How to Start a CBD Business in 2024?

How to Start a CBD Business in 2024?

The world has been in a CBD craze since the discovery of its medicinal properties. Everyone with basic hemp knowledge wants to use the CBD business as a gateway from poverty. Who wouldn’t want to try it anyway? It’s deemed excellent, has numerous benefits, and has the potential to revolutionize the health industry’s methods of dealing with several diseases.

Nevertheless, a lot more goes into understanding how to start a CBD business than finding the product and displaying it in an overly decorated van or display window.

How big is the CBD market size?

The CBD business debuted in the medical world back in 2013. At that time, vendors were selling it to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and combat anxiety. Legal concerns regarding this product were the main issues restricting the growth of the CBD industry.

As more states legalized the use of this product for medicinal purposes, a significant chunk of individuals hopped into the CB bandwagon. Decriminalizing this product in various regions increased the product distribution while reducing the cost, thanks to easy availability.

By 2020, the CBD market size had grown from 0 to $4.6 billion. The leap resulted from the legalization of CBD-derived products in North American countries. Leading cannabis market researcher BDS analytics indicates the target market will grow steadily and hit a cap of about $15 billion by 2025.

The increase in CBD consumables is the driver that will achieve this projection. However, awareness regarding CBD benefits and the rise in product acceptance also contribute to the growth.

The billion-dollar CBD industry has had its fair share of setbacks, especially regarding advertisement. Business owners are not allowed to advertise it as a supplement. Instead, they are authorized to sell its benefits under the cover of a new drug under investigation.

Nevertheless, its benefits are luring more individuals to use it, especially since it doesn’t get them high.

10 steps to start a CBD business

Starting a CBD business can be nerve-wracking. This is especially true with CBD businesses since the niche is relatively new. Plenty goes into ensuring you set up the most profitable, generational CBD business. If you are looking for intel on starting a CBD business, here are 10 steps to starting a CBD business.

1. Understand the difference

Before picking a location, finding the right CBD products, or working through the legal requirements, it’s vital to know the difference between the available marijuana plants. There are three indigenous subspecies of Cannabis Sativa and over 700 strains resulting from hybrids.

However, industrial hemp is what manufacturers use to create CBD oil products because it contains less than 0.3% of THC, the high-effect component. Anyone in the US interested in hemp farming is permitted to grow and sell CBD products for industrial hemp use, thanks to the 2018 farm bill.

Two CBD oil extracts exist; the full spectrum and isolate versions. The results achieved depend on the extraction method used during the preparation process. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains most other cannabinoids found in the plant and the terpenes responsible for giving the plant flavor.

Isolate oil, on the other hand, goes through an intricate sifting process to ensure that only the CBD extract comes out as the final product. Before embarking on this journey, you should determine which of these variables is the most sought-after or beneficial.

2. Learn the legal obligations

Nothing is more disappointing than planning to set up a CBD business and putting everything in place only to discover some legal implications restrict you from moving forward. There’s the 2018 farm bill to deal with, so ensure you peruse through it to find out what is permitted and what’s not.

The federal government is still observing CBD and its benefits. As such, it is not considered a medicine or health supplement. Consequently, advertisements that go contrary to this stipulation will lead to apprehension.

Additionally, it’s a federal crime to sell CBD-infused food and drinks, so the importance of exhausting everything regarding the sale of this product can’t be overemphasized. This CBD industry is highly scrutinized, thanks to the multiple cannabis species available.

The government is always on high alert to ensure the right legal products make it to the public. Therefore, upholding federal regulations regarding the sale of CBD will ensure your business not only picks off but thrives.

You may also want to find what business structure works for you. The most sought-after are the sole proprietor and limited liability companies. However, corporations are also available. Because of the nature of this business, you want to use a structure that won’t be financially draining.

3. Create a business plan

Starting a hemp business without using a CBD business plan is a recipe for failure. The plan gives you insight into what you require, steps you should take, features to include, and other nitty-gritties essential for the success of your venture.

