11 Popular Types of Cannabis Websites You Can Create

11 Popular Types of Cannabis Websites You Can Create

The cannabis industry is actively evolving. The reasons for this are multiple. In the first place, it is the legalization steps taken by federal authorities and states. As a result, cannabis products, services, and dispensaries are becoming legal. Hence, the industry has space for new businesses to appear.

If you have already started your entrepreneurial activity in the field of cannabis products or are planning to launch your own project, it is impossible to run it without a website that should be actively promoted and monetized to bring you a stable and high revenue. Before you contact website developers or an SEO promotion company like a MjSeo Agency, it is worth getting familiar with different kinds of websites that you can create for your canna-business.

This is what this post is focused on. We are going to dwell on 11 different types of websites you can create for your business to promote your marijuana products or services or those related to them.

The Importance of a Company Site

Among many functions and tasks that a corporate website is designed to solve, it is worth noting the most significant one, which is promoting the company’s brand. It is for this reason that the Internet marketing segment is now actively developed by leading corporations, giants of world trade, and the service sector. And the cannabis industry is not an exception. It is crucial to understand that a corporate website is a link between potential, real clients and canna-business itself.

The formation of a positive reputation and brand recognition depends on the usability of the site. Web analysts identify several key criteria for the attractiveness of a website for clients and ordinary users:

  • Maximum information content;
  • Stream of regular news;
  • Ease of use;
  • Availability of a feedback form;
  • Promotions and special offers.

The more attractive a site is for a user, the more informational it is, the more often your customers visit it, and the more they share it on the network. So, there is an increase in brand awareness due to word of mouth. Let’s now talk about the types of websites you can create for your canna-business.

Option #1 — eCommerce Website

It is a platform that is directly designed for the sales of your products. Having thought about the creation of a website, this kind might have been the first idea that has crossed your mind. Any platform with a shopping cart and the possibility to make a payment will fall under this category.

If you have a wide range of products to sell, this will be a good starting point for you. It will require the investment in an SSL certificate that will enable the protection of payment details of your clients and in high-quality eCommerce software for your future clients to enjoy a convenient shopping experience.

Option #2 — Business Website

This is any platform that represents your canna-business and describes the field of activities, the range of products, and services. This platform should be designed in a corporate style, have your company logo, provide contact information, info about employees, etc.

An eCommerce website is also a business website. However, keep in mind that not every business site is designed to sell products. In the majority of cases, it will contain a contact form to inquire and send a request for the services’ calculation. Alternatively, this site will provide visitors with info on the location and opening hours of physical stores.

Option #3 — Entertainment Website

There are plenty of entertainment platforms available on the Internet. And if you are working in the field of marijuana products, this does not mean that you cannot run such a platform. From interesting facts and quizzes, entertaining and educational videos, the range of possible content types is really wide.

Before you start launching such a platform, be prepared that with fierce competition in the niche, it will take some time for your website to reach high-ranking positions and attract a considerable number of potential clients. It might take even longer to monetize it. But if you are creative and have a lot of ideas, go ahead — this might work well.

Option #4 — Portfolio Website

These platforms are devoted to showing examples of works and services that have been rendered, as well as products that have been sold. If you are not a beginner in the field and have already got something to show to your potential clients, this might be a good option for you.

Option #5 — Media Website

This kind of platform may overlap with entertainment websites. However, it is more focused on providing the audience with up-to-date news and innovative solutions in the cannabis industry. So, becoming a reporter, you will be able to advertise your project natively.

Option #6 — Brochure Website

It is a simplified type of business site, however, shorter. Such a platform will contain a brief description of an enterprise, contact information, and some other details. This option is suitable only if you are sure that your business will not need a website as one of the main marketing tools. Before choosing this kind of website, evaluate where your potential clients will come from.

Option #7 — Educational Website

Such a platform may belong to an educational institution offering its courses and other services. But working in the cannabis industry, it is also possible to consider this kind of platform. The industry is interesting and developing. Providing people with the information they require will help you not only gain trust among the audience but also attract new clients who have not considered using cannabis products and services before because they were unaware of their possibilities.

Option #8 — Infopreneur Website

It is a combination of eCommerce platforms and business websites together with educational sites. The product sold in this case is a tutorial, video, or book. To launch such a platform, you need to be able to persuade the audience that the content you offer is worth buying.

If you are an expert in the field, then go for an infopreneur website making sure that you have a user-friendly platform with an SSL certificate allowing clients to conveniently and safely purchase your products.

Option #9 — Personal Website

Usually, these platforms are launched to share ideas, opinions, and insights. After becoming popular, such a site can be monetized using placing paid ads on it. This can be a blog or vlog. Besides, such a platform can be launched in a combination with an eCommerce site so that to support it informationally.

Moreover, launching such a platform is quite easy, and you can launch it on your own making use of various website builders and templates that are available nowadays.

Option #10 — Web Portal

This kind of website is used by organizations and businesses that need to have a lot of information in one place. Access to personal accounts is also provided to users. If the services you provide foresee that clients might need their personal profiles (like using marijuana for medical purposes with the involvement of doctors), this can be a good choice for you.

However, the development of such a platform is a complicated process, so make sure you entrust the task to skilled web programmers.

Option #11 — Community Forums or Wikis

Wikis are websites where various users can make changes to the content, they can be fan communities, business resources, and sites for collecting valuable information sources. If you are looking for a platform where you will be able to organize all the available information and provide access to it, starting a wiki is a good option.

Analyze Your Business and Its Goals

Having a website is not just essential nowadays: it is a must for any business. So, before choosing any of the above sites, think about the purposes of your enterprise and what targets your website should achieve. Creating a site with a clear understanding of its goals and taking into consideration the necessity of its further SEO promotion is the right way to get started.

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