15 Best Cannabis YouTube Channels in 2024

15 Best Cannabis YouTube Channels in 2024

Since the positive verdict on legalization, cannabis has grown to become a hot topic, product, and culture in the world. As of 2024, the prospect of the cannabusiness looks positive, despite it having a long way to go. Even though cannabis has been around for ages, information regarding it is new.

That’s why today we bring you a list of the best YouTubers. These channels range from business to growth experts, giving you premium content for free. The stigma regarding cannabis is still at large, but the best weed YouTube channels can help you overcome it and stay connected to the vibrant digital community.

We have curated a list of the best YouTube channels of 2024 who will take you on a ride through the vibrant cannabis culture. Thus, whether you’re a grower or an enthusiast, sit back and launch the best YouTube weed channels to keep yourself updated on the latest cannabis industry events!

Our list includes, but is not limited to, channels that cover medical cannabis, the culture, growing marijuana, the free movement, and cultivation! So, without any further ado, let’s find out who the best weed YouTubers of 2024 are!

Cannabis Talk 101

Subscribers: 5.83K

Topics: Industry Trends, Financial Information, News

What’s a better way to kick off the list than with a cannabis YouTube channel which covers it all? Cannabis Talk 101 is heaven for enthusiasts seeking to learn more. Set up in 2016, the page has accumulated 843,832 views to date. While their reach may look discouraging, we promise it’s not. Due to their wide domain, they cover aspects like the news, the positive impact of the plant, breaking the stereotype related to free the cannabis movement, cannabis industry events, trends, etc.

Thus, if you’re a beginner looking to accumulate information on cannabis, this is one of the best weed YouTube channels to go for.

Cannabis Training University

Subscribers: 26.9K

Topics: Growing , Business Setup, Jobs

Cannabis Training University is one of the best cannabis YouTube channels for enthusiasts who aspire to set up a business. This YouTube channel provides instructional growing techniques using a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to grow weed. Additionally, it also offers strain reviews, shares news stories, and keeps you updated on the newer methods of cannabis cultivation being developed each day. The channel, set up in 2010, has accumulated over 3 million views in the last few years. You can find a list of extremely engaging how-to videos on their website to get started!

If you’re looking to start a cannabusiness, this channel must be your go-to! Alternatively, Cannabis Training University is also one of the best cannabis YouTube channels that can help you search for jobs in the industry!

Growers Network

Subscribers: 195K

Topics: Cannabusiness, Growing and Cultivation, Culture

The Growers Network is a collective that launched the channel in 2016. Since then, it has accumulated over 17 million in viewership due to their sheer commitment to the community. With two resounding projects, the channel disburses everything you would need to know about growing cannabis.

Canna Cribs is one of the shows about growing weed where these weed YouTubers take a deep dive into the industrial process. They document steps including propagation, vegetation, curing, trimming, etc., along the full life cycle of the marijuana plant.

On the other hand, Deep Roots is a show dedicated to exploring the culture and its background. You can get to learn about the history of weed, cultural associations, streamlining marijuana use, how the community is breaking old notions regarding the plant, and much more.

Cannabis Heute

Subscribers: 54K

Topics: Cannabis politics; freedom to use; focused on Germany

Cannabis Heute is since 2004 an excellent German YouTube channel that offers valuable information about the medical and recreational use of cannabis. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including the history of cannabis, medical research, and the legal status of cannabis in Germany. The history section of the channel is particularly interesting, with stories about the ancient use of cannabis in various cultures, the impact of cannabis prohibition, and the resurgence of the cannabis industry in recent years.

The content is presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand. The host is knowledgeable and engaging, making the videos even more enjoyable to watch. Overall, Cannabis Heute is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about the plant and its potential applications.

Terpy Highs

Subscribers: 93.2K

Topics: Cultivation, Processing, Equipment

Terpy Highs started filming in 2014 and has seen stunning growth since then. We think it’s one of the best weed-growing YouTube channels out there. The account has amassed over 6.9 million viewers due to its quality content. What do they bring to the table? Cold and hard facts.

