The Cannabis Industry in 2022: What Is Waiting Ahead?

The world is changing at a rapid pace. In many business niches, the expectations and requirements of clients are permanently altering. And the cannabis niche is no exception. If you are at least somehow involved in this industry, you clearly understand that there will be more participants in the market. Therefore, businesses should prepare for even tougher competition. And improving the digital presence of your brand is a necessary step. Entrusting this to a professional SEO company like MjSeo Agency is a smart decision for your business. In any case, get to know what 2022 is preparing for the cannabis industry.

1. Sales of Cannabis Will Increase

In 34 states of the USA, the use of cannabis is legalized, even though the degrees of legalization vary. In the middle of the year, the total value of sales of cannabis has been estimated at around $400 million. Some experts predict that the sales in the industry will grow up to $130 million shortly. This is not about 2022, however, this year will definitely show a growth in sales.

2. The Legalization Movement Will Become Even Stronger

As we mentioned, 34 states have already legalized cannabis at a certain level, and this is already a great step. The activists do not stop working in the direction of the full legalization by creating associations ensuring that canna-businesses work safely and legally. More so, the distribution of the information helps more and more people understand the benefits of cannabis use. Becoming the clients of businesses, they are also contributing to the legalization of marijuana. Currently, around two-thirds of the country supports federal legalization, which is quite impressive.

Other States Will Move Towards Legalization More Slowly

Some states are really close to decriminalizing cannabis or enacting a comprehensive medical bill, and bills like this are steps to full legalization. For example, Virginia has recently decriminalized cannabis in this way.

3. More Types of Cannabis Products Will Become Available

The fact that breeders will create new strains will lead to the appearance of new products manufactured with the addition of marijuana. As for the already-known products, here is what can be expected:

  • Cannabis-infused beverages will become more popular, hence, more and more stores are going to add them to their shelves; besides, leading companies producing beverages like Coca-Cola and Molson-Coors are considering the possibility to create drinks that will contain CBD.
  • Edibles are also going to be more popular among consumers; thanks to the legalization of the compound, more and more companies will add various CBD-containing products to their ranges.
  • Marijuana flower will still remain one of the most popular forms soon.

4. More Customers Will Appear

More and more people are getting to know the benefits of using marijuana for various purposes. As a result, it is expected that clients of older age, as well as more females, will become active buyers, recreational and medicinal users of cannabis.

5. Expenses on Marijuana Will Vary

Depending on the kind of product or service clients give preference to, their expenses in dispensaries and stores vary. Some make small purchases of 10 dollars or even less on an average visit (one-third of the clients) — they are mostly beginners. The majority of clients spend around 25-50 dollars. And, of course, those spending more are in the minority. It is expected that the average expense will be more varied next year.

6. Clients will Understand Better the Benefits of Cannabis Use

Scientists and researchers are actively working to prove that cannabis and its compounds have significant benefits for health and overall well-being. There is also a potential of lowering cancer risk, as a result, more and more people stop considering it as a drug and understand that cannabis is safer than alcohol.

7. New Uses of Medical Marijuana will Be Tested and Implemented

Recently, researchers have discovered that some compounds in cannabis possess anti-cancer properties. And they are actively investigating this matter. Besides, scientists are working on the possibility to synthesize new compounds based on natural cannabinoids. The latter are expected to have an even stronger anti-cancer effect.

More so, it is thought that CBD has antibiotic effects and might be even capable of treating antibiotic-resistant infections. The appearance of topical CBD creams with antibiotic properties is expected concerning the above.

8. Users Will Know More About the Compounds in Cannabis

It’s not only THC and CBD that make cannabis effective. Scientists are investigating other cannabinoid compounds in the plant. Also, marijuana contains substances that have a significant influence on the psychoactive effects of different strains (terpenes).

The customers and users of marijuana are becoming more aware of the effects and benefits of the latter compounds. And breeders might begin creating strains with high levels of specific terpenes and other useful cannabinoids, not only THC and CBD.

  • CBN: This compound is usually found in low concentrations (less than 1%) in fresh marijuana. Even though it is slightly psychoactive, it is known to have strong anti-anxiety and sedative properties. Taking into consideration that more and more information is becoming available, it is likely that this compound will hit the market in 2022.
  • CBG: THC and CBD originate from this compound. Its benefits for health have a really impressive range. When CBG is exposed to sunlight, it forms into THC or CBD. Many CBD-infused supplements will likely be manufactured with the addition of this cannabinoid in the future. Besides, more research is expected about this compound, so it might surprise us.
  • THCV: It can be called quite psychoactive when dosages are high enough. However, it is crucial to remember that typically, it is added in fairly low concentrations. It is necessary to remember that THCV is different from delta-9-THC in terms of its effects. Taking into account an increased awareness of this compound, more and more strains are likely to be bred, therefore, THCV supplements may also appear in the market.
  • CBC: It is not psychoactive. This compound possesses a wide range of health benefits and medical uses. CBC is present in considerable quantities in marijuana, thanks to this, it is going to be easier to produce CBC supplements.
  • THCA: THCA is not psychoactive unless exposed to heat, which converts THCA into THC. Besides, researchers and scientists are now investigating the matter of its health benefits. It cannot be produced pure, therefore, some amount of THC is present in this compound. And it is expected that more attention will be paid to THCA shortly.
  • Limonene: It is different from the majority of other terpenes because limonene has effects on the cannabis receptors. Besides, this compound can be found not only in cannabis but also in other plants. It is also considered to have benefits for health, however, this is a matter of further investigation. More strains are expected to be bred from limonene.
  • Other Terpenes: More and more terpenes like pinene and myrcene are actively investigated. And there are a lot of other compounds in addition to limonene, and they have got health benefits that are now actively investigated. Besides, users are becoming increasingly aware of new compounds and their benefits, therefore, breeders will create new strains of these compounds.
  • Delta-8-THC: This compound is different from Delta-9-THC. The latter is a more powerful compound. The psychoactive effects of Delta-8-THC are weaker. And this creates conditions for the creation of a purer form of this compound.

9. Cannabis Stocks Will Become Excellent Investments

Of course, investments are always risky. And if you plan to invest your finances in any of the stock, this is not the right source to base your decision on. However, it is worth stating that a number of companies in the cannabis market are doing really well:

  • Cronos Group
  • Canopy Growth
  • Auxly
  • Origin House
  • Marimed

More so, thanks to a growing cannabis market, the stocks of these and other companies are highly likely to grow.

10. More Doctors Will Recommend the Use of Medical Marijuana

You have already read that scientists and researchers do not stop investigating the benefits of marijuana. Therefore, more and more doctors will use this knowledge to treat patients. As a result, dispensaries all over the country will see an increase in sales, while people suffering from various health problems will understand the usefulness of cannabis.

Dmytro Syvak is an expert at MjSeo.Agency, where he works as a business development manager. He also writes blog articles for the MjSeo Blog, and he takes part in interviews and podcasts. Dmytro has a big experience in the cannabis industry, he loves to share his knowledge with others and develop his skills.