How to Rank Your Dispensary Higher on Google Maps?

How to Rank Your Dispensary Higher on Google Maps?

Today we will tell you about the main factors that you need to pay close attention to in order to increase your dispensary’s position in the ranking. The most important factor that determines the position in Google Maps is the correct filling of the company card. At the same time, it is necessary to know how the whole system works in order to better understand the optimization strategies.

According to the results of the study, 52% of Google users do not go from the service to official sites or to a search engine but choose companies directly within the Google Maps service. At the same time, 44% of respondents prefer a company from the TOP-3 in the local list.

Therefore, to attract customers, you need to strive to get into the so-called Local Pack. In order to achieve this, you should follow several steps to improve your presence in Google Maps. If you want to get the best possible results, address the MjSeo Agency – an experienced company that knows exactly how to work with dispensaries and increase their visibility for new customers.

The Company’s Card

In order to rank higher on Google Maps, it is essential to correctly fill in the company’s card. It will provide the users with all the necessary information about your dispensary. Moreover, Google will show it because it will consider your card as helpful for those who are looking for a dispensary.

1. Filling in the address

Pay special attention to this step. Specify the address of your organization. It is also essential that the same address is listed on your website. You can use microformats to improve your site’s address definition. Be sure to include the address of your site in the “Website” field for these recommendations to take effect.

2. Filling out the company description

When describing the company, indicate your main advantages. It is also highly effective to use the main keywords in the description. This will help to promote your business on Google Maps.

3. Categories

From our experience, we know that categories significantly affect the position of the company. Google Maps provides a rich selection of categories. You can also specify multiple categories. Indicate those items that most closely match your company.

4. Percentage of filling out the company card

The higher the percentage of filling out the company card, the better. It means that you should add photos, videos, opening hours, and other details.

5. Other factors

Users can leave reviews for your company. A large number of reviews has a positive effect on the ranking. It is also worth mentioning your company in well-known online directories. If your company is mentioned in such directories, it will increase the chances of increasing positions and the effectiveness of website promotion. Considering all the tips, you can secure yourself high positions in Google Maps and increase the number of visitors.

Additional Tips

You already know the main factors that affect your rankings in Google Maps. Let’s also have a look at what else can influence your company’s rating.

Well-chosen search queries

The presence of keywords in the name of the company, its description, in the catalog of goods and menus help Google Maps algorithms to form the most relevant search results. Therefore, it is essential to correctly compose the semantic core before launching a campaign.

An extended description of the company will allow you to include as many key queries as possible and at the same time exclude spamming. In addition, you will be able to give maximum information to the user.

Don’t ignore the “Publish” option. Key phrases contained in the text are scanned and indexed by bots and then go to the search base. This increases the visibility of your profile.

Location of the dispensary

The priority is for companies that are located closest to the user’s location. This means that for queries limited by geo parameters, for example, “Boston dispensary”, Google will show only local results.

Unfortunately, you cannot influence this factor if a person must visit the company in order to get the provided services. But if there is a delivery, then it will be possible to improve the ranking results using the “Service area” section. There, you can specify up to 20 geolocations to which your services apply.

Dynamics of positive reviews

Having positive user-generated content is the best factor for a search engine. The more people leave reviews about you, give ratings higher than average, the better the ranking results of the company’s card in the issue.

In order to ensure a regular influx of fresh reviews, you need to motivate customers to leave them. These can be mailings in instant messengers, SMS, or email if you have a database of contacts. For these purposes, you can use a special URL from GMB (Google My Business).

User interaction with the brand card

Behavioral factors affect the card ranking results. The more often and longer the audience interacts with your account, the higher the account rating. The search algorithms assume that the information contained therein is useful to users.

You can improve behavioral factors if you:

  • Add more high-quality photos;
  • Place photos of goods and services, a price list, or a menu in the profile;
  • Publish relevant posts – news, promotions, events;
  • Add Call-to-action buttons ( for example, call, book, order, etc.), video content, and virtual tours;
  • Fill in the “Questions” section. If the audience rarely leaves comments there, then you can independently create a FAQ that answers the most popular questions and write down the main advantages of the company there.

Working with Reviews and Ratings in the Profile

Positive ratings not only serve as an indicator of the popularity of your company and a factor of promotion in local search results but also ensure audience loyalty, affect the company’s rating and reputation in general.

To ensure high rankings on Google Maps, you need to work with the quality of service offline, as well as adhere to the rules for interacting with an online audience:

Always reply to comments

Both negative and positive reviews matter. A polite, professional response from a company representative will demonstrate your attention and willingness to make contact, and can also encourage the client to increase the rating, remove negative reviews or change it, and motivate other users to give feedback.

Eliminate the negative reviews

Even one bad review can cause a low rating and a barrier to sales. Always try to understand the client’s problem, try to help them, and offer compensation if the company is at fault.

In Conclusion

Google Maps is an effective customer acquisition tool that should not be neglected, especially when it comes to local businesses. Promotion on Google Maps not only provides additional traffic but also attracts the target audience at the time of making a decision to purchase or planning a route to a particular cannabis dispensary. However, effective use of the service is possible only in the case of competent company placement and interaction with the audience.

First of all, you need to attractively design your profile: use high-quality images, provide users with as much relevant information as possible, including contacts and opening hours, a list of goods and services with prices, and valid promotions.

Check the relevance of keywords in the name and description of the company to ensure the lead in SERPs by category. Update the Publications section to ensure you get the best organic rankings. Connect with your customers and build up positive reviews and ratings. It is this point that plays one of the most crucial roles in promoting the company’s card in Maps.

Consider a system of motivation and bonuses for consumers so that they are more willing to leave comments about you. Respond promptly to customer questions. Respond to positive reviews and neutralize negativity in time.

These useful tips will help you attract customers and make your brand recognizable.

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