It would help if you had an elaborate plan to help you gain accurate predictions regarding your business’ success. Some vital features to include and questions to ask on the CBD business plan include:

  • Indicate your target audience – Who are the primary persons you want to target as CBD product consumers?
  • Capital sources – Who are the main individuals that will help you raise capital to run the business?
  • What is the overall cost to open a dispensary for CBD products?
  • What brand name will you use?
  • Do you want to open a sole proprietor or limited liability business?
  • What are the potential setbacks you might encounter?
  • How do you intend to market your products?
  • What CBD products do you want to sell?
  • If there are ongoing expenses, how do you intend to address them?
  • How much will your products cost?
  • What are the most profitable CBD products you want to include in your inventory?
  • What profit margins do you expect to achieve?
  • Do you intend to set up a brick-and-mortar business, an online one, or a merger of both?

Once these details are furnished, you know how to start a CBD business and have the essential information to move to the next step.

4. Find products you’ll enjoy selling

CBD business requires passion, as with other entrepreneurial ventures. It would be best if you had a deep-rooted interest that will help you identify with the products seamlessly. Multiple CBD products are in the market, so you might want to settle for a niche that suits your personality and interests.

Available consumables include CBD oils, topical beauty products, and gummies. These items include sprays, capsules, concentrates, vapes, edibles, ointments, and tinctures. Whatever CBD products you pick depend on the problem you want to solve.

Distributing items you are highly interested in helps you create the perfect content for your land-based or online CBD retail store. Convincing your clients to purchase multiple goods and come back for more isn’t challenging when there’s passion in the mix.

If you prefer helping individuals solve medical-related problems, your go-to option should be oral consumables, ointments, concentrates, and sprays. These alleviate pain and increase productivity and vitality in individuals with various conditions.

Beauty junkies should opt for tropical beauty products like lotions, lip balms, makeup, serums, and concentrates. The bottom line is to align your business with your interest to make it easier to help people that come to you for expert CBD help.

5. Discover organic advertisement options

As we have already established, advertising CBD oil benefits an individual’s health is illegal. However, you can’t also use regular advertisement options like any other online business. Finding a spot in major online stores can be a headache, thanks to the strict CBD regulations.

Paid advertisements warrant account suspension, so you can forget about using mainstream paid-ad platforms. Whether you want to go the old-fashioned way and set up a brick-and-mortar business or prefer the online version, your marketing strategy must be organic.

In-depth research about your clients’ shopping habits, preferences, and places they frequent will help you gain ground regarding marketing. If you opt for an online business, you should find the latest search engine trends that will bring buying clients to the site.

Offering discounts is another way you can attract more clients to your business. This option also gives you an edge against competition in the niche. Leverage on other variables that shoppers enjoy, like loyalty programs, to get them thinking about using your services.

And while CBD is legal in the US, you should understand stipulations regarding cross-state sales before you advertise to buyers in other states. Nevertheless, in-depth knowledge of easily available advertisement options will make it easier for you to maneuver the CBD industry.

6. Tax registration and bank account opening

When you start your CBD business, you should adhere to tax regulations. Every business operating within the US territory must pay taxes to the federal government. An employer identification number is vital for this process. This digit works the same as the social security number in identifying a business for tax reporting.

You can either check out the online IRS assistant for details on how to go about the registration process or visit the land-based offices in your region for more details. It’s worth noting that this identification number is essential in creating a bank account for the business.

With a federal tax identification, you can visit your most trusted bank and create an account for your business. The bank account allows you to receive money and conduct business-related transactions legally.

A CBD business account safeguards you from losing personal property and money if the business goes under. Using a business account also helps you create a good credit score, making it easy to secure loans or find investors if you want to expand the business.

You also give your accountant an easy time with tax filing when you use a business bank account. Settling for a bank that offers the friendliest services to small entrepreneurial ventures allows you to save on unnecessary banking payments.

The federal and state governments offer particular incentives to small CBD businesses, so you may want to check that out when getting your tax number.

