14 Best Cannabis Business Social Networks in 2024

14 Best Cannabis Business Social Networks in 2024

Social networks today enable users to share content with numerous people worldwide. Social media has provided a great way for cannabis businesses to find like-minded peers and clients and connect with them by using the best cannabis business social networks. Since there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of different social networks, no wonder that most of them are targeted.

And for companies, it is an effective communication channel with the consumer. With the rise of social media, where influencers gain millions of followers, social media marketing is proving to be more effective. At the same time, there are other methods of effective promotion of the CBD industry. So, joining various cannabis business social networks is efficient for business owners and will help them develop and grow their cannabis-related businesses.

Even if you are not a business owner, you probably are looking for those who will understand you. Here, choosing the best cannabis business social networks will come in handy since they give you a platform to communicate with other like-minded potheads, fellow stoners, and cannabis connoisseurs and even achieve more.

Considering the number of cannabis business social networks, it might seem exhausting to choose the best one that will fit all your expectations and help you achieve your goals. So, we’ve prepared this guide specifically for such situations to help you make the right choice when picking the best cannabis business social networks.

So, if you are looking for marijuana social media platforms with like-minded individuals, you will find the following selection helpful.

Grasscity Forum

It is one of the oldest social communities dedicated to marijuana. Initially, it was about growing cannabis. But then it expanded and now includes numerous topics and forums about everything related to cannabis. While more sites like Grasscity have sprouted up over time, Grasscity has maintained its leading position as the best cannabis social network for most potheads.

Now it is one of the largest forums, and if you want to find information and news on cannabis — this is your best option. The cannabis business social network boasts of more than 600,000 registered members who discuss a wide range of topics online ranging from smoking tips, edibles, CBD, product reviews and discussions, tinctures, and more.


Unquestionably, it is one of the greatest specialized cannabis social networks. This platform is designed to connect cannabis professionals with peers, investors, and resources. It is a global business network for the cannabis industry that allows you to connect with cannabis businesses and professionals, as well as develop partnerships worldwide.

Leafwire is by far the most popular cannabis B2B social network that people actually use. The platform has a sleek interface and is very user-friendly. You can connect with other professionals in the cannabis industry, find business opportunities, learn about new cannabis companies, and get access to resources. Leafwire also allows you to connect with investors and raise capital for your business. The platform has a built-in investor search engine that makes it easy to find investors that match your criteria.


WeedTube is a social media network and a secure content platform that supports marijuana and defies government censorship. The YouTube-like website is a safe haven for cannabis content creators who have faced discrimination and demonetization from YouTube.

The platform was created in 2018 by a group of cannabis YouTubers who were fed up with the lack of tolerance for their content on YouTube. Since then, WeedTube has become one of the most popular social platforms for content creators in the cannabis world. The platform now has over 1 million monthly active users and is growing rapidly. The website is a great place to develop partnerships and find cannabis videos, including product reviews, educational content, comedy, and more. WeedTube also has a forum where users can discuss all their concerns about cannabis.


This network is relatively new in the marijuana community (started in 2013), but it is best known among weed smokers, and new users are signing in every day. So, this platform is up-and-coming, and it is reasonable to check it.

The platform publishes news, videos, articles, and information about other cannabis businesses, products, etc. So, this is an excellent source of data on various topics like growing marijuana and finding new dispensaries and also a community to share your experience and thoughts with.

Even though this platform should still be improved, it is also handy for business. You can create a private page of your business or present yourself as an owner and post anything you want. People get a possibility to react to your posts and share them.

Registering on the platform is free for businesses and users. While WeedLife is explicitly made for consumers and typical users, its sister site, MJlink, is a b2b-based network.


This website allows you to share information and follow other members. One of the distinctive features of the platform is the possibility to shop right from it, look out for the local dispensaries, and find out new products. The platform also has a dedicated LIVE section where it offers insights into new cannabis products and guides you in finding the right products based on your lifestyle.

It is also suitable for private visitors and businesses who can create their profiles. It makes it easier for cannabis users to connect with their preferred cannabis brands and friends in an easy and enjoyable experience. It is a great option for promoting your website and making it more visible.


This marijuana social network is among the largest in the industry. The site has an app available on App Store and Google Play. You will be able to connect with numerous members of the cannabis business community worldwide through stories and videos that make it easy to connect and network. If you are lucky, you could also find your perfect match here.

This app reminds us of other popular social networks like Instagram, Tinder, and Twitter. And it is entirely marijuana-friendly!

Bud Hubz

It is the best platform if you are looking for new places to purchase cannabis. It reminds us of Foursquare, where other users leave their reviews and feedback. You can find dispensaries, shops, and doctors in one place.

It is a great cannabis business social network to find buddies and get recommendations from the specialists in your area. It is entirely free, so you can check it out right now.

