20 Best Cannabis Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

20 Best Cannabis Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

As the legalization of cannabis becomes more widespread, people are becoming more interested in all things cannabis. So many people want to learn about marijuana before trying it. What was once a taboo subject is now mainstream, and there are now dozens of materials online to help you learn about it. An easy way to learn about the product is through CBD podcasts.

Marijuana podcasts are a great way to stay up to date on the latest industry news, learn about new products and services, and hear from experts in the field. Cannabis podcasts are no exception, and there are many great ones out there to choose from that not only highlight the many medicinal benefits of CBD but also help those interested in these products look to find them through reputable sources.

For more seasoned enthusiasts, the best cannabis podcasts in 2024 can give useful information about:

  1. Cannabis use
  2. Marijuana cultivation and science
  3. Marijuana culture
  4. The canna industry

So, let’s get into it. What are the best cannabis podcasts to listen to while high in 2024? Take a look at our recommended list of the top 20 cannabis podcasts.

Podcast Category Listen Here
Dude Grows Show Educational, culture, news dudegrows.com
Cannainsider Business, news, science cannainsider.com
Grow Bud Yourself! Danny Danko Educational, culture, comedy growbudyourself.com
The Real Dirt Business, educational therealdirt.com
Getting Doug With High Comedy, educational youtube.com/DougBenson
The Green Repeal Business, educational sohoexp.com
The Adam Dunn Show News, science, culture, business adamdunnshow.com
The Potcast Culture, business, educational podcasts.apple.com
Joint Ventures Comedy, business, educational, culture jointventurespodcast.com
Grow From Your Heart Culture, educational iriegenetics.com
Great Moments in Weed History With Abdullah And Bean History, culture, educational podcasts.apple.com
Cannabis School Educational, comedy podcasts.apple.com
Marijuana Today Daily News, educational mjtodaymedia.com
What’re You Smoking? Educational, culture podcasts.apple.com
I’m Too Effing High Comedy imtooeffinghigh.com
Hi Carlen Educational, women carlencosta.com
High Friends Educational, business, women highfriends.podbean.com
Growcast Educational, culture growcastpodcast.com
Cannabis, Cultivation & Science With Tad Hussey Culture, educational, science kisorganics.com
Weedsday Wednesday Comedy, educational, culture podcasts.apple.com

Dude Grows Show

Category: educational, culture, news

Listen here: dudegrows.com/shows

The Dude Grows Show is a fun, informative, educational, and culturally engaging cannabis podcast. As the name suggests, the podcast is based on teaching you how to grow your own marijuana.

Dude, Scotty, and Guru are the main culprits behind these cannabis-growing podcasts. They talk about the legalization of weed, new products, and general subjects. On the weekends, they answer community-asked questions.

Many people that have started listening to this podcast claim to gain good knowledge about marijuana cultivation, smoking weed, and understanding the bro culture. While others just enjoyed the chill mood and light comedy. It is a go-to podcast for many marijuana enjoyers.


Category: business, news, science

Listen here: cannainsider.com

Cannainsider is a serious resource in the industry. The podcast can be defined as a news resource, as well as for anything canna-related. The podcast will discuss what’s going on in the industry now and the changes in the future. This cannabis podcast will be your best buddy if you want to thrive in the world of marijuana.

Every week, more than 8,000 people listen to what the leading experts in the industry have to say about the newest trends and rapidly-developing technologies that are bound to leave their mark on the industry.

Grow Bud Yourself! Danny Danko

Category: educational, culture, comedy

Listen here: growbudyourself.com

Grow Bud Yourself is another cannabis-growing podcast on our list. This podcast features Danny Danko, a seasoned marijuana enthusiast, and a former High Times Magazine senior editor.

Grow Bud Yourself is definitely one of the best stoner podcasts for newbies who want to get into cultivating weed. It is a light take on the industry, with some entertainment, being nostalgic about the 90s, and discussing new techniques to make growing cannabis easier.

