11 Most Popular Magazines about Cannabis

Over the last years, many new cannabis magazines have appeared there and the older ones have considerably evolved.

Overall, there are numerous different kinds of magazines where you can find everything about cannabis you might ever need. The reason for such a drastic growth is of course the legalization of marijuana in many states in North America, as well as in other countries like Canada. You are no longer limited to such popular issues as High Times and Cannabis Culture that are created in Canada.

Reading such magazines can be useful in order to stay on the front burner of the industry, as well as expand and develop your business. At the same time, it is essential to have a complex approach to this issue. A good idea is to address professionals who know exactly how to achieve your goals. An MjSeoAgency will help you make your brand recognizable and attract new clients while sticking to the values of your business.

Now, you can choose among numerous options that are available on the market and continue to popularize cannabis and make the whole topic more clear to people. So, if you are looking for information, news, tips, or anything else related to this niche, you definitely can learn more from one of the magazines that we included in our list. Let’s have a look at the most popular magazines and publications about cannabis.

1. High Times

Even though new titles appear every year, the High Times magazine reigns supreme even now. The reason for it is that it is one of the oldest and most reputable magazines in the niche. It provides its readers with access to new information, and everything related to cannabis. If something new happens in the world of cannabis, you can be sure that it will be mentioned in High Times.

It covers a broad range of topics starting with laws that constantly change to reviews of various scientific researches and breakthroughs made around the world. Thus, cannabis enthusiasts can learn about everything that happens in the world of cannabis and be fully informed about their favorite plant.

So, if you are interested in growing tips and techniques or you want to know more about the laws that regulate the whole niche, or maybe you are just curious about the whole cannabis culture, this issue is the best choice for you where you will certainly find everything you need.

2. Cannabis Culture

Of course, High Times is not the only issue that is worth your attention. Cannabis Culture is another leading and authoritative magazine popular among numerous cannabis fans. The magazine was founded by the famous Marc Emery who is believed to be a Pot King in Canada. This is an influential publication that delivers news from the industry and influences the latest developments.

If you are looking for the latest information on cannabis or are interested in developments and changes in the industry, Cannabis Culture will provide you with all of that. At the same time, it is a valuable source of information about the places where you can get the best seeds available on the market.

Overall, the magazine is dedicated to keeping its readers informed about everything that happens in the industry. Mark Emery has a great influence in the marijuana community and was also a popular politician so, you can understand that he has a lot of support among Canadians who are also interested in this great plant.

It is evident that Mark Emery had a significant influence on the popularization and legalization of marijuana in Canada with the overall influence on the acceptance of the plant among the citizens. In that way, the magazine will provide you with more than just news on the issue. It also includes valuable information about people and occurrences in the industry and their influence on its further development.

3. Mg Magazine

If you need another source of additional information, Mg Magazine is the right choice for you. This issue is rather for everyone who is engaged in cannabusiness. It provides its readers with tips, news, and new perspectives in the niche. The magazine covers both usual topics and those that no one else does. So, it is basically a unique source of information.

It is really influential among those who want to expand their businesses or get to a new level. In other words, if you are going to develop and improve your cannabusiness, you shouldn’t ignore this issue.

4. Culture Magazine

If you are not a fan of watching people in suits making a fortune, then Culture Magazine is your choice. This issue is a source of information on activists and enthusiasts and the changes they make in the industry. These people influence the perception of marijuana in the world like no other people do.

The magazine is mostly about those individuals who do not directly influence the industry but are casual users of marijuana. The main idea is that these are famous actors, singers, and so on. So, if you want to learn something about your favorite TV personality and at the same time, to learn about the latest changes in the industry, have a look at Culture Magazine.

5. Broccoli Magazine

Of course, the biggest news is always covered by such issues as High Times. But if you are looking for a source that will thoroughly cover other less loud but not less important news, then you would want to check Broccoli Magazine. It is also a good choice for women who are engaged in the industry or even those who are just pot enthusiasts. On the pages of the magazine, you’ll find numerous stories of women who influence the industry and change it for the better.

6. Cannabis Now

This is another source of valuable information on the latest news in the cannabis industry. This magazine is issued online and is known as one of the leading sources of everything from the industry that might affect you or the whole culture. You can find detailed reports that are published regularly as well as various scientific and political articles that can help you better understand the industry.

7. Cannabis Magazine

If you are looking for something that will give you insights into the cannabis industry, then you should check the detailed reports made by Cannabis Magazine. As it is already clear from its name, the magazine is all about our favorite plant but it covers not only the cultural issues. They are also focusing on the major news and stories from the industry. Thus, you can get a full perspective on everything that happens in the world of marijuana and even understand how it will change in the future.

Another special thing about this issue is that they provide their readers with valuable insights into cannabis investments. It allows you to stay a step ahead of the game and get a powerful place in the industry.

8. Grow Magazine

Grow Magazine is a perfect option for those having a green thumb. The reason for it is that the issue is dedicated to everything about growing the best cannabis. Here, you will find detailed instructions, tips, and assessments of all the possible ways to grow the plant. Moreover, they write about the new technologies that will help you achieve the better quality of the plant.

You should understand that growing cannabis is not so simple so, in order to achieve the best results, you must know everything about the processes. Providing the plant with the perfect conditions will help you to get the best quality possible and get the desired effect. In that way, this magazine is an irreplaceable source for growers and everyone interested in this.

Three Additional Cannabis Magazines

Even though we’ve already mentioned plenty of the best marijuana magazines, this list would be incomplete without three more honorable mentions. Let’s check other titles that cover the latest news and trends in the niche.

  • Dope Magazine: This issue is for people who not only support those smoking pot but also smoke themselves and believe that everyone should ever try it.
  • Push Magazine: Another issue for marijuana lovers and enthusiasts. A perfect opportunity to learn more and share your aspirations with others.
  • Skunk Magazine: This issue is for those who are deeply in love with marijuana and can’t imagine themselves without this plant.

Now you can see that numerous different issues cover a broad choice of topics related to marijuana.

Of course, you might already be familiar with such titles as High Times and Cannabis Culture as these are the major issues but you should definitely check other magazines in search of new insights, news, and ideas. They will definitely bring you pleasure and perhaps also change your life.

Dmytro Syvak is an expert at MjSeo.Agency, where he works as a business development manager. He also writes blog articles for the MjSeo Blog, and he takes part in interviews and podcasts. Dmytro has a big experience in the cannabis industry, he loves to share his knowledge with others and develop his skills.