The Best CBD Dropshipping Companies in 2024

The Best CBD Dropshipping Companies in 2024

Dropshipping has become a staple for multiple entrepreneurs worldwide. The model has proven itself to be a credible one. That’s why it’s no wonder that the cannabusiness industry took it up like hot cake.

With the challenges of producing CBD, dropshipping has taken a front seat in the industry. It goes without saying that the way CBD dropshipping companies are bridging gaps in the market is stellar.

Taking our cue from this, today, we’ll be talking about the best CBD dropship suppliers of 2024. We’ll be looking into the basics like company information, history, and niche, alongside their product categories and any other industry verticals they might represent.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into what exactly CBD dropshipping is and what the best businesses are. This list of ours will include dropshipping stores, suppliers, and even eCommerce platforms!

What is CBD Dropshipping?

Before you understand how CBD dropshipping works, you must know what it is. CBD (full form: Cannabidiol) is a hemp extract that has several health benefits. Leading research surrounding CBD suggests that it is beneficial for relieving anxiety and depression.

Most brands produce CBD products as calming agents for pets and humans alike. They are also capable of helping people with a history of epilepsy and seizures.

Now, coming to the main question – What is CBD dropshipping? It’s simply the method used by companies in the cannabusiness space to dropship CBD products. In this model, the CBD business or dropshippers don’t need to maintain any stock.

Instead, they focus on marketing the products of a supplier on platforms like Shopify. Once an order comes in, they directly send the order details to the seller/manufacturer. The CBD dropshipping supplier then sends the required product to the customer directly.

Best CBD Dropshipping Companies in 2024

For us to make a list of the best dropshipping companies of 2024, we had numerous factors to consider. We took into account the primary objective of these companies, the kind of products and services they may be offering, and the way they are changing and adding to the CBD dropshipping landscape. Hence, without any delay, let’s jump right into the heart of it all!

Smoke Drop

Smoke Drop is a Shopify-listed CBD dropshipper that integrates itself as a Shopify app allowing you to sell smoke, vape, and other products. The eCommerce platform is super helpful if you’re looking to set up your own CBD dropshipping business.

It allows you to quickly list all the necessary products. As of now, some of the top products of Smoke Drop include Hemper, a brand offering premium glass and daily essentials for smoking; Honeybee Herb, a shop for quartz bangers, dab tools, carb caps, etc.

Smoke Drop is on its way to adding multiple brands. Some of the best dropshippers they have on board are Puffco, Syndicate, Greenlane, etc. Thus, you can get an array of products from this store itself. Or, you can also reach out to top CBD dropshipping suppliers and set up your own business.


Spocket is again one of the reading platforms featuring an extensive range of the best dropship CBD products. We think this brand is one of the best CBD dropshippers because it offers products like body butter, polish, oil, muscle balm, etc.

The store has a couple of USA-based suppliers. However, this store is continuously adding new suppliers to the mix. Additionally, Sprocket also provides dropshippers an extensively high margin of profit (ranging between 30% – 40%) for most of its products.

The business offers an automated dropshipping system that you can use to import product images, descriptions, and details, directly to your website with a single click. Out of all the dropshippers around, Sprocket is one offering high-quality products. The current CBD dropshipping supplier for the brand is Orchid Strawberry which ships within 1-3 days.

Headshop Drop

Headshop Drop is one of the most unique businesses in the CBD dropshipping space. It is a premium product sourcing service that can be used by CBD dropshippers actively. It is operated by OneWholesale who are well known in the market.

They are one of the most reputed CBD dropshipping websites that lists an array of smoking supplies. The firm has 13 years of experience in the field and is dedicated to wholesale and dropshipping.

Headshop Drop offers a collection of the most stunning quality-oriented smoking products with a good profit margin. The warehousing center is located in Canada. However, the shop actively ships to the US. It is currently integrated with Shopify.


Syncee is a newer brand in the CBD dropshippers space. However, it has quickly established itself as one of the best dropshippers in the market.

The company features pre-vetted local suppliers for CBD oil dropshipping. With Syncee, you can quickly categorize suppliers and products. It makes searching for what you need easier.

Additionally, on Syncee, you also get a list of the top suppliers on the website. To add credibility, there are ratings and reviews along with supplier descriptions. You can pick and choose the supplier you want to work with and automate the entire process. The best part about Syncee is that you get access to global shipping opportunities.


Modalyst is the perfect alternative to Syncee. In case you are facing issues with Syncee, Modalyst must be your next go-to. It is an automated dropshipping platform with a listing of 4,000+ products. The product categories at Modalyst are diverse and include tinctures, gummies, edibles, etc.

