15 Marketing Ideas for Your Cannabis Business

Working in the cannabis niche might be quite complicated due to various regulations in force in different states. To comply with all of them, especially if you market your products not in a particular state but across the country, there are plenty of aspects to take into consideration. And creativity helps a lot of canna-businesses to grow their venues.

If you are reading the post, this means you are in search of ideas that will help you boost your business and attract new clients. We have done the research and have made up a list of the most effective marketing and SEO ideas that will surely be effective for your project.

Before getting started, it is crucial to note that the state of your website the moment you consider implementing one of the below ideas has an essential role. If you are not experienced in SEO or are not sure why you cannot reach high-ranking positions, it is worth ordering the audit of your site. For this purpose, you may select a company that focuses on the cannabis niche, hence, knows the specifics of the market, like an MjSeo Agency. But in any case, knowing efficient marketing ideas is useful for every business owner. Let’s get started.

Idea #1 – Contest

There are plenty of various contests that businesses can arrange on social media. But working in the cannabis industry, it is essential to follow the local regulations in force. For instance, in California, giving away any product that contains cannabis or any other consumable product of the kind is against the law. However, you are good to go with different accessories or merchandise. For instance:

  • pen batteries,
  • branded lighters,
  • hemp wick, etc.

You may also consider offering a discount as a prize. People are fond of participating in giveaways and will gladly share your page with their friends, fulfilling the conditions of the contest. So, make use of this interest of potential clients.

Idea #2 – Online Reputation

You know that the majority of users will google a company name before buying something there. You have to keep an eye on reviews and feedback that clients leave about your company. First of all, pay attention to Yelp, Facebook Reviews, and Google Reviews, which are the most popular platforms where people are sharing their experiences.

In the cannabis industry, there are several more platforms you need to check regularly. These are Weedmaps and Leafly. They are the most popular among cannabis users. Every feedback and comment from a client must receive a response from you, especially if the review is negative. In the first place, you are to repair your reputation. More so, thanks to negative reviews, you will be able to find out which part of your business requires special attention.

Idea #3 – Videos

YouTube has been among the most visited sites for at least five years in a row, with only Google preceding it. So, people are really eager to watch fascinating videos rather than a never-ending sequence of ads they are all the time suggested on social media. So, creating videos is a good idea for your business promotion.

It does not matter which kind of content you are going to shoot, educational or entertaining: the most essential is that your videos are on-brand. For example, if your USP is that your company is eco-friendly, you might shoot videos about your team cleaning neighboring parks and beaches from trash and sending all the findings to recycling.

Idea #4 – Blog

Almost every business needs a blog. And the cannabis industry does not make an exception. It is even more necessary for this niche since people are only getting acquainted with these products. To draw those clients who have never tried cannabis before, you need to educate them on the basic advantages of cannabis, the difference between THC and CBD, and what a hybrid, a Sativa, and an Indica mean.

And for more seasoned users, you might need to provide information about the specifics of your products and how they stand out from the competition. There are plenty of aspects to take into consideration to launch a blog. However, the most essential is to be useful for readers and provide them with valuable information.

Idea #5 – Podcast

This kind of audio content is also useful for a better ranking of your website. And if you are not ready to write, you can speak. The ideas for content are more or less the same. The most essential is to inform your audience about things they are interested in.

It is an effective strategy since you will not only reach more audiences thanks to getting backlinks but also improve your ranking in the SERP because Google will recognize your value. It is possible to try a DIY approach of reaching out to the owners of reputable sites on your own, which implies a lot of emailing and negotiations, or you can entrust this task to outreach specialists. The decision is up to you.

Idea #7 – Seminars & Conferences

What can be a better opportunity to meet key people from the industry than a seminar devoted to the topic? Do some research and find out about the upcoming events and suggest yourself as a speaker. Of course, you need to prepare for the venue thoroughly. However, the result will bring a lot of satisfaction and new acquaintances that might come in handy soon.

Idea #8 – Award Competition

It is a brave step. However, it will allow you to collaborate with your partners. So, what shall you do?

  • Make up a list of companies you are actively working with and find out if they are interested in this kind of competition.
  • Let the audience know about the competition, asking them to rate the list of companies.
  • Prepare rewards or trophies, and voila!

Hopefully, the audience will reward you as well.

Idea #9 – Charity

It is an effective strategy. However, it is crucial to be careful here. This should not be one-time assistance only. The audience will not notice this or will, on the contrary, disapprove of this. Think about the problem you find the most acute, like helping homeless people or combating addiction, and look for organizations working with this problem. Join them and actively participate in campaigns showing your clients that your heart is in the right place.

Idea #10 – Event

If your organization has a physical location, you have already got a place to arrange a venue. If not, find a suitable restaurant or an art gallery where you can invite musicians and have fun together with like-minded people. Let them invite their friends. By spending a good time with your clients and potential customers, you will initiate a relationship of friendship with your brand. Do not try to sell anything during this venue: you can unobtrusively present a new product, but do not turn this get-together into a marketplace.

Idea #11 – Business Cards

Even though they already seem obsolete, you never know when you can meet a potential business partner or client. And having several cards with you will come in handy. Add a QR code for quick access to your website or social media. A properly designed business card will not cost a fortune but might become a helpful savior.

Idea #12 – Free Swag

If you attend seminars and other offline venues, it is a great possibility to give branded stuff to key people. They can support your business while you will make them your ambassadors. But for this, you need to take care of the quality and design of the swag you are going to give. T-shirts, hats, hard drives, or even stickers can be considered.

Idea #13 – Forums

Aside from checking reviews, find out what interests your clients and potential customers. Check out forums like Quora, Reddit, and other social media. If some users are discussing your brand, it is a good possibility to provide them with responses. While getting into general discussions on various topics, you will be able to mention your brand natively. But remember, this mention should not look like an ad.

Idea #14 – Site Updates

Google algorithms are regularly changing. Adapting your site to them is rather a must than a creative idea. Besides, the search engine likes it when websites are constantly updated because users deserve up-to-date information. So, review your website regularly and make the necessary changes. Also, update your blog posts. And, of course, do not forget about adding new content. The more valuable your site for readers is, the more traffic you will attract, the better it is for your brand in general.

Idea # 15 – LinkedIn

This social network is often overlooked by the owners of the cannabis business. Do not make the same mistake. It is one of the top networks, so do not miss out on the opportunity to reach more potential clients there. Just read the rules of the network carefully so that to present your company there correctly.

Final Words

We are more than sure that you are going to find at least a couple of ideas that have inspired you. In digital marketing, the best thing is that there are no boundaries for your creativity. Try and test various approaches, and your business will inevitably thrive. If you don’t feel like implementing strategies on your own, it is worth entrusting this to professionals in the industry. Just make the right choice and enjoy the results.

Dmytro Syvak is an expert at MjSeo.Agency, where he works as a business development manager. He also writes blog articles for the MjSeo Blog, and he takes part in interviews and podcasts. Dmytro has a big experience in the cannabis industry, he loves to share his knowledge with others and develop his skills.