Cannabis Trends in 2023

Everybody knows how fast the cannabis industry is developing. New businesses appear every month, people become more and more interested in cannabis products and services, and new products also appear regularly. No wonder, that the competition in the industry is quite high and small businesses need to use various means in order to attract customers, make their brands visible online, and earn trust.

Considering the expansion of cannabis legalization, it is most likely that in 2023 the industry will boom and the number of households using cannabis may double. However, there are also certain pitfalls that businesses face. For example, difficulties in promotion because direct advertising is prohibited by most platforms including Google. If you are an owner of a young business, a good idea is to address a professional SEO company like MjSeo Agency that will help you get higher positions in SERP and achieve long-term results in promotion and expansion.

Let’s have a look at several trends that will transform the cannabis industry in 2023 in order to understand what changes and upgrades you’ll possibly need to make to your business.

1. CBD E-Commerce Will Grow

It is evident that if you want to sell something in 2023, you should have a website or an app. Overall, online presence is crucial as most people are looking for products and services on the Internet. And, considering the growing popularity of CBD, you should also think about your website, its functionality, and its usefulness for visitors.

Each year even more people are starting to use marijuana for medical purposes and the only exception is products containing THC – the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. So, you can be sure that CBD products will be needed in 2023. This is also supported by the study conducted by National Retail Federation that states that during the past few years the industry has increased by 700% in sales.

There is no doubt that by 2030 the industry will generate $85 billion. It also means that businesses will appear, grow, and expand. However, you should remember that everything except for hemp-derived CBD is considered to be illegal.

2. Cannabis Legalization Will Get Delayed

It is somewhat strange to hear that there are problems with legalization, right? Numerous states have already allowed the use of marijuana and the industry expands. So, why is it so? The thing is that different Senate members need to agree with each other in order to allow the industry to develop even more.

There will surely be a happy end to this story with such people as Kamala Harris promoting the decriminalization of the plant and major states already supporting the legalization. However, we need to wait and always remember the laws each state imposes for the industry.

3. Companies Will Introduce Diverse Range of Products

If you are not new to the cannabis industry, you should know that there is a wide range of products from oils and drops to CBD balms to tincture droppers. This situation is the same among the service providers. This allows them to strengthen the market and supply people with everything they might possibly need.

2023 will not be an exception and will present consumers with many new products. Currently, THC drinks are the most popular and discussable products people are waiting for. This is remarkable not only because it is a new product on the market but also because growers will need to breed strains in order to keep up with the competition.

Of course, it will not only be the food industry where we’ll see new cannabis-infused products. Fashion and skincare are also preparing something new for us. And we are eagerly waiting for them.

4. Research Studies Will Reveal New Insights Into Cannabis

You should understand that when it comes to studies and research, marijuana is still in its infancy here. Of course, there are numerous studies already published but none of them have strong evidence of support.

The main reason for it is that in most studies very few subjects participated and it is impossible to make strong conclusions. However, now scientists have more opportunities for research and we’ll surely get new results soon.

5. Doctors May Support the Use of Medical Cannabis

Even though marijuana is quite popular, many doctors don’t support its use for medical purposes. As a result, people believe that it is ineffective and even dangerous. Some even compare it with heroin and cocaine.

However, the thing is that people don’t know enough about the substance and, as a result, don’t understand it, which provokes fear. It is essential to educate people and explain to them what components of cannabis are safe and what is still in question like THC. For example, CBD is not psychoactive in nature and it can provide numerous therapeutic benefits to those who require help.

The great news is that numerous doctors are still interested in the effects of cannabis products and many people already use them to treat various conditions. This results in the popularity of the plant itself.

Andrew High is an experienced digital marketing expert. He specializes in helping businesses within the marijuana industry market their products and services online. With years of experience in creating marketing strategies for cannabis-related businesses, Andrew has a proven track record of success.