11 Innovative Marijuana Businesses

11 Innovative Marijuana Businesses

During the last few years, the number of states and countries where marijuana is legal drastically expanded. Twenty-one states support marijuana use, the whole of Canada, and numerous other countries in the world. Studies and researches on cannabis are conducted every year and people get more and more information about its positive effects for medical and recreational use.

It is evident that the growth of the industry affects the growth of the marijuana businesses. The most popular ones are coffee shops, dispensaries, and growers. But there are many more other canna-businesses that provide products and services in this niche.

Of course, the expansion of legalization also influences the number and scale of businesses even though some of them were quite big even before legalization. There are numerous forecasts on the expansion of the market and there is an opinion that its worth will be $66.3 billion only in 4 years. So, it is a perfect time to enter this industry.

Many of these businesses support modern approaches and technologies, which also influence the industry’s rapid growth. Let’s have a look at some of the most innovative canna-businesses to get some ideas.

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1. Canopy Growth Corp

In 2013, two entrepreneurs founded a Tweeted Marijuana Inc. company which now is known as Canopy Growth Corp. This is one of the biggest canna-businesses in North America, which is legally regulated and publicly traded. Fun fact: its stock name on the Toronto Stock Exchange is WEED.

This company is trusted, and its stocks are highly valued. As marijuana became legal, the company started to grow and expand drastically. Moreover, it has international operations in several European countries like Denmark, Spain, and Germany and several other countries like Chile, Jamaica, and Brazil. Of course, the owners expect it to expand and reach more new countries.

What is really innovative about this company is that it has cooperated with Constellation Brands. It is known for such trademarks as Modelo and Corona. The investment of the company in Canopy was almost 4 billion dollars in 2018. And it is planned to create several cannabis-infused beverages.

2. Leafly

This brand is known to perhaps every cannabis enthusiast across the world. Founded in 2010, it expanded in 2014 after marijuana became legal, and its ad was published in the New York Times. Now, it is one of the biggest innovative mmj businesses in the world with over 15 million visitors that check their website every month.

The website is an irreplaceable source of information about everything related to cannabis. The users can find both scientific information and everything about the effects, influences, drawbacks, and benefits of any kind of product. There is also a lot of data on dispensaries, coffee shops, instructions on how to grow various kinds of this plant, and so on.

The website gets bigger every year as it attracts even more new users and visitors. Most likely, if you will look for any information on the topic, it will bring you here.

3. Weedmaps

This is probably the second most popular website among cannabis enthusiasts, users, and everyone related to the industry. It was launched in 2008, which makes it one of the first websites in the niche. Like the previous one, it provides visitors with tons of information on everything related to marijuana and also suggests the nearest dispensaries.

Notably, information on the dispensaries locations is provided all over the world where marijuana is legalized. It is even possible to check the products of a certain dispensary and there is an option to make an order for some of them

In that way, Weedmaps becomes the most popular service for everyone who is looking for a place to buy marijuana and cannabis products. Of course, it provides the users with ratings, reviews, feedback, and so on so that they could make the best choice.

4. Eaze

This is one of the most popular apps because it is simple, user-friendly, and quick. The company appeared in 2014 and was aimed to help people find medical marijuana products. Now, after the legalization in many states, it expanded. It covers more than a hundred cities and is the first app that comes to mind when someone is looking for medical marijuana products.

As the service grows, it also started to offer other services among which are contacts where users can find help or support, video chats where physicians can consult their patients, and so on. If you are looking for statistics and scientific data, you should also visit Eaze as it has a good databank of statistics.

Being one of the most innovative businesses in the cannabis niche, Eaze continues to develop and improve its services. Even though they are focusing on a rather narrow niche, they create new ways of providing quality services and making the lives of their clients easier.

5. GreenRush

This service is similar to the previous one as it allows users to find dispensaries and service providers near them. You can visit a website or use an app that is quite simple and find whatever you want. It is possible to place an order and get a delivery within several minutes. The main benefit and distinctive feature of this service is that it operates in several states in the USA.

