How to Find the Best CBD and Cannabis Keywords for Your Business?

How to Find the Best CBD and Cannabis Keywords for Your Business?

Every day, users are looking for CBD and cannabis products on the Internet. And the most important assistants in this are search engines and CBD keywords that they analyze to provide users with the sites that match the search query. The higher your site in the SERP is, the more likely it is that a user will visit it.

This is what has led to the appearance of SEO copywriting, which is the creation of unique content with the presence of cannabis keywords that the user will type looking for a specific canna product or service. Of course, many other factors influence the position of a site in a search engine: getting quality backlinks, domain age, behavioral factors, traffic, trust, etc. Taking into consideration that the CBD business has plenty of specifics, it is essential to know how to select and introduce CBD keywords in the right way. And we are going to help you with this.

Why Do You Need to Use SEO Keywords?

Keywords are the tool with which you can describe your site, based on which the search engines will include it in the SERP. With the proper use of keyword phrases, together with the introduction of well-thought-out SEO and marketing strategies, businesses can promote their websites to top positions. This seems quite easy. However, it is not so, especially taking into account that you might have a CBD e-commerce website, dispensary site, or another cannabis-related platform.

Properly found and introduced keywords for dispensary and cannabis-related businesses will bring the following benefits:

  • They will be used to promote the resource and increase sales.
  • The semantic core of the site is a connected structure of phrases and words, not just their random collection. They cover as many different user requests as possible, therefore, your site will be displayed for all the search queries you are interested in.
  • Properly selected keywords in the text help to work out the structure of the site and set up convenient internal navigation for users.
  • The semantic core is also necessary to get the website to the top of the search and to order contextual advertising, which helps to drive traffic to the site.

How to Do Keyword Research for CBD Websites?

In the majority of cases, the process of keywords research and selection might be narrowed down to checking SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, or other keyword research tools, as well as looking for possible topics of users’ interest on Google Trends. But when it comes to CBD SEO keywords, it is becoming tricky.

The CBD market is highly competitive. More so, there are plenty of legal aspects that need to be taken into account while launching a site and thinking over a promotional strategy that will not violate the terms of search engines, as well as the national and local legislation in force.

Therefore, to carry out the keyword research for CBD, it is necessary to use the commonplace tools. However, there are some specifics you need to pay attention to.

Search intent

Among the first parameters to be analyzed while selecting CBD keywords, search intent is essential. If the keyword used in the content does not match the intent of users, they will immediately close the site. This will be noticed by the search engine that will understand that your cannabis company site is irrelevant to the keywords present in the content. Thus, the ranking of your platform will be decreased. To better understand what you need to pay attention to, let us imagine a situation where you have got a blog to which you would like to attract readers. Eventually, the main intention is to turn readers into buying clients. So, you need to focus on the key phrases that serve signals that these users are ready to buy. Here are several examples:

  • “Best CBD oil” — this phrase is used by those who are interested in finding the best product among CBD oils, hence, the chance that this user is interested in purchasing is quite high.
  • What is CBD oil” — as you can see from the query, a user does not know what it is. Therefore, this user is interested in CBD oil, however, is definitely not ready to buy it. Attracting such users might be prospective in the long run — they might become buyers later.
  • “How long does cannabis stay in the body” — the person has already acquired marijuana elsewhere and needs information. There is even a probability that this user will not want to acquire cannabic products in the nearest time. It is a good keyword for a blog, not for a commercial page.

Informational blog pages are necessary to generate quality backlinks, which will increase your domain rating (DR). The higher DR your website has, the more value to your readers it will have. This will help you to demonstrate authority. So, when selecting CBD keywords for your project, always keep the search intent in mind and avoid using informational keywords for commercial pages and vice versa.

Search volume

This is a parameter based on the statistic of the search for particular key phrases. This seems really easy — it is just necessary to select the best CBD keywords with a high search volume, include them in the content, and your website will be ranked high. But everything is not that simple in SEO, especially if you are working in the cannabis niche.

CBD search volume

If you have decided to find high-volume keywords for cannabis, it is crucial to remember that they have the highest competition. And this refers not only to this niche. Therefore, using the most popular competitive KWs will not bring the desired results since you will face competition with experienced giants in the industry. On the other hand, choosing in favor of long-tail KWs is a better strategy since the rivalry is not that tough. This will not be the only solution to succeed in the cannabis industry.

Therefore, if you are really interested in the success of your project or enterprise, it is better to resort to professional CBD SEO services. Only an experienced specialist knowing the legal specifics and the competition in the cannabis niche will be able to determine the correct strategy, including the selection of keywords.

Keyword difficulty

Experts in the niche know how to select relevant cannabis SEO keywords that might help your project thrive, regardless of the general optimization rules. These phrases are quite rare, however, managing to find them will help you drive qualified leads.

These are the search terms with a high number of searches among users, meanwhile, their keyword-difficulty parameter is low. It is a rare and specific situation, but it might happen if you entrust the task to a real professional.

cbd keywords KD

Best Cannabis and CBD Keywords (2024 Updated)

The CBD keyword list that will work in your particular case is undeniably unique. We can outline several win-win phrases for which it is necessary to rank your website.

