SEO Tips for Cannabis Site

If you are the owner of a site that is at the TOP of search engine results, then you probably know why you need SEO. After all, most likely you got there with the help of this type of promotion. Therefore, this article is mostly for those who are currently trying to choose the most profitable and high-quality way to promote their web resource.

Why Do You Need SEO Website Promotion

So, you have created a website, published it, and started promoting. Why do you need website promotion? Here is a question for you to think about on this topic: how will users be able to find out that your web resource has appeared on the network?

You can tell some people about this in person or through social media. Another option is advertising (on television or contextual). The first option is too slow and ineffective. The option with advertising is quite expensive financially. Moreover, there are numerous limitations and restrictions for the cannabis industry. It is best if visitors come to your web resource from a search engine.

Why do you need to promote your site in the search results? In this case, users come to you deliberately, because they enter the query they are interested in into the search bar. You just have to make sure that some page of the site matches this request. In other words, your site needs to be optimized through SEO. If you are, for example, on page 10 of search results, no one will ever find you.

What is website optimization for? It helps you to bring your site to such a state that will correspond to the maximum degree of trust from search engines. Only in this case, you can hope that as a result of the ranking you will get to the TOP. There you will be found by targeted visitors who may eventually become your customers (if the site is created to sell something). Thus, you can establish a stable increase in the flow of visitors, which in turn will have a positive effect on the growth of profits from sales of goods and services you offer.

Therefore, you should contact specialists from the MjSeo Agency who know what SEO website promotion for cannabis businesses is for and, more importantly, know how to do it. There is also an option to master the theory of this method of promotion, gather a team of the necessary professionals, and independently try to promote your Internet resource to the TOP of the search results. However, it requires a lot of time, which businesses usually don’t have. At the same time, we can give you several tips that will help you make your website optimized and be better ranked by search engines.

1.  Google My Business

This step is crucial but many businesses often skip it. Provide users with as much information as possible so that they could contact you if necessary. Moreover, this option is essential for local SEO as people who are looking for a “dispensary near me” or are using Google Maps to find something will see your profile right on the main page.

2. Social Media

You probably already know that advertising cannabis products is either prohibited or severely limited. However, there are still some ways to promote your product or service on social media platforms. Create a page of your business and don’t forget to regularly fill it in with relevant, useful, interesting, or entertaining information. Don’t promote anything directly, just reach out to your target audience and this method will bring you new customers.

3. Create a Blog

This is one of the most effective ways to educate your audience and get new visitors to your website. First of all, cannabis is still a disputable topic and many people don’t know enough about it. In that way, they won’t buy any cannabis products even though they might help them. Educating people makes them more tolerant of something and explains to them why they might need your product. Over time, they can become your customers because it is you who taught them and they already have trust in your brand.

Secondly, you should understand that when people are looking for something on the web, they are using search queries. And search engines find web pages that correspond to these queries and might be useful for people. The best option is to fill in your blog with useful and reliable content so that people would come to your site and spend some time there. This will increase the trust of search engines in your platform.

You should also know that maintaining a blog is another thing you should take all that seriously. Here are some tips:

  • Create a content strategy and post regularly.
  • Don’t try to advertise your products; it is better to be an educational resource.
  • Don’t forget about the structure of the articles: use meta tags, subheadings, keywords, and so on.
  • Make your articles easy to perceive – subheadings, lists, and images will help you here.
  • Write at least 500 words. For some topics, this amount can be much bigger and it is better to conduct a competitor analysis.

4. Boosting Your Website

Your website is the main marketing tool you have. Visitors should easily find anything they need there, it should load fast, have both desktop and mobile versions, and have a good design. Of course, all of these require a lot of resources to do. But you need to make everything correctly once and forget about it for a long time.

5. Directory Listings

There are numerous websites that may help you promote your resource. These are Yelp, Local, and Yellow Pages. They not only help people find your business but also provide you with quality links. For cannabusinesses, it is essential to use related directories like Leafly, Weedmaps, and THCBiz. Don’t go to all of them at once, start with a few and make sure that they are reputable.

6. Reviews

You should not only motivate your customers to leave reviews about your site and business on Google but also take care of the existing ones. If you’ve received a negative review, you should definitely answer it in a polite way and propose to compensate for the negative emotions of the customer. This will create a good image of your business.

7. Google Analytics

If you are going to start improving your website, you should have the possibility to track your results. Google Analytics is an effective and simple tool that will help you track website traffic, conversions, behavior, and more as visitors visit your website and spend time there.

In Conclusion

So, let’s summarize the information we have learned about why you need SEO website promotion:

  • if your resource is not seen by search engines, its existence does not make sense;
  • to optimize your resource for the main factors of getting into the TOP;
  • to maintain the achieved positions;
  • to create a stream of targeted visitors and increase sales of goods and services.

Still in doubt about which type of website promotion to choose? Choose SEO! It is much cheaper and more effective than other known methods, although it requires the ability to wait since you can see the first results no earlier than in 2-3 months.

Dmytro Syvak is an expert at MjSeo.Agency, where he works as a business development manager. He also writes blog articles for the MjSeo Blog, and he takes part in interviews and podcasts. Dmytro has a big experience in the cannabis industry, he loves to share his knowledge with others and develop his skills.