The platform also provides a faster one-click way to include your cannabis venture in its offerings. All you need to do is sign up, and you will be presented with information on cannabis-related ventures in your location. Or, you can choose your travel destination city, connect with pot lovers or CBD influencers living in the city and then book accommodation right on the site. Perhaps that is why they refer themselves to a ‘social weedia’ company!

MJ Mary Jane

Are you looking for all-things cannabis? Well, what about trying MJ Mary Jane? If you visit this website, you’ll see that this is just Pinterest for marijuana. You can pin posts and photos you like. Here you will find hundreds of recipes, instructions, videos, etc. They also have a convenient app so you can look for information any time you want. It is also completely free, and you can rate other users’ posts. The platform has a built-in editing tool to help you take the clearest and most crisp cannabis pictures.

Besides, there are various unique categories that you can explore and choose the right one to connect with other like-minded cannabis enthusiasts around the world. However, one of the main features that users love is finding different marijuana shops near you, which is a great feature for cannabis business owners to efficiently sell their products to targeted consumers.

420 Singles

While there exist marijuana social networks, there started to pop-up various dating platforms. 420singles.com is a great platform suitable for every cannabis lover. It can help you find a partner not only locally but also worldwide.

Their app is very similar to Tinder. Swipe left or right to demonstrate your relation to a certain person. The app is free, and you can download it from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Try it out if you are looking for another pothead near you.

High There

This app is like a representation of all your best social media platforms, but with a touch of cannabis. We could call it a cannabis social media platform! It is also free and available on main platforms. You can find like-minded people from all over the world, and you can also find a partner who will share similar interests.

It is a unique cannabis business social network site that offers several social networking opportunities to its users, such as career advice and investing, cannabis blogs, and secure connections to fellow cannabis enthusiasts and professionals.

With a mass of engaging cannabis content and knowledge, High There will leave you questioning your past beliefs concerning this plant. While it started as a dating app, the platform has, for the past years, pivoted to create niche groups of cannabis entrepreneurs, growers, enthusiasts, budtenders, and every group in between.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for love or friendship; the app can find what you are looking for.


If you are in the cannabis industry, you definitely need to know about various top cannabis social networks that can help your business expand. There are numerous tactics one can use to get higher positions in SERP and make their business more visible.

If you want to get help from professionals, contact a MjSEO agency, an experienced team that knows how to work in the cannabis industry and effectively promotes the website. They work with business identity and follow the goals of each particular owner.

WeddCircles is a great business website for marijuana. It looks similar to LinkedIn and has similar functions. It is free to join, and you can find numerous businesses and shops and is a great cannabis social media network for pot lovers.

To develop your business, create a page with information about it and add all the contact data. This allows you to connect with other company owners and entrepreneurs as well as find new potential customers.


This network is perfect if you are looking for information. It is a great database of strains, types, and so on. One can also find friends and a like-minded community here. So, if you are looking for a place to feel completely open and free, this platform is for you.

There is also a possibility to ask questions and give answers if you know the topic well. If you are a business owner, use this function to let more people know about you. This information is also crucial to consumers who want to understand the marijuana world.

Besides, the platform offers recommendations on the best dispensaries in your area, and you can also get advice from professionals on this site, such as cannabis growers experts.

Another essential feature of this platform is that business owners can carry out transactions on the site since it uses blockchain to ensure transparency in their financial transactions. It also has an online currency called PerksCoin!

There are more than 400,000 visitors every month, and it is pretty simple to find new followers there. It is a perfect weed social network platform for outreach social media marketing for dispensaries.

It is a comparatively new weed social media network aimed at experts in the cannabis business community. These professionals include traders, growers, distributors, vendors, manufacturers, and other parties associated with the cannabis niche. Outreach SEO works well on new platforms and allows a business to increase its visibility.

It is also an excellent place for those looking for a like-minded community. One can find news, articles, videos, and other information there. With the MJLink platform, you don’t need Facebook or Google to advertise your business to your target audience. The website is similar to others, so there will be no difficulties using it.

420 Magazine Forum

The 420 Magazine has a forum that is quite active. It is a great place to connect not only with cannabis lovers but also with business owners. Don’t miss the opportunity to let more people know about you. It works great when trying to find more customers and make your business more popular.

There are various forums with numerous discussion topics that range from science, medicine, hemp, entertainment, activism, and more. So, if you are an expert on some issue, don’t hesitate to participate in a discussion. This will also create a good reputation for you among cannabis lovers and fellow business owners.

There is also a section where users can create their customized space, add various media types, and market their products and strains to a broader market. This platform makes social media marketing more lively and authentic.

To Wrap up

Cannabis business social networks provide a unique opportunity for marijuana businesses to market their brands to their targeted users. They also offer a rich repository of information and data crucial for anyone who wants to learn more about the cannabis industry.

These weed social networks are by no means the only ones in the industry. We have also covered some big players exhaustively, like Leafly and Weedmaps, in our Leafly or Weedmaps comparison guide. Please check it out.

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