  • Brand name: The promotion of your brand is crucial. If a person is searching your website, there are still chances that the site of a competitor will appear higher in the SERP. Therefore, along with the top CBD keywords, do not ignore your brand. In this regard, it is crucial to create a name that will be catchy and easily associated with your activity. In this way, there will be a higher chance that it will be remembered by your clients.
  • Best or cheapest: A lot of consumers are looking for the products that are evaluated as the best or the cheapest. So, if you are working in e-commerce offering any kind of cannabis product, ranking for keyphrases “the best + product” and “cheap + product” is a good way to attract some traffic.
  • Buy phrases: Undeniably, if the request of the user contains the word “buy”, these are potential clients. Therefore, including “buy + product” or “order + service” in your target keywords is crucial for the ranking of your website.
  • Near me: This is particularly important for dispensaries and physical stores. If you are selling certain cannabis products and add them to the list of keywords for CBD products, you can add the phrase “near me” which will help you to attract local clients.

Further, we are going to provide you with some cannabis keywords list examples that might be useful. However, we would like to once again remind you that the cannabis industry has a lot of specifics, and if you are new to the field, it is better to avoid a DIY promotion.

SEO keywords for cannabis dispensaries

We have made a search of KWs associated with dispensaries for the American cannabis market. Here are the top-15 phrases with the highest volume per month:

Keyword Difficulty Volume Parent Keyword Global volume Traffic potential
dispensary near me 82 2150000 dispensary near me 2210000 1410000
dispensary 76 1110000 dispensary 1280000 156000
marijuana dispensary near me 84 129000 dispensary near me 133000 1400000
recreational dispensary near me 77 103000 dispensary near me 107000 704000
medical marajuana dispensary near me 84 68000 dispensary near me 68000 1350000
marijuana dispensary 90 68000 dispensary near me 75000 1420000
weed dispensary near me 85 67000 dispensary near me 78000 1350000
cannabis dispensary near me 86 66000 dispensary near me 78000 1350000
the dispensary 35 65000 dispensary 70000 157000
dispensary recreation 73 63000 dispensary recreation 63000 61000
medical dispensary near me 86 56000 dispensary near me 59000 704000
cannabis dispensary 85 50000 dispensary near me 57000 569000
dispensary near me open 69 33000 dispensary near me 39000 1360000
recreational dispensary 65 25000 dispensary near me 28000 789000
nearest dispensary 45 24000 dispensary near me 27000 790000

As you can see, the phrase “near me” is really often encountered when users are looking for dispensaries.

SEO keywords for CBD e-commerce websites

For CBD e-commerce sites, here are the top keywords associated with CBD:

Keyword Difficulty Volume Parent Keyword Global volume Traffic potential
cbd oil 92 1160000 cbd oil 1440000 351000
cbd 97 455000 cbd oil 1740000 201000
cbd gummies 90 358000 cbd gummies 449000 74000
cbd for dogs 55 62000 cbd for dogs 74000 13000
cbd store 74 50000 just cbd 57000 55000
cbd products 78 37000 buy cbd 52000 22000
cbd flower 64 37000 cbd flower 52000 42000
buy cbd 81 29000 buy cbd 37000 29000
cbd vape juice 62 23000 cbd vape juice 36000 10000
cbd cigarettes 43 22000 cbd cigarettes 27000 15000
cbd vape 60 22000 cbd pen 48000 29000
cbd vape pen 31 22000 cbd vape pen 32000 24000
cbd tincture 77 21000 cbd tincture 31000 23000
cbd stores 74 16000 cbdstore 17000 35000
full spectrum cbd oil 65 14000 full spectrum cbd oil 20000 9200

SEO keywords for Delta 8 THC

The final group of keywords, the examples of which we can provide you, is those related to Delta 8 THC. Here are the 15 most common phrases:

Keyword Difficulty Volume Parent Keyword Global volume Traffic potential
delta 8 72 668000 delta 8 thc 689000 575000
delta 8 thc 77 304000 delta 8 thc 318000 575000
delta 8 gummies 80 134000 delta 8 gummies 137000 54000
delta 8 near me 50 79000 delta 8 near me 79000 46000
delta 8 carts 68 70000 delta 8 carts 71000 94000
what is delta 8 66 69000 delta 8 thc 71000 575000
what is delta 8 thc 71 32000 delta 8 thc 33000 575000
delta 8 texas 29 30000 delta 8 thc texas 30000 18000
does delta 8 show up on a drug test 5 30000 does delta 8 show up on a drug test 30000 24000
delta 8 flower 48 27000 delta 8 flower 28000 19000
cake delta 8 13 20000 cake delta 8 20000 36000
delta 8 vs delta 9 55 20000 delta 8 vs delta 9 20000 21000
how long does delta 8 stay in your system 6 16000 how long does delta 8 stay in your system 16000 7200
delta 8 edibles 67 16000 delta 8 gummies 17000 35000
is delta 8 safe 43 13000 is delta 8 safe 14000 7400


CBD keyword search is difficult since not only SEO knowledge is necessary to make the right choice. It is crucial to be familiar with the local and national legislation in force, as well as to know how to find those unique phrases that will help your commercial or informative website (or both) rank high in the search engine. Entrusting this task to professionals is a recommended way to succeed.

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