The Top 10 Cannabis Blog Topics

The Top 10 Cannabis Blog Topics

Launching a blog to promote your business is an effective tool used by numerous online businesses. And the cannabis niche is no exception to this rule. Some sources like The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis state that the use of marijuana for various purposes can be traced back to 2800 BC. And for centuries, cannabis and its benefits have been the topic of interest among people. So, running a blog providing useful and relevant information to your target audience is always a good idea.

What to Write About?

At first, it might seem really easy to come up with several topics to write about in the future blog. However, it is crucial to provide potential clients with the information that interests them. One of the options is to follow a DIY approach and look for relevant keywords and requests in the Ahrefs service. Based on this info, you will be able to generate topics for your future blog posts.

However, this approach is not as easy as it may seem at first. A well-thought-out strategy is required to promote your blog and your site used for the sales of cannabis products or services. It is when cooperation with a professional SEO company like MjSeo Agency specializing in the cannabis industry comes in handy. SEO specialists may analyze the market and provide you with not only topics but also a list of relevant keywords and search queries to be used in the texts.

Or, an agency can order the writing of blog posts by professional writers. In any case, it is up to you to decide. And if you want to know which topics you can write about, we have collected 10 ideas that will definitely be interesting to your audience.

Idea # 1 — Legislation

The question of cannabis legislation is always of interest among consumers and those working in the niche. If you work in the USA and Canada, the number of specific topics to write about is quite wide. Besides, the legislation on the use and distribution of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes is different worldwide.

Yes, it will be necessary to study a lot of information before writing such articles. More so, to stay relevant for the audience, it will be essential to keep updated on the news in the legislative systems of countries you write about and update your posts once changes are introduced.

Idea #2 — Holidays & weekends

A lot of people live in states and countries where cannabis products and services are not allowed. And providing them with information about where they may travel to enjoy the benefits of medical and recreational cannabis or just to try something new is a good way to attract regular readers to your blog. There are cannabis cafés in the USA and so-called coffee shops in the Netherlands. But there are so many new spots to discover.

Idea #3 — Expert content

The field of cannabis is surrounded by myths and untrue information. Interview a doctor who treats patients with medical marijuana. Or write about topics that interest the audience like:

  • What if I have used cannabis for a long time to relieve pain?
  • Which health problems can medical marijuana help to solve?

Finding experts is not an easy task. But getting the possibility to interview such specialists, you will undeniably create valuable blog posts.

Idea #4 — Benefits & advantages of cannabis

Well, of course, the first and most obvious advantage is getting high. However, there are lots of other fields of application of cannabis. This might be the use of hemp for clothing and bags, medical and recreational use, the production of food supplements with cannabis, etc. Marijuana is not only about having fun — let your readers know more about it.

Idea #5 — Dispensary blog

If you have a dispensary, a lot of potential clients might not know how it functions. You can launch a series of blog posts, even with videos and photos, that will show your readers a typical day in the life of a cannabis dispensary.

Let them find out about the staff and their qualifications, the history of the dispensary, etc. This way, you will become closer to your readers, and they will be more eager to trust you when they are looking for a dispensary. Because such blog posts create a bond between businesses and the target audience.

Idea #6 — Myths & true facts

Those who have never tried marijuana and related products are eager to believe in numerous myths that surround the niche. Become the one who will provide true information to people. Let them know facts and true info. You can back up your revelations with research and studies, as well as expert opinions.

Idea #7 — Stories of your clients

For people, it is always more interesting to read stories of other people, or even to watch a video. Even if you cannot ask your clients for video shoots, you can ask them to reply to your interview questions.

  • What problems had they had before they started to use cannabis?
  • Have traditional medicine and pills helped?
  • Which cannabis products help best of all?

There are a lot of readers who hesitate if the use of marijuana can be effective for them. Let them recognize their issues and become informed that cannabis can become a way out.

Idea #8 — Info about vendors and manufacturers

If you run a store that sells different kinds of cannabis products, from CBD oils to numerous accessories, suppliers you cooperate with deserve recognition. Provide your readers with information on companies which products they can acquire from you.

Besides, you can ask a content manager of the manufacturer to share your posts on their social media. In this way, you will be able to attract more potential clients to your blog, hence, your store.

Idea #9 — Cannabis days

Aside from the well-known dab day celebrated on July 10, there are other holidays and occasions when cannabis can become a part of the celebration. What about the National Pizza Day or Napping Day? These holidays seem perfect to be celebrated together with cannabis. Post your articles in advance so that your readers have enough time to prepare for the upcoming holiday.

Idea #10 — Accessories to use with cannabis

It is not just a bong that was the first idea that appeared in your mind. Ashtrays, lighters, clippers, storage cases, infusers — there are so many products the information about which you can provide to the audience. Of course, the list depends on the area of your activity, but you have got the idea.

What If You Have Ran out of Ideas?

It might turn out that at a certain stage, you already do not know what else to write about. So, first of all, you may ask the audience. Ask them to share their questions in comments or use various questions forms on social media (but be careful here). And also, check out what your competitors are focusing on. Running a blog is not too easy. However, with a creative approach, it might become a source of constant traffic to your website.

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