How Do I Promote My Small Cannabis Business Online?

How Do I Promote My Small Cannabis Business Online?

In the past, online marketing was largely perceived as a way to bulk your business quickly. Now, after a year of lockdowns, it is a basic necessity for any company whatever the size. If you have a small firm selling marijuana, CBD, and dispensary, follow our tips to get it off the ground quickly.

In 2021, multinational reach is on the back burner. Businesses are focused on local customers and efficient optimization. Getting online requires a solid strategy. Fortunately, digital marketing offers a plethora of tools.

Here is what you can do to get noticed.

Do You Need Professional Services?

Creating a strategy is challenging, particularly if you have little experience promoting companies online. The CBD niche has many peculiarities, including complexity and limitations. To achieve the best results faster, you may enlist the help of an SEO agency like MjSEO.

A team of marketing professionals will suggest the best ways to make your business noticed. They know what tools are applicable in the cannabis niche, and which of them work best in your area. This will help you save time and money. Fortunately, SEO services today cost a fraction of what Madison Avenue agencies charged in the 50s. And they are just as useful!

Step 1. Build Your Website

An attractive website is the cornerstone of success for any business. It builds confidence in your company. Sloppy design and confusing layout are major deterrents for potential customers. Avoid these mistakes at all costs. So, what should your website look like?

Aside from favorably showcasing your products, the platform should represent the brand. Visitors should have a reason to stay on your site. You could use free publishing services like WordPress, but they make optimization challenging.

Building a user-friendly website is an investment that is guaranteed to pay off in the long run. Make sure your store works well on desktop and mobile devices. The modern consumer expects flexible access and prefers shopping on the move.

A good website brings another advantage — the opportunity to place advertisements for associated businesses. This way, your company may generate some extra income and exposure. Collaborative marketing campaigns are very powerful.

Step 2. Efficient SEO

Search engine optimization determines how many customers will see a link to your site when they enter specific words into Google. For a cannabis and CBD provider, this is crucial. Here are a few components of a successful SEO strategy, which should be implemented by professionals. Here are some of its essentials:

  • finding the most competitive keywords that suit your goals;
  • appropriate naming for each content page (Title tags);
  • a proper organizational structure for the content (Header tags);
  • contextual details for images (alt/title tags);
  • structure of content for smooth navigation and search on-site;
  • creating internal links, so Google can detect interconnection of pages;
  • creation of appropriate URLs.

Step 3. Promote With Google

The most popular engine has become synonymous with an online search. High targeted visibility will allow your business to flourish. Unfortunately, sales of cannabis and dispensary products are a controversial area. Some typical tools, such as Google Ads and Google Shopping, are completely out of the question. Others, like Maps, can still work for you.

Google Maps

Google Maps allow users to identify specific types of businesses in any area. However, it is not only useful for brick-and-mortar stores. Online businesses, including cannabis providers, also benefit from integrating it into their marketing strategy.
This is a great way to reach your target audience. Note that users will be specifically searching for cannabis or CBD suppliers, which means they are your immediate customer base.

This listing service is free, and it does not only work within the app. Google Maps integrates with the search engine. This means that whoever is searching for cannabis online may see your location.

To start using the service, you need to establish a Google business profile. It will allow you to use the promotional power of location-based search to the fullest. Once the profile has been verified, it will automatically index your name, address, and phone number. Go to Google My Business to sign up.

Note that your position in the search directly depends on your search optimization efforts. An effective strategy will get you to the top of the “nearby” list on the map. An additional advantage is that users will be able to see Google reviews, business hours, the address of your website, and any ongoing promotions.

Final Words

For a solid business, a social media profile is not enough. You need a well-designed website. Include detailed descriptions of the products, and remember to list your contact details. At the very least, include your address, city, state, and phone number. This way, Google may suggest your business to users who search for CBD, cannabis, or dispensary in your area.

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