The Real Dirt

Category: business, educational

Listen here: therealdirt.com

If you want an in-depth analysis of the marijuana industry, then The Real Dirt might just be the best weed podcast for you. Chip Baker is the host of The Real Dirt Podcast. He is one of the cannabis influencers and interviews leading pioneers in the industry to discuss law, cultivation, and business insight about marijuana.

The cannabis podcast will provide you with helpful tools and information that will help you survive in the industry for a long time. You can learn about:

  • How to bend your ways around canna laws
  • The regulations on weed
  • Economy of scale
  • Expert tips that you wish you knew before getting in the cannabis business.

Getting Doug With High

Category: comedy, educational

Listen here: youtube.com/DougBenson

Marijuana hits best when you do it with friends. And if you’ve ever wondered what podcast to listen to while high, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Getting Doug With High is the best cannabis podcast because it fits so well in this scenario. In this hilarious podcast, comedian Dough Benson and his friends from the comedy world have a great time doing interviews while being high.

These guests include Tommy Chong, Greg Proops, Jack Black, Andy Ritcher, and many more. With guests like these, you already know it will be a fun, enjoyable podcast. The show is very popular with over 433,000 followers.

The Green Repeal

Category: business, educational

Listen here: sohoexp.com/green-repeal/

The Green Repeal is a wine and weed cannabis podcast that aims to eradicate the difficulties associated with repealing cannabis prohibition.

The hosts, Rick Kiley and Jeff Boedges interview many leading sector experts in cannabis law, economists, and historians to talk about weed supply, education relating to marijuana, and talk about the quality of fine cannabis.

The Adam Dunn Show

Category: news, science, culture, business

Listen here: adamdunnshow.com

The Adam Dunn Show is a science podcast that explores the science around cannabis. In addition, they also talk about weed culture, ongoing trends, and news relating to CBD products.

The best part about this show is that it airs weekly, so you can tune in with their 6.5 thousand subscribers and keep updated with new studies and trends about cannabis. You can trust their podcast as the guests on the show include medical professionals, lawyers, and professionals from the industry itself.

The Potcast

Category: culture, business, educational

Listen here: Thepotcast

The Potcast is a little different from the other cannabis podcasts on our list. It is a cannabis-growing podcast but talks more about breeding and long-form cannabis.

It is one of the top cannabis podcasts if you’re looking to take a deep dive into what canna varieties are the best, what seed is the best to grow that suits your conditions, and much more. They bring in reputed breeders and top leaders of the cannabis industry that will guide you appropriately about what to avoid when growing your own marijuana.

Joint Ventures

Category: comedy, business, educational, culture

Listen here: jointventurespodcast.com

Joint Ventures is one of the best weed podcasts on our list. It is a weird twist and super fun, a comedic take on the consumption habits, companies, and even hazards of taking marijuana. Ben Miner, a stand-up comedian, is the host of Joint Ventures.

This culture podcast takes the listeners on an engaging journey with different guests from the world of comedy and industry leaders in the field of cannabis. With everything cannabis, you’re sure to be laughing your way into the pop culture of the cannabis world.

Grow From Your Heart

Category: culture, educational

Listen here: growfromyourheart

As the name suggests, Grow From Your Heart is one of the leading cannabis-growing podcasts. This cannabis podcast hosted by Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics will surely increase your knowledge in the fields of weed cultivation and the canna industry.

It is good for activists and professional growers. Join them for cannabis conversations, ganja growing techniques, and updated news about the weed industry. They host top industry leaders, experts of growing ganja, and even many leading cannabis activists.

Great Moments in Weed History With Abdullah and Bean

Category: history, culture, educational

Listen here: greatmomentsinweedhistory

If you want to get into the world of marijuana and understand the significance behind the cannabis culture, then this cannabis podcast is for you. Great Moments in Weed History With Abdullah and Ben talk about the struggle for the legalization of marijuana. In this marijuana podcast, creators David Bienenstock and Abdullah Saeed shed light on the rich history of cannabis.