Modalyst has tie-ups with multiple white-label CBD dropshipping brands on its platform. This gives them a sweet edge in the market.

The reason we like Modalyst so much is that it has a serious amount of reach. This CBD dropshipper has managed to bring multiple niche suppliers who focus on quality into a single space. It is a delight to consumers just as it is to aspiring dropshippers. Customers get access to a diverse portfolio of premium-quality products at affordable prices.

For an aspiring dropshipper, Modalyst is the perfect place to get their economies of scale from.

Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth is a bespoke drop shipping brand that has products across multiple categories including Face, Body, Men’s, Hemp, and CBD. Their portfolio features products that are related to essential care for your skin and body.

You can find facial cleansers, rubs, face washes, etc. Additionally, they also dropship hemp products like hydration creams, facial cleansers, etc.

However, that’s not all. Sweet Earth also helps you create your own white-label CBD dropshipping brand. It is one of the top CBD dropshipping companies that offer wholesale as well. You can place orders using SaleHoo or you can connect with them via Shopify. To purchase in bulk, however, you’ll need to create a wholesale account with them using your company EIN and company name.

Puffing Bird

Puffing Bird dropship is one of the best CBD dropshipping websites in Asia. It has over four years of experience in this industry and is the top alternative to AliExpress. This CBD dropshipping company offers 1,000+ SKUs including pipes, grinders, and other unique accessories.

Using their Shopify app is super easy. It also allows you to use the best features like real-time inventory mapping, automated fulfillment, and order tracking. The company was established in 2018 and has served 100k+ customers since then, globally. It mainly offers glassware for consumers with specific aesthetics and style.

Puffing Bird is positioned in the market as a business for CBD dropshipping suppliers; however, it has numerous benefits for customers as well. The array of suppliers on this website is so diverse that you can find what you’re looking for in no time.

Alternatively, we believe Puffing Bird has the space for more products and businesses focusing on CBD oil dropshipping.

LongLeaf Provisions

LongLeaf Provisions is a CBD dropshipper that focuses on tinctures, topicals, tonics, beauty & personal care products. However, LongLeaf also has a record in the industry for making edibles and oils for pets.

The firm is essentially based in North Carolina and has retail stores as well. It makes it easy for resellers to connect with LogLeaf and also adds a layer of credibility to this hemp dropshipping business.

CBD Universe

It is one of the best CBD dropshipping suppliers in the market. They offer quite a range of products and can help you set up a store in no time with their CBD dropshipping program.

In addition to this, CBD Universe also has a unique proposition for being a store that manufactures its own products. Therefore, the profit margin of their CBD dropshipping program will be higher for you.

For customers, the supplier has the widest array of unique items to choose from. As one of the few CBD oil companies that dropship, this store is a top pick for us.

US Hemp Wholesale

This site is a CBD dropshipping supplier that provides dropshipping and wholesale services. Thus, if you’re looking to set up your own dropshipping business, there is none better than US Hemp Wholesale.

Additionally, the brand has a slightly high shipping cost as compared to others. But, we found that the price is worth the premium shipping service they offer. It could easily help you create a white-label CBD dropshipping brand.

How to Choose the Right CBD Dropshipper?

When you’re heading into the vibrant space of dropshipping, you must check various things when it comes to choosing the right CBD dropshipper. As we have discussed, many of these firms themselves are both dropshippers and suppliers.

Alternatively, many are hosting dropshipping platforms while still being a D2C consumer channel. So, in this diverse industry, what are the few things that can always help you make the right choice? Let’s take a look:

  • Whether it’s a CBD dropshipping supplier or a dropshipper, always look for their information. A CBD dropshipping supplier will have their own info. However, check the supplier info on each of their product listings.
  • Check that the CBD being sold to you is legal. There are laws that regulate these products according to FDA approvals. So, checking this is essential.
  • Shipment and warehousing are other necessary factors you must check. Whether or not the shipment is coming from a long way is important to assess the quality degradation of the products over time. For instance, a sensitive product will never be good if it is coming from a long way.

Key Takeaways

After checking the list of top dropshippers in 2024, one can assume that the business is growing at a lightning-fast pace. The list is not exhaustive and it includes a 360-degree overview of how CBD dropshipping works.

Further, keep in mind that some of the best CBD dropshipping suppliers also host bespoke stores in the US. Further, we strongly recommend doing your own research before heading to an online store to get yourself any product. In this way, you will get products that are legal and of high quality.

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