The cannabis-related videos on this page deal with cultivation, plants, and types, strain reviews, growing weed, and indoor and outdoor growing techniques. The channel is hosted by a professional grower and is the perfect one if you’re an aspirational cannabis grower. Follow them and learn the best and most revolutionary methods of cannabis cultivation.

Growing Exposed

Subscribers: 111K

Topics: Growing, Culture, Community Trends

Since its inception in 2015, Growing Exposed has educated roughly 9.6 million viewers on YouTube. The channel talks about users, legal cannabis, the cannabis world, marijuana tips, and honestly all things cannabis. Growing Exposed has a diverse range of cannabis content starting from growing cannabis, to interviews with professionals, and tradeshows for the cannabis community!

If you’re a weed lover looking for what’s hot in the community, this is one of the best weed YouTube channels in 2024 to start your journey with! However, we also think professionals can get quality information and major takeaways into industry trends from Growing Exposed!

Coral Kamstra-Brown

Subscribers: 115K

Topics: Cannabis Lifestyle & Culture, Weed Community

Coral Kamstra-Brown is a YouTuber who started filming out of a passion for weed in 2008. Since then, the channel has accumulated an astounding 11 million views! This channel will keep you updated regarding the hottest trends in the industry. Anything you might want to know about the culture, you’ll find it here.

Jump on to this channel and build yourself the perfect cannabis lifestyle you always wanted. We recommend viewing this channel by playlists. The assortment is divided according to relevant topics!

Silenced Hippie

Subscribers: 531K

Topics: Cannabis Related Illness, Support, Alleviate Human Suffering

The Silenced Hippie is one of the most prominent stoner YouTubers. Even though the page has been taken down twice, it still prevailed. The uniqueness of this channel is what makes it one of the best weed channels on YouTube. Since 2014, the page has amassed over 43 million views. The playlists on the page are thematic and discuss elements like smoke sessions, art for cannabis enthusiasts, yoga, well-being, music, and much more.

Following the Silenced Hippie can be exceedingly beneficial for seizure patients, and other people with medical conditions which require legal marijuana as a method of recourse. We think this channel is adding to the free cannabis movement in a subtle yet brilliantly candid way.

Bubblegum’s World

Subscribers: 144K

Topics: Industry Trends, Culture, Digital Canna Community

Bubblegum’s World is a personal, fun, light-hearted channel for those who want to be involved in cannabis culture. With roughly 19.8 million views and an assortment of hip playlists, we think this qualifies as a top cannabis influencer in 2022. From macro photos to videos, Bubblegum’s World is loaded with news and information on the easy-going lifestyle. You’ll find marijuana tips, reviews, etc.

If you’re setting out on your cannabis journey, following this weed YouTuber can make it a much safer one. We recommend the channel to high-school/college students and beginners using weed!


Subscribers: 164K

Topics: Culture, Lifestyle, Trends, News

One of the best weed YouTube channels in 2024, tokinGLX takes you on a ‘trip’. You can get all kinds of information from this page including how to grow marijuana videos, a few live streams here and there, different kinds of cannabis products, etc. However, tokinGLX has more to offer as it also is one of the most highly anticipated talk shows amongst its followers. It releases an episode called ‘tokin daily’ which is a must-follow if you plan to hop on to this channel!

Our review of the channel is that it’s super informative. We found a lot of information on products, the positive impact of marijuana use, and cannabis culture videos. All in all, the cannabis content on this channel is a gateway to unlimited knowledge for cannabis consumers irrespective of their demographics.

Legalization News

Subscribers: 37.2K

Topics: Industry Trends, Affordable, and Legal Cannabis

Legalization News is one of the best channels for people who are willing to get into the canna-business. It has videos related to everything that’s going on in the industry, including but not limited to medical marijuana, the community, industry events, the stance of the US Federal Government on cannabis, etc. Additionally, the channel also brings in short news stories, ways to create a business using legal cannabis, and much more.

