17 Marijuana Businesses for Sale

17 Marijuana Businesses for Sale

Launching one’s own business is not as easy as it may initially seem. There are plenty of traps and pitfalls, and a beginning entrepreneur can find it complicated to cope with them. And the niche of cannabis and marijuana products and services, the situation is even more complicated because of the specific legislation in force in various states.

However, it is possible to notice the national trend in the USA. More and more states legalize the use, cultivation, and selling of cannabis for recreational and medical, as well as personal use. This makes the field of marijuana products and services quite attractive to investors and startupers. If you have decided to start a business and consider the cannabis niche, you should not necessarily start everything from scratch. You can choose a cannabis business for sale, which is ready for you to head it and manage. We have prepared the list of businesses available for sale. Hurry up until all the offers are not sold out!

1. Two Dispensaries for Recreation in Colorado

Owning a dispensary can no longer be your dream. With these two ready recreational dispensaries in Crested Butte, Colorado, this dream will come true. Here are the figures to know:

  • Facilities: 1,200 and 2,500 sq ft;
  • Revenue: $2.5 million of gross revenue from both of them;
  • Price: $1.25 million for one facility.

This is already a legal business that is sold altogether with everything you need to run it: from all the growing equipment to licenses and business assets. Start your own profitable business in Colorado!

2. Hydroponics Store in Colorado Again

Not every entrepreneur is ready to deal with cannabis and marijuana niches directly. There is a solution for them as well. In Arapahoe County of Colorado, there is a hydroponics store for sale. It is one of the top-rated shops in Arapahoe. It sells indoor supplies for gardening in the Denver metro area.

  • Revenue: around $4 million of gross revenue annually;
  • Price: $1.2 million.

So, in around two years, you are going to get the money back. Besides, there are also financing options. So even with modest capital, you can start this business.

3. Cannabis Museum & Dispensary: The 1st in Colorado

In Pueblo, there is a grow lab, which is available on sale. It is located in a place with active high traffic. Therefore, the business expands and grows. Here are more details:

  • Area: more than 14,000 sq.ft;
  • Employees: 14;
  • Established: 2004;
  • Revenue: over $2.3 million per year, gross.

So, if you are looking for a profitable business to invest in, consider this option since the prospects are really promising.

4. Marijuana Farm in Pueblo

Those who have been interested in the process of cannabis cultivation have a great possibility to acquire the farm and become an owner of a profitable business. Here are the figures:

  • Area: 640 acres of farmland + 10,000 sq ft of greenhouses with heating and cooling (grow marijuana all year round), a big barn, a 6-bedroom duplex, and miles of riverfront property also come with the farm.
  • Cost: $3,200,000, out of which the inventory amounts at $400,000, and a tier 2 license is also included making it possible to grow 3,600 plants.

5. Retail Dispensary Business

A $795,000-worth retail property and a dispensary are sold in Denver, in the south region, to be more precise. The cost is $3,900,000 for a business ready for a new owner to start selling and make a profit since the region is known for the high profitability of marijuana businesses. Why not become one of the money-makers there?

6. Cannabis Cultivation Farm

The farm in Colorado is sold for $1,000,000. And paying this money, a new owner will get:

  • Inventory worth $250,000,
  • Equipment evaluated at $100,000: a large greenhouse, warehouse, and all the growing equipment

There are various cities and tourist spots in Colorado, and your business is going to be in the vicinity, so there is no need to worry about clients.

7. Marijuana Delivery Service in California

In this state, businesses on the delivery of cannabis are thriving. And a buyer will get not only a money-making enterprise that generates the revenue of $2M annually but also a customer database of 38,000. Besides, a new owner can get a month of training.

It is located in one of the richest areas, so you will surely be able even to increase the base of clients with a few efforts.

8. Dispensary of Medical Marijuana

Starting a dispensary of medical cannabis requires a lot of effort and time, especially when you have to apply for a license and wait for it. The property that is sold provides a new owner with all of that from the very beginning.

It’s one of only three medical marijuana dispensaries that have licenses in Calaveras County. Besides, the dispensary is located in a tourist spot close to Sacramento and Modesto. The dispensary is sold together with $200,000-worth inventory, this will become a profitable investment since the competition is almost absent.

9. Ready to Make a Profit Dispensary in Sacramento

If you have been looking for a business that is ready to make money, this all-in-one marijuana business is the right choice.

  • One of the first dispensaries with a license in California,
  • Plus, 2 acres of land to grow your own cannabis.

Besides, this business comes with delivery and distribution licenses, so the revenue a new owner is going to get is quite impressive.

10. Cannabis Manufacturing & Distribution Facility

Starting a marijuana venue in LA is quite possible with this business offer, which is ideal for producing:

  • oils,
  • edibles,
  • and other cannabis products.

It is a distribution and manufacturing facility worth $3.9 million. It is just 15 minutes from downtown LA. It is unnecessary to emphasize how profitable this business can be since it is located in the most popular city of California.

11. Licensed On-site Cannabis Consumption Spot

The laws in states allowing the use of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes strictly prohibit consumption in public places. This space has got an On-Site Consumption license, which means that you can create it into a legally working café or lounge where customers may not only acquire but also try cannabis products you will sell.

The expected gross revenue is $1,000,000, and a new owner will get $50,000-worth inventory and $50,000-wirth equipment + a license.

12. Dispensary of Recreational Marijuana + 10 Licenses

No need to worry about getting a license. This amazing opportunity will provide a new owner with plenty of possibilities from sale and delivery to cultivation and manufacturing. Grow and expand this business in any of the directions you want. The brand has been working for at least a dozen years. Therefore, you obtain not just a business but also a reputation among local customers.

13. Turn-key Dispensary in San Diego

It is another possibility for those who want to invest and start making money. It is one of the most famous cities visited by tourists. Therefore, this dispensary, which is fully licensed for carrying out the retail, manufacturing, and delivery business will become a profitable investment.

14. Eden Farms

It is not a profitable business — it is an award-winning farm famous for its shining reputation. The farm has an area of 1.5 acres. So, being a licensed grower of the pot will be not only profitable but also reputable. Some figures:

  • Price: $8,000,000,
  • Included are: $3,000,000 in property & equipment + $250,000-worth inventory.

15. LA Recreational Marijuana Sales Licenses

Are you aware of the fact that LA is the 4th city with the highest level of consumption of marijuana in the world? So, it is a perfect location for a store selling recreational cannabis.

  • Price: $3.25 million,
  • Included Is: $100,000-worth inventory.

16. Build Your Own Cannabis Cultivation Facility

It is not ready to make money business. However, the facility is semi-finished, and it also comes with a distribution license.

  • Cost: $850,000,
  • Included: 20,000 sq ft facility in Long Beach for the cultivation of cannabis.

Of course, a potential buyer needs to have the possibility to invest in this facility to make it a ready venture.

17. Certification Center of Medical Marijuana

Not ready to invest millions in a business? Here is a cheaper opportunity. This Florida medical marijuana certification center worth $100,000 can provide an owner with gross revenue of $150,000. It also comes with a $30,000-worth inventory.

Medical marijuana is highly demanded in Florida, so there are plenty of customers to serve. Hence, a new owner can make sales straight away.

Final Words

The offers available in the market for cannabis in the USA are constantly changing because of the growing demand. Even if you have read the post and found out that an offer you are interested in is no longer available, do not be discouraged — the niche is actively developing. And there will undeniably be more business opportunities to invest in. Alternatively, consider starting your own business from scratch. Probably, one day, you will sell it way more expensively than you initially invest.

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