7. Invest in branding

Branding is one of the most vital steps in attracting clients to your inventory when you start a business. It sets you apart from your competition and gives you an edge. Regardless of the benefits you’re selling, you should appealingly brand your goodies.

Using reusable packaging and eco-friendly containers is the right way to start. Work with decent designers who will help you develop a befitting logo for the business. Brand all your CBD products too.

Consider colors, design features, and images that clients prefer and blend them neatly. Whatever approach you choose for branding, ensure it has your print on it. You do not want to be a replica of any other CBD business, big or small.

8. Get the relevant permits and licenses

The most important aspect of doing business in the US is the availability of a permit. Without this document, you’ll endure endless crackdowns by the government on illegal vendors. Aside from the unsettling experience, you risk paying a hefty fine or closing your business if you do not have a permit.

A state license will work perfectly for your CBD business. You should find out if your state offers varying permits depending on the location and business variant. It’s worth noting that the business location matters when getting a license to sell CBD.

Zoning regulations determine areas that attract the highest-priced permits. So ensure you secure a convenient zone that doesn’t attract an expensive license. Premises with friendly property tax will work in your favor.

Liaise with the local government for intel on how to go about securing a permit for the business. Remember, these documents have an expiration date, so you might want to choose one with the most extended invalidity date to be on the safe side.

For this process, ensure you do everything by the book to avoid having a revoked permit. A canceled license can take you several steps behind, making you lose money and ground against your competition.

A certificate of occupancy is also mandatory for your business. Whether you want to lease a building or buy one, you must obtain this document. Most of the work regarding providing a certificate of occupancy is left to your landlord if you’re renting.

On the other hand, you must do all the heavy lifting to get a CO if you’re targeting buying a business premise. Ensure you exhaust all licensing aspects before moving your business into the location.

9. Insurance for your business

Accidents, calamities, and lawsuits are not uncommon in business settings. Some people who start a business are found unprepared in case of an unfortunate eventuality. Insurance for your business covers you from an array of mishaps that can have you starting from the bottom once again.

Whether it’s a fire or burglary, you do not want to dig deep into your pockets to get new inventory in such an accident, so invest in good insurance coverage.

Knowing the volatility of the CBD industry, it would be unwise not to get an insurance policy because of lawsuits. Sometimes the CBD products may not necessarily live up to the client’s expectations.

Consequently, you may find yourself facing a lawsuit. Rather than spend thousands of dollars settling such a dispute, the insurance company can step in and pay the bill on your behalf. It is equally possible to have them solicit outside court negotiations if you had purchased a cover from them.

Do your homework well and search for the most reliable small-business insurance companies before you start a CBD company or settle for a particular insurance company. You can start with a general liability cover if you do not have enough money to pay for an elaborate one. It’s affordable and convenient for small CBD businesses.

10. Work on the website or brick-and-mortar store

Finally, when opening a CBD store, work on shop aesthetics that will make your store appealing. Using the land-based store approach, you should create a neat space with easily accessible goods. Set up tester products where necessary and allow visitors to interact with your products freely.

If you choose to go online, create an appealing website for product display. Avail your products in varying sizes to allow clients to have a broad spectrum of items to pick from. Develop a seamless website with every useful detail that online shoppers generally require.

Provide trustworthy payment partners, shipping services, FAQs, and a beautiful interface worth checking out. Thanks to advanced tech tools, you can create a website without the help of an experienced web developer.

But, you must ensure it’s compatible with various mobile operating systems and desktop machines.

How much does it cost to start a CBD business?

Starting your CBD business can be cheap or expensive, depending on the business size. Scaling down on the non-essential features can make your startup process less costly. If you’re looking to sell CBD-infused goods, here is a breakdown of how much you will spend before the business is up and running.

