10 Best Cannabis Packaging Businesses

10 Best Cannabis Packaging Businesses

In recent years, the medical marijuana and cannabis business has become more spread. The main reason for this is the steps towards the legalization of cannabis, in particular, dispensaries, as well as for recreational purposes. In this regard, the best cannabis packaging companies are also developing at a rapid pace to satisfy the increasing demand of businesses and consumers.

And the tendency is not going to change, which will undeniably lead to a real boom in the canna business. Aside from cultivators and sellers, this niche needs such specialists as lawyers and recruiters. More so, cannabis packaging companies are highly demanded since any business needs packaging supplies for products and proper branding. If you are working in the niche, it is always worth knowing the key companies that can provide your products with high-quality and attractive packaging. So, here are the top companies to consider.

1. Marijuana Packaging

Location: 3389 E 50th St, Vernon, CA 90058, United States

Founded in: 2014

Revenue: $15 to $24.99 Million of revenue per year

This venue is among the top popular options canna-businesses refer to when they need high-quality packing for your products. The website is convenient, and from the homepage, you can see that it offers various kinds of packaging:

  • joint and blunt tubes,
  • capsule bottles,
  • vape cartridges,
  • edible containers, etc.

The cannabis packaging company serves smoke shops, head shops, and vape products’ stores. Aside from trying to cover a wide range of packaging options for diverse clients they serve, the company provides customized branding services. Thanks to this, cannabis businesses can benefit from the boost ensured thanks to the marketability and credibility of the product. The company provides the best commercial terms and affordable prices, while orders over $250 are delivered for free.

2. Kush Supply Co.

Location: Headquarters in Garden Grove, CA, United States

Founded in: 2010

Revenue: It generates $3.87 million in sales

The company is also a famous brand among marijuana packaging companies. There are full-service locations in Washington, Colorado, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Thanks to the location of representations, the company can quickly serve clients all over the USA.

Kush Supply Co. provides packaging for cannabis products with medical and food-grade. A specific feature of the company is that packing adheres to legal standards and is environmentally friendly. The range of offered packaging options includes items for the following products:

  • Flowers,
  • Concentrates and edibles,
  • Pre-rolls and anything else your business may need.

3. Grow Cargo

Location: 4900 E Pacific Pl, Denver, CO 80222, United States

Founded in: 2014

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million

It is another great company on the list. The customer service center is based in the USA, while Grow Cargo is ready to deliver your order for free if it is over $150. Become a recognized brand of canna business thanks to packaging and branding from Grow Cargo. Look for its eco-friendly options you can choose if the sustainability of your business is crucial for you.

4. Cannabis Promotions

Location: PO Box 842, St. Petersburg, Florida, 33731, United States

Founded in: n/a

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million

In the market for B2B cannabis packaging services, this enterprise is definitely standing out. Regardless of what you are looking for, rolling papers, branded lighters, custom branded products, or packaging, it is one of the custom cannabis packaging companies that is the right place to shop for all these.

Thanks to a well-developed distribution channel all over the USA, the company ensures that clients get their orders in due time. So, if you do not want to bother with a complicated delivery process and want to get it fast, Cannabis Promotions is your one-stop-shop.

There is a unique feature, not every company can boast of. The enterprise offers to send a free sample so that clients can understand what they will get in their orders. The company definitely deserves your attention.

5. FunkSac

Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

Founded in: 2013

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million

If you are looking for a packaging company you can trust, check out FunkSac. Ordering the set of samples is also possible. So, you will not buy a pig in a poke. Cannabis packaging offered is legally compliant and includes (but is not limited to):

  • lockable hemp pouches,
  • curing and storage bags for marijuana cultivation,
  • custom bags, etc.

Besides, the packaging offered by a company will help preserve the cannabis products safe, while end users may have no worries about the safety of their kids since there are child-resistant options available. Enjoy the safety of the products and the gratitude of clients thanks to safe and duly branded packing for your cannabis business. This is especially relevant if you are in the search for wholesale weed packaging companies.

