times Cannabis Cup NorCal 8/29
Oklahoma (online) 9/19
Massachusetts 10/24
White Label CBD & Hemp Expo Las Vegas 9/1-2
The Southern Hemp Expo Raleigh, NC 9/2-4
Cultivators Cup Somerset, MA 9/3-4
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Manchester, TN 9/3-5
Lucky Leaf Expo Dallas 9/10-11
Oklahoma City 9/3-4
Jackson, MS 10/8-9
Houston 11/5-6
Albuquerque 2/25-26/2022
Austin 5/14-15/2022
Weedstock Delaware 9/17-18
Hall of Flowers Santa Rosa 9/22-23
Palm Springs 12/8-9
ExpoWeed Mexico City, MX 10/1-3


Spannabis Barcelona 10/8-10
CannaHemp Festival Wrightsville, PA 10/9
MJBizCon Las Vegas 10/19-22
Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo New York 11/4-6
Hemp Grower Conference Orlando, FL 11/8-10
Lift & Co. Expo Toronto 11/18-21
Emerald Cup Los Angeles 12/11-12
CannaCon Virginia Beach, VA 11/19-20
New York, NY 1/7-8/2022

Let’s have a closer look at some major conventions.

1. High Times Cannabis Cup 2021

It is one of the biggest, most popular, and most visited cannabis festivals in the world. It appeared in the Netherlands in 1988 and was held successfully ever since. Now, there are branches in the USA, Jamaica, and Canada.

Now, some judges are deciding the best sorts and strains and working with many other categories. There are numerous occasions, and each visitor will find something interesting and useful for themselves.

2. Cannabiz Expo 2021

As we mentioned before, the industry is constantly developing and expanding. It is especially evident at the Cannabiz Expo as one can meet various businesses of the industry. If you are the owner of the dispensary or an investor, farmer, or legal expert, this convention is right for you. It created a great community so, it will be beneficial for everyone from the industry to visit it.

Even though the convention is quite young, numerous major companies participate in it. It is also a sign of its level and usefulness.

3. HempFest Cannabis Expo

The cannabis culture in Canada is one of the biggest ones because cannabis is legalized there, and the number of people interested in this niche constantly expands. HempFest Cannabis Expo is most likely the biggest convention in Canada. It runs in several cities, so your chances to visit it are quite high.

4. Cannabis Conference 2021

This conference takes place in Las Vegas, where the cannabis industry is booming. It is one of the major conferences in the region and the leading one in the industry. It holds numerous educational events where everyone can learn something new for themselves. Furthermore, it helps businesses to expand, and it is also useful for usual visitors.

On their website, you can find all the necessary information about events the conference holds, speakers, and workshops. If you want to develop and improve your business, this is a must-visit for you.

5. CannaGrow Expo 2021

This Expo is the best choice for everyone who is in the industry of cannabis cultivation. You can get the recent news there and learn about the latest technology innovation in the niche. There are numerous educational lectures from experts in different fields, so you’ll definitely find something useful and helpful.

This Expo is a great possibility to learn something new for growers, dispensary owners, distributors, and just fans of the industry.

6. MJBizCon 2021

It is one of the main events for every marijuana business owner. Numerous professionals of the industry wait for this convention to listen to experienced speakers, visit exhibitions, and get new contacts. It is essential to consider that this event is one of the most expensive ones but, at the same time, it is also extremely valuable.

MJBizCon usually takes place in several cities. You can learn everything about it on their website, including the full dates and the program for each day. Visiting this event will give you a chance to develop your business and expand drastically.

7. NECANN 2021

It is one of the most popular events in the industry on the East Coast. If you are working in the cannabis industry or are the company owner that operates in the states of the East Coast, this is the place to be for you. The event hosts numerous speakers from different businesses who provide valuable tips and guidance for other professionals in the sphere. Numerous exhibitions will definitely show you something new for your business.

What is special about this convention is that the events take place during the year in various cities. Everyone will get a chance to visit them. You can find all the details and additional information on their official website.

8. Ann Arbor Hash Bash

This event has been running in Michigan since 1972! Perhaps, this is one of the oldest conventions in the cannabis industry, even though recreational use of cannabis was only legalized in Michigan last year. It is rather a festival with speeches, music, shows, and a lot of communication.

After marijuana became legal and more acceptable, the festival will likely be bigger than before. Overall, it is rather a fun event even though everyone can learn something new for themselves. For the extended program and dates, it is better to visit their website.

9. NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

This event is hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association, so it is rather an official event for businesses. It is one of the most influential events in the industry, so people come here from the whole country. Here you can listen to professionals and expert speakers, visit an expo, make new contacts or even establish a network.

10. Lift & Co Cannabis Business Conference & Expo

The Lift & Co Expo takes place in Canada. Being a large event, it hosts investors, business owners, industry professionals and attracts consumers. It usually lasts a couple of days, so there is a possibility to attend various exhibitions and speeches. It is also a possibility to expand your business and attract new clients.

This convention also lasts for several days as there are numerous events. All the details, as well as tickets, are available on their official website. It is crucial to mention that businesses can also participate in this convention which is a perfect possibility to make their brands recognizable and attract new customers.


This is only a part of the most popular and valuable conventions in the marijuana industry. The legalization of cannabis use in many states and Canada directly influences the number of conventions and their level. They will be useful for anyone who relates to the industry — business owners, fans, cultivators, service providers, etc.

Even more conventions, expos, and festivals will likely appear in the future. Most of the existing ones are not local anymore, and people come from all over the country. Visiting one of these events is definitely a valuable experience so, choose something that fits your needs and plan your visit in advance!