With a viewership of roughly 2 million since 6th February 2018 (tie of inception), this channel is one that’s very direct. It entertains open and honest conversations regarding cannabis and offers informational cannabis content of the highest order. Thus, we recommend it to those looking out for a cannabis education crash course for setting up a business.

GreenGrowth CPAs

Subscribers: 14.3K

Topics: Business, Finance, and Strategy, Marijuana Industry

This team of weedtubers is unique in all its might. They are a team of CPAs engrossed in the cannabis business. Whether you are one of the consumers or people interested in growing weed, they’ve got the right advice for everyone. Established in 2018, GreenGrowth CPA has reached out to a considerable viewership of 657K in this niche segment of weed YouTube.

The channel mostly talks about market analysis, industry trends, updates, the latest news, the cannabis community, etc. If you need the latest news nug on weed, GreenGrowth CPAs will have it for you. In our opinion, any entrepreneur looking to set up a cannabis business must follow this channel now.

Cannabis Tech

Subscribers: 2.16K

Topics: Industry Trends, Innovation, Technology

Even though the follower count on this channel may not be high, underestimating it would be a big mistake. We think it’s an offbeat channel with great potential to cater to a niche audience in the industry. Soon, they might become the best weed YouTubers. Since 2017, the channel has had a viewership of over 146K. It talks about all things cannabis and takes a rather 21st-century approach to the whole conversation.

The reason we’ve put it on this list is that it’s different. The amalgamation of cannabis and technology is still a space that’s yet to be explored. Not only can this channel inform you of the latest industry news and trends in this niche, but it also significantly helps new cannabis business owners get creative!

Thus, delve into the beautiful world of cannabis and explore the world of legal weed, the many medicinal properties of the plant, industry events, and much more!

RuffHouse Studios

Subscribers: 693K

Topics: Lifestyle, Culture, How-to Videos

RuffHouse Studios has been around since 2007. The immensely informational content available on this channel has helped it amass a viewership of over 84 million! We think it deserves the badge of being one of the best weed YouTube channels of 2024.

You’ll find whatever you want to know about cannabis here. There’s no better way to become a part of the digital canna community than to follow RuffHouse Studios. Starting from how-to videos, marijuana tips and tricks, cultivation, strain reviews, straight-to-cannabis growing techniques, cannabis news, and weed-related entertainment, this channel has it all.

Thus, if you’re willing to hop on the bandwagon, RuffHouse Studios is where you must be at! Enjoy as they share news stories and engage you with stellar podcasts!

That High Couple

Subscribers: 141K

Topics: Culture, Lifestyle, Digital Community

That High Couple joined YouTube in 2015 and kicked off their journey into the brilliant world of cannabis. Since then, the channel has amassed over 12 million in viewership. It’s a perfect gateway for those who are diving into the spectacularly serene world of cannabis.

That High Couple plays a major role in making cannabis cool and adding to the free cannabis movement. Their quirky challenges and exciting videos centered on weed are the perfect match for those who want a dose of light-hearted, educational, and mainstream, cannabis media!


The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace. After the legalization of marijuana in various countries worldwide, it has become the centerpiece of multiple new entertainment businesses. It is also a major reason for tourist attraction. Furthermore, marijuana is now being used in pioneering treatments for previously incurable diseases! Thus, if you’re someone who likes the cannabis lifestyle, then these 14 YouTube channels can help you take a deep dive into the culture.

So, get on to it right now. Explore the cannabis world and fuel your cannabusiness passion. Find out new information every day and stay engaged with the vibrant community of weed consumers worldwide. Learn the new developments in the industry, hop on to an episode of the cannabis connoisseur connection, take your daily news nug of the marijuana tips, or learn the exceeding benefits of weed’s cancer-fighting properties, on the best weed YouTube channels in 2024. Stay high, and stay happy!

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