The show might be weird to some individuals but definitely not to stoners. It is one of the best stoner podcasts on Spotify. It has a loyal fan base of over 14,000 subscribers.

Cannabis School

Category: educational, comedy

Listen here: CannabisSchool

Cannabis School is an educational cannabis podcast. It has a chill, entertaining, and educational show vibe. The aim of this marijuana channel is to discuss habits for responsible consumption of weed. The hosts, Brandon Elder and Jesse Angeles explore the benefits of using marijuana.

Marijuana Today Daily

Category: news, educational

Listen here: mjtodaymedia.com/mj-today-daily/

Marijuana Today Daily is like the New York Times but for marijuana news. With MJ Today Daily, you can keep updated about the ongoing trends, the newest products in the industry, how the industry has incorporated new technology, and educational posts about anything cannabis-related.

What’re You Smoking?

Category: educational, culture

Listen here: what’reyousmoking?

What Are You Smoking features the leading sector experts on marijuana Jeremiah Wilhelm, Bailey Rahn, Will Hyde, and Brett Konen, who offer pro trips and will answer your queries about anything cannabis-related.

I’m Too Effing High

Category: comedy

Listen here: imtooeffinghigh.com

I’m Too Effing High is a fun podcast to listen to while being high with your friends. The Host, James Mastraieni, invites celebrated comedians and influencers to join him in this fun little activity involving much weed. The show has a fairly simple idea, make funny people funnier by adding a little magic of marijuana. So, tune in with almost 15,000 subscribers and have a good laugh.

The show is based around the guests partaking in interviews, fun activities, and even sharing their personal stories about marijuana use.

Hi Carlen

Category: educational, women

Listen here: carlencosta.com/hicarlen

Hi Carlen is a different type of cannabis podcast. It also features live call-in shows, where listeners can eradicate their queries about how cannabis can influence and even elevate sex, love, relationship, and mental health.

Carlen Costa, is a clinical sexologist, a registered psychotherapist, and the host of the Hi Carlen podcast and talk show. The show is produced by Cannabis Wiki.

High Friends

Category: educational, business, women

Listen here: highfriends.podbean.com

High Friends is a CBD podcast that discusses many topics related to women in the cannabis industry.

The show is hosted by brand strategists Rachel Colic and Gill Pollard. It reminds us that the cannabis industry isn’t only composed of men; there are many powerful women in this sector too. The podcast introduces us to powerful women in the industry and gives good advice on how to last in the world of cannabis. Other topics discussed include law, marketing, and management.


Category: educational, culture

Listen here: growcastpodcast.com

Growcast is a free weed podcast that discusses how to grow, maintain, and care for your cannabis plant. The show was produced by the leading weed growers. It is a helpful community for beginners that want to get into cannabis growing. In addition to leading ganja growers, they also host filmmakers, influencers, and musicians.

Cannabis Cultivation & Science With Tad Hussey

Category: culture, educational, science

Listen here: kisorganics.com

It is an educational and science podcast that deals with the technical part of cannabis growing and improving gardening for marijuana cultivation. This podcast links the cannabis industry and the horticulture and gardening industry. Not many people know that the first step in cultivating your own hemp plants is to create a suitable environment for the marijuana to grow. If you want to improve on these skills, this podcast is the best for you.

Weedsday Wednesday

Category: comedy, educational, culture

Listen here: WeedsdayWednesday

Weedsday Wednesday is one of the top cannabis podcasts. The weed podcast is famous among the marijuana community and hosts many leading experts and dispensary owners to talk about the recreational use of marijuana.

It is unique because it is one of the many shows that talk about the medicinal use of cannabis and focuses more on CBD products. They “authenticate”  their research by interviewing medical professionals and industry professionals in the science field of the cannabis industry.


Cannabis podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information in the cannabis industry. They are also a great way to learn about new products, services, and businesses in the industry and keep in touch with investment opportunities.

If you are interested in staying informed about the cannabis industry, be sure to check out some of these great podcasts.

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