Item Min Cost Max Cost
LLC and Corporation set up $50 $500
Application fee $1000 $1000
License fee $2500 $9600
Inventory $8000 $50000
Web hosting $40 $500
Leasing cost $1250 $3500
Packaging $16 $100
Insurance $500 $5000
Total $13,356 $70,200

How much you spend on variables like CBD inventory, leasing, and packaging depends on what you have at your disposal. However, with at least $13,356 in your account, you can easily open a CBD store on and offline.

Of course, the price increases as you increase the number of additional items to make your business stand out. Store décor, marketing, amount of inventory, insurance, branding, and content creation are some of the additions that can scale your budget higher. Hiring employees is another factor that can increase your startup fee even more.

What do you need to promote your CBD business?

Promoting your CBD businesses is mandatory. Setting up a stellar shop and offering the most trusted CBD products is not enough to bring awareness to your target audience regarding your inventory. Advertising can be tricky, but you can use alternative options to create awareness. Here are some methods to make your company known to the public.


Marketing using an influencer is a safe way to get the word about your CBD products. Finding the perfect influencer could distinguish between a struggling and thriving CBD online business. If you have enough money to spend on an influencer, you can pick one out of the myriad of bigwigs on the internet.

However, you should consider using less renowned influencers to advertise CBD on Facebook if you have a limited budget. They may not have leverage on millions of followers online, but they have contact with the ones that follow them.

Niche-specific influencers are more likely to convince the crowd to get your products than broad-spectrum ones. If you get one who wants to start a CBD business in the future, they will have an even easier time garnering clients.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been trending for the past few years, thanks to its effectiveness in achieving results. It’s a low-risk investment that allows you to pay marketers for their effort. Inevitably, affiliate marketers will work extra hard to get a significant following on their side.

Email marketing

When you’re thinking of starting a CBD business, communicating directly with prospective clients is the way to go. Some individuals require a little more convincing, which can’t be achieved through broad marketing. Sending a personalized email with detailed information on what CBD products you have on sale and their benefits could quickly get the message across.

Email marketing provides a personalized touch, allowing prospectives to ask questions and collaborate privately with the support team for help.

Customer testimonials

Providing testimonials from other clients enjoying the benefits of CBD products is another way to get more people on your bandwagon. Customers want to know other people have tested your goodies and have seen tremendous change.

Take advantage of your social page and website for this purpose. Genuinely ask your current consumers to give a review of their experience with CBD products, then post this information on your website. You will be surprised how much leverage you will get from such a move.

Content marketing

When it comes to CBD marketing campaigns, you have to make an effort to attract a following. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to use content marketing. Your blog section is available for a reason. Use it to talk about the benefits of your in-store products.

Take your time to exhaust each item on the shelves before moving to the next. Content marketing goes hand in hand with SEO optimization to create awareness about various things.

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization is the tactical strategy writers use in their content to help your business appear on the first page of a search engine. They use the right keywords that internet users frequently use in their search to achieve this result.

Minimizing keywords will put you on the back page while your competition gets the spotlight. Flooding the piece with keywords can get you flagged as spam by Google and other top search engines.

The key is to find a balance and use it to your advantage. You can hire CBD SEO services from experts to achieve notable results quickly.

Buyers live for moments when they can access ridiculous price discounts on items they’ve wanted to buy. If you can offer discounts, use this angle in your marketing strategy. Whether you use influencers, affiliate marketing, or SEO optimization, include this information to increase your chances of seeing significant results.

The most prominent offer that can lure in plenty of members to your CBD businesses is the welcome discount. This is a sure way of attracting new members to your community. As for your existing clients, you can offer them freebies to appreciate their business every once in a while. It’s an effective customer relationship method you don’t want to ignore.


So, here we go! Setting up a CBD business shouldn’t be too challenging if you follow the recommended steps. The secret to a successful venture is to use the proper channels to get everything from licenses to inventory, funding, and space.

Whoever you want to bring aboard should have in-depth knowledge of CBD products and be passionate about CBD. Do not shy away from starting small if you have limited finances. And, remember to get a reliable insurance cover for the business to cushion yourself from unprecedented eventualities.

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