Another vivid advantage is that the users can look for both medical and recreational marijuana products and services. The interface of both website and app is understandable and functional, and it is possible to legally order any marijuana products within minutes.

The entire industry is growing, and it is evident that users have new requests and higher expectations. GreenRush succeeds in fulfilling all the requirements and helps people to find what they need.

6. MJ Freeway

The service offers software for different kinds of marijuana businesses. Considering that marijuana was legalized in many states and countries, the requests have become more widespread, and more consumers are looking for products and services. All kinds of businesses can address MJ Freeway to make their services better for their clients.

This software supports you during the entire process of dealing with marijuana plants. It was started in 2010 to make marijuana businesses more effective. Numerous brands in the United States are now using this software which allows them to improve the quality.

The software allows you to better control all the growing processes, as well as inventory availability, and work with clients to increase their trust and loyalty, and get feedback to improve the internal processes of the business.

7. Flowhub

This service is similar to the previous one as it supports marijuana businesses to deliver the best services to their clients. The company provides support on all stages: communication, financial control, inventory management, and so on. Handling processes through Flowhub is a good idea for any canna-business.

The service is relatively young, being founded in 2015. However, it attracted numerous businesses because of its innovative approach and the help provided to them. Many popular businesses invested in Flowhub, and it was a good decision for them.

Considering the expansion of marijuana in the US, it is evident that the competition also rose. It is important to provide customers with the best services and make them regulars. Flowhub is a great platform to manage all the processes and stay in the top positions in the competition.


This is a Canadian company producing marijuana edibles. It has a perfect reputation and is popular for its chocolates, gummies, and numerous other treats with cannabis. At the same time, they provide not only edible products but also oils, capsules, tinctures, extracts, and so on. Their assortment is really wide.

Their products are sold in dispensaries across the US and Canada and many people are looking specifically for them when coming to shops. This is one of the most recognizable brands and their treats can definitely be called innovative.

9. MassRoots

The company was founded in 2013 which gave it enough time to develop and provide the market with its innovative solutions. The initial idea of the company was to create a platform for all cannabis lovers and enthusiasts. Thus, people would have been able to share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, photos, and so on.

The quality of their app is really high, it is simple and user-friendly, which attracts more and more users. It is probably the biggest community of potheads and definitely the fastest growing social network in the niche. Over a million users visit it regularly, sharing their information or looking for it.

One of the main distinguishing features of this app is that they allow their users to get rewards for their activity. It could be concert tickets or vouchers for purchases in dispensaries. Thanks to their community, they offer effective advertising for other businesses in this niche.

10. Trulieve

If you are not a newbie at the medical marijuana market then, you’ve definitely heard of Truelieve. This is one of the first companies in the industry. It was the first in Florida and also the first that opened a dispensary there. Therefore, every person who ever needed any cannabis products or services in Florida had used their services.

Now, they have numerous locations in various states across the US, and they expect to expand even more. Considering the quality of their services, it is positive news for their new locations.

It is necessary to consider that recreational marijuana is still illegal in Florida. However, the company became a major name there. They produce a wide range of products that help people who need them.

11. Seedo

This is a company that provides a service for growing marijuana. It becomes available and understandable for everyone. Because it has become legal in numerous states, many people are becoming interested in it. At the same time, it might be difficult to succeed in growing a plant from a seed, and here comes Seedo.

It is a fully automated device that can be controlled through the app. The company’s product is really innovative as everything the user needs to do is to plant the seed and the device will do the rest all by itself. It is a high-quality growing system that will help you grow a healthy plant without wasting any time.

It looks like a minifridge with all the necessary devices in it — lighting and temperature systems as well as hydroponic control. Furthermore, it costs $2,400 and can be ordered from the site. While the price is quite big, it is necessary to remember that you will get high-quality marijuana at home without any problems.


The marijuana industry is constantly growing. More and more states and countries legalize it and there appear new business opportunities. Of course, the competition also grows which forces brands to create new innovative approaches.

If you are thinking about starting a business in the niche — it is a perfect time to do it. With the experience of existing companies and modern technologies, there are numerous chances to create something that will help people and bring profit.

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