6. 420 Packaging

Location: 875 E Patriot Blvd #201, Reno, NV 89511, United States

Founded in: 2009

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million

The company is an experienced participant in the market for cannabis products packaging. Check out the homepage, and you will see straight away that the range of offered products is impressive:

  • plastic and glass containers,
  • concentrate containers,
  • zip bags,
  • rolling papers,
  • and extra necessities.

The variety of colors and styles allows every client of the packaging company to order unique products that will match the brand. Besides, all the packaging is compliant with the legislation in the states of the country, so clients may have no worries about the legality of their business.

Getting customized packaging with your branding is not only convenient and fast but also safe (taking into account the availability of child-proof options) and affordable since the rates of 420 Packaging are reasonable, especially if you are a bulk buyer.

7. Dymapak

Location: It headquartered in New Jersey

Founded in: 2010

Revenue: The Revenue is $4.00 Million

Even though the company cannot offer such a wide range of packaging products as the other enterprises on the list, Dymapak is focused on a narrower niche offering safe, child-resistant, certified, and lab-tested packaging for cannabis and other medical items. Their products are manufactured with adherence to all the industry legal standards and to be durable and smell-proof. Be sure that all the requirements for the packaging of cannabis products are fulfilled, even if you are looking for custom packaging.

Pay attention to the top-selling items:

  • Secure Sack: It is a child-resistant bag that will let your clients store marijuana fresh and safe from being damaged;
  • Twistspenser: It is packaging for liquid cannabis products, also known for its safety, effectiveness, and child-resistant qualities.

8. Pollen Gear

Location: 601 Cypress Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, United States

Founded in: 2016

Revenue: The Revenue is $8.00 Million

If you are looking for premium packaging for your marijuana business, pay attention to Pollen Gear. A wide range of customizable options will allow your brand to stand out from the competition. Well, this uniqueness and customization of your brand will require more investments, however, you will see that they will be paid back.

The quality and durability of the products from Pollen Gear are proven by numerous satisfied customers. So, if the sturdiness and reliability of the packaging are your priority, the company is the right choice for your cannabis business and the premium clients you serve.

9. Shatter Labels

Location: It is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Founded in: n/a

Revenue: The revenue is <$5 Million

It is not just a packaging company, it is also a marketing enterprise. First, the range of packaging options is really impressive:

  • solid jars and tubes,
  • vape tanks,
  • pre-rolled joint boxes,
  • syringe packaging, and many more options.

Besides, the company will help you raise the recognition of your brand thanks to a range of merchandise items with your brand, which you can also order from Shatter Labels. With the right branding, custom snapbacks, pins, and stickers will help you in the promotion.

More so, startups or enterprises looking for rebranding can make use of a unique offer from the company. For orders over $245, every client can get a free logo design. Check out the portfolio of the works available on the official website. Your business will undeniably benefit from the cooperation with Shatter Labels.

10. N2 Packaging

Location: 510 2nd Ave S, Twin Falls, ID 83301, United States

Founded in: 2013

Revenue: The revenue is <$1 Million

It is one of the marijuana packaging companies that will provide your business with premium packaging. Here are the main highlights:

  • The freshness and potency of marijuana during storage and transportation in their packaging are the prior tasks of the company. The lab tests have already proven that the taste and freshness of cannabis are preserved in their packaging.
  • The company follows all the legal requirements in the process of manufacture.
  • The products in the packaging are hermetically tight and are not affected by the atmosphere, are odorless, and are completely child-proof.
  • The packaging is eco-friendly, therefore, you can satisfy the packaging needs even of conscious clients and yours.

Customized, branded, safe, and reliable packaging for your marijuana business is the main focus of N2 Packaging.

Final Words

Packaging is not only crucial for the preservation of products you are selling. It is the recognition of your brand and the loyalty of your clients. So, depending on the needs of your business, check out which of the above companies can meet your expectations with their packaging solutions.

It is no less essential that the packaging meets the legal requirements of the state where you run your business so that there are no problems in the future. Make sure you have selected a proper partner for packaging your products and benefit from this cooperation.

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