TOP 7 Cannabis Associations in the USA

The field of cannabis products and services is developing at a rapid pace. Of course, the legalization of marijuana in some states of the country has contributed to this development. However, there are still opponents of this process. In the majority of cases, the reason for this is their ignorance and the lack of knowledge about the way cannabis products influence the body of users. Besides, enterprises working in full compliance with the local legislation do not commit any harmful activities.

As a result, for businesses to join their forces to mutually develop, as well as to promote unbiased opinions and knowledge about the fields of application of cannabis among the population, associations have been created. Of course, these associations are not the only weapon to help canna-businesses grow and expand, there are various related industries that cooperate with them. This is, for instance, digital marketing. Without an online presence, any business cannot exist. And such professional companies like MjSeo Agency that work in the cannabis niche help marijuana businesses stand out. So, let’s get back to the matter of associations and list the seven most prominent ones.

# 1 — NCIA

It was founded in 2010, therefore, it is one of the most long-working and efficient trade associations that has joined together the representatives of the legal marijuana business. From all over the country, NCIA has included hundreds of broad-minded and progressive businesses, as well as thousands of professionals in the industry.

The main goal of NCIA is to ensure the protection of legal businesses working in the cannabis niche, as well as to advance the reforms in the industry at the federal level. More and more venues and enterprises are joining NCIA to become even more successful and develop the responsible marijuana industry.

# 2 — National Hemp Association

It is a non-profit corporation that has been created to encourage trade and discourse among professionals in the marijuana industry. The association is dedicated to developing the domestic hemp industry. And the main values of the National Hemp Association are not only about the promotion of hemp but also about the protection of the environment and increasing the sustainability of agriculture. This will be achieved by means of coordinating the local and federal legislation, agricultural organizations, farmers, processors, producers, and vendors.

The National Hemp Association is trying to accomplish all of the above by:

  • Educating and informing the American citizens about the benefits for health, environment, and economy that will be brought thanks to reviving a hemp industry, the industry that has been banned for more than 70 years;
  • Developing and expanding a community of individuals, enterprises, and organizations that will cooperate to develop the cannabis industry;
  • Working in close collaboration with authority officials, as well as with the scientific community to work out industrial hemp standards, certifications, and regulations, with their further implementation.

# 3 — California NORML

It started its activity in 1972 as Amorphia. Currently, this non-profit organization works in order to stimulate the reformation of laws and regulations on marijuana in California. It actively works to implement its mission in life by:

  • Publishing news and spreading it;
  • Lobbying lawmakers;
  • Sponsoring various events related or closely related to the application of marijuana;
  • Offering advice with educational purposes, legal assistance, as well as recommendations on the health benefits of hemp, etc.

There are also regular Lobby Days arranged annually by Cal NORML. The association gathers activists and industry supporters from the whole state of California with the main intention to improve the state legislation on marijuana.

# 4 — CCIA

California Cannabis Industry Association is actively working to ensure the growth of legal and responsible businesses in the cannabis industry. The association pursues the goal of creating a favorable social, economic, and legal ambiance for canna-businesses in California.

The foundation of its activity is the fact that all the members of this organization work together as a joined economic force. It is considered one of the most influential state associations making sure that enterprises of the marijuana industry are professionally represented at the level of California state.

# 5 — NACB

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses joins enterprises that are ready to work in compliance with industry standards making it safe and ethical. The main goal of NACB is to improve the future of the niche through a partnership with the most prominent professionals and experts in the industry. Together with responsible businesses and affiliates, NACB works to establish the standards of the national level and make sure that only best practices are implemented while running cannabis businesses. All these will ensure the safety of consumers and the responsibility of enterprises.

# 6 — TICA

The International Cannabis Association has been founded by leading experts and pioneers of the cannabis industry to join together all the innovations to ensure that the quality of cannabis products, as well as manufacturing processes, meet the standards and innovative levels of technologies across the world.

The main mission of TICA is to create an ambiance of synergy within the cannabis industry all across the globe. The association believes that their work will considerably contribute to the safety and high quality of all the cannabis products, as well as services.

TICA has unified the most successful and innovative enterprises within the industry all over the world. Owing to cooperation with the Chinese Central and Provincial Governments, TICA is looking forward to establishing the world’s cannabis ecosystem that will be focused primarily on the quality of products and the transparency of processes. This initiative will work to merge the power of the Chinese market with cutting-edge technologies to navigate dependable products through the complex global supply chain.

# 7 — ATACH

American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp is a trade organization. It has been registered in Washington, DC. The main goal of its foundation has been to expand, protect, and preserve businesses and individuals working legally with industrial, medical, and recreational cannabis, as well as hemp-based products.

ATACH joins together the leaders of the cannabis niche, as well as businesses that are known and well-capitalized. The main goals are:

  • The expansion of the cannabis marketplace,
  • The development of legal regulation in the industry,
  • The adoption of industry standards, which will ensure that consumers will get only products of the highest quality.

The association expands the marketplace by creating a bridge from the cannabis industry to businesses that will be working as partners with ATACH to advance the industry and end the prohibition in the country.

Conclusive Words

These are several associations and organizations that work in the industry. It is their activity that makes it possible to talk about new laws that stop the complete prohibition of cannabis in the states of the country. If you are working in the cannabis niche and want it to expand and develop, legally and safely both for businesses and consumers, consider joining one of the organizations. In this way, you are going to make your own contribution to the development of the industry.

Dmytro Syvak is an expert at MjSeo.Agency, where he works as a business development manager. He also writes blog articles for the MjSeo Blog, and he takes part in interviews and podcasts. Dmytro has a big experience in the cannabis industry, he loves to share his knowledge with others and develop his skills.