10 Marijuana Business Ideas You Can Start Under $1,000

In a contemporary world, running one’s own business is not a dream but a reality for millions of entrepreneurs. But having one’s own business should be not just a source of income. It is also necessary that the enterprise you have and the activity you carry out bring you pleasure and satisfaction. Only in this way will you be able to call yourself a happy and successful person.

If, at a certain stage of your life, you have understood that activity related to nature, in particular, to such herbs like cannabis, interests you, do not think that such a dream cannot come true. Even if you do not possess the substantial capital to invest in a dispensary, there are plenty of cannabis business ideas with which you can get started without the need to pay more than a thousand dollars. Here are the 10 possible options in marijuana and related niches to consider.

1. Production

Well, of course, production is something that large companies can do, especially when it comes to large volumes of cannabis. But nothing prevents you from creating your own farm. More so, there are even clients who will opt for products that have been grown in a more personal setting. In this way, they can be sure that cannabis has been properly taken care of.

Growing and cultivating marijuana allows beginning entrepreneurs to start at any scale they would like to try. This can be a farm or even several plants. Therefore, you will be able to understand if this activity is to your liking. But it is also necessary to take into account the following specifics:

  • Growing cannabis requires peculiar conditions, therefore, be ready for self-education and even spoiled harvest.
  • Also, even more importantly, carefully study the legislation in force in your state, apply for a license, and fulfill all the requirements imposed on the cannabis production business. In this way, you will avoid any possible legal problems in the future.

2. Processing

It is the next stage in the business. If you are not ready to deal with gardening and taking care of plants, you can work with marijuana processing, which involves extracting trichomes and preparing the plant for its further consumption, for instance, you may need to roll joints or prepare marijuana for smoking.

And you will need to find producers to cooperate with. Probably, some acquaintances are interested in the business of production, while you can cover the next stage. Therefore, you can cooperate and start quite a profitable venue together. Keep in mind the legal aspects and make sure your activity complies with local laws.

3. Delivery

The process of cannabis delivery has got some intricacies one should take into account. It is necessary to make sure that the quality of marijuana is not compromised. Therefore, you will have to foresee specific temperature and moisture conditions.

To work in this segment, you will need to find producers to cooperate with. In the future, you can develop your business in becoming a personal shopper as you are going to know the best producers in the area knowing the range and quality of products they offer.

4. Producing & Selling Edibles

Not every client prefers smoking. There are plenty of edible products, like bakery or tea. If you like baking or cooking, let’s say, you can start your own business of producing cannabis edible goods. To get started, do thorough research to understand what local people prefer most of all. You have to focus not only on your possibilities, but also on the demand among potential clients.

5. Producing & Selling Non-Edibles

Another possible field of cannabis application is the creation of various cosmetic and relaxation products. These can be:

  • soaps,
  • lotions,
  • topical creams,
  • massage oil, etc.

Clients need these products to cope with pain, ensure relaxation, and get relief from anxiety. This is especially good if you have produced some of these products before. Just add cannabis to the list of ingredients and expand the target clients thanks to this component.

6. Accessories

Not every venue related to cannabis requires a license. If you are not fond of the idea of paperwork and bother with the legal aspect of the business, selling accessories is a good choice.

There are so many goods you could sell (and also produce): from bongs and pipes to T-shirts with cannabis prints and fun messages, cases and storage bags, etc. The list is pretty long. If you are successful, you can extend the available range of products and reach the level of a national store.

With a low budget, you can start with an online shop that will not require paying rent. Master the basics of promotion and find suppliers of products or materials to produce your own goods. Talk to potential clients to get to know which accessories are the most demanded.

7. Party Planning

With the legalization of cannabis, parties with marijuana are becoming more and more popular. As an organizer of events, you will need to take care of everything your clients need to satisfy their expectations from these venues. It is more profitable if you offer turn-key services. Hence, you will need to take care of more than just the delivery of cannabis products to a venue.

As for the possible events, do not think that you are limited to weddings, reunions, and birthday parties. Cannabis can become an indispensable entertainment part of matchmaking parties for singles, brunches, concerts, painting, yoga, other artistic or athletic endeavors.

8. Florist

You can either add marijuana to the list of plants you work with or focus on this plant. Since there are thematic parties, cannabis decorations will be also demanded. But to face the situation honestly, focusing on cannabis only as a florist will not be the most profitable business. Therefore, consider this option if you are already working as a florist or are an artistic personality with a creative approach.

9. SMM

Yes, the cannabis industry requires promotion, just like any other niche. But to work with marijuana companies, you need to be aware of the legal intricacies to ensure that your promotion strategy will not be harmful to a business.

Learn the most effective tools and promote businesses through social media. Aside from working with local companies, you can also launch your own blog that will contain useful information on the use of marijuana. When it becomes successful, you will be able to cooperate with businesses as an influencer.

10. Consultant

If you have got knowledge of cannabis, share it and get paid for this. Aside from those who are interested in purchasing marijuana and related products, there are beginning entrepreneurs who may need to use your expertise before they understand the specifics of the niche. You can work with SEO promotion companies and SMM specialists to educate them on the specifics of the whole process, from growing cannabis to getting final products and selling them.

Final Words

The gradual legalization of cannabis in many states of the USA leads to a boom in the niche. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to choose the right way to develop your skills and your venture. Select one of the above ideas and start your business with minimum investments.