Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook?

Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook?

Cannabis and CBD products are gaining popularity worldwide, and tolerance for these products is also growing. More people have become interested in using cannabidiol products, and you must inform them about your offers. Your cannabis business can benefit from advertising on Facebook, but it is also challenging to post CBD ads on Facebook.

The 2018 Farm Bill made the production, cultivation, and sale of industrial hemp federally regulated and legal but didn’t legalize CBD products. CBD’s legal status depends on your state; some have already adopted more sophisticated regulations. The FDA has approved only two CBD-based drugs. FDA’s future enforcement and regulation of CBD in dietary and food supplements are close, but businesses must follow requirements to satisfy FDA standards.

How to Advertise CBD on Facebook?

The 2024 Farm Bill will include reforms to improve the hemp industry. However, Facebook’s CBD policy must be updated to allow companies to fully promote their products and services. The actual process of launching a CBD ads campaign is as follows:

  1. Create an e-commerce landing page on a new domain. It must be a new site, not your main one.
  2. Change the word CBD everywhere with “hemp.” Avoid linking to the main website.
  3. Create and submit for approval ads focused on CBD topicals to drive traffic.

The steps look simple. Nevertheless, there are still many points to know:

  • whether you can advertise CBD on Facebook,
  • how to create CBD ads on Facebook,
  • what to do if your campaign is not accepted,
  • the practical alternatives to Facebook advertising.

Can You Sell CBD on Facebook?

While it isn’t strictly illegal anymore, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about CBD as a health or culinary product, making it challenging for marketers to utilize native advertising and sell CBD on Facebook. Let’s first clarify what native CBD advertising on Facebook is in particular. Further, we’ll cover questioning the possibility of ad campaigns about your CBD brand and CBD products in terms of Facebook advertising policies.

What is Native Advertising on Facebook?

In a nutshell, native ads on Facebook blend in with the rest of the content and appear natural. Both Facebook and Twitter have native advertisements, which can be seen on the news feed on both platforms, as well as on a small number of other websites and apps.

Yes, because it might look like the network or the advertisers are trying to trick users into thinking that the sponsored ad spaces are real content. However, while they may be comfortable with the practice, many consumers have certain reservations about the given Facebook marketing concept if it is connected with CBD brands or any single CBD products:

  • CBD brands that you can trust are required.
  • They need to be relevant.

It’s challenging to find permitted wording to mention CBD and pictures for CBD advertisements to run between other health and medicinal postings on the Facebook platform. Considering all the above, can CBD business owners get CBD ads approved on Facebook?

Is It Possible to Run CBD Ads on Facebook?

The short answer is “yes!” CBD advertising, while challenging, is still possible, and we know how to do it! There are numerous ways of marketing CBD goods to various clients. You can run a campaign or contact professionals who will help you with this. The main thing is to achieve a result that will help your business develop.

Yes, even if you follow all the Facebook CBD advertising policy regulations to a tee, your advertisements may be rejected from time to time. To avoid this, you can ask a professional agency to advise or discuss the situation with Facebook representatives.

Tips on Facebook Advertising

Several tips will help you promote your products on Facebook and attract new customers. These are the steps you should take if your previous campaigns were unsuccessful or if you are new to this and don’t know where to start to advertise CBD on Facebook.

Tip #1 Provide Appropriate Medical Qualities in Advertisement Text

For CBD ads to be approved, avoid stating that these products have specific health benefits or that they cure or treat any illnesses. It is crucial to remember since most of the literature on cannabidiol attributes many of the effects as being due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, and other similar medical qualities. However, if you’re looking for something a little more official, you may use publications backed by medical evidence, such as those published by the National Library of Medicine and/or the National Institutes of Health. Both are excellent choices to consider when advertising CBD on Facebook.

Tip #2 Establish Consumers’ Credibility

When it comes to building trust, the most important thing for consumers is to always be your number one priority. You may inspect for pollutants, authenticate the quality of your CBD, and even get lab reports that accurately display the content in your items. It is a solid start, but it will also pay off when cannabidiol becomes completely legal.

Tip #3 Pay Attention to Local Rules

The Farm Bill says that each state must give the Department of Agriculture a plan for how to regulate hemp. Unfortunately, not all states have yet implemented this requirement, so follow your local rules.

Tip #4 Avoid Mentioning Your Product by Name

While there are ways to advertise CBD on Facebook, you should refrain from mentioning any products by name. It is difficult, but you’ll need to think of alternative ways to describe your items to your consumers. Moreover, cannabidiol should not be used in a domain name.

Tip #5 Create a New Facebook Profile

Create a new Facebook profile if needed. You may add more friends or followers to your account if desired. On the page, avoid including any CBD-related advertising or information. Use remarketing to reach out to people interested in the term “hemp oil.” Replace “CBD” or “CBD oil” in advertising with “Natural Plant-Based Remedies” in your ad creative and text.

Such simple things will allow you to advertise CBD online without breaking any rules, as no one wants to be blocked or banned from the most prominent social media in the world. Try them one by one to promote CBD products until you find the most appropriate variant and succeed with paid advertising on Facebook.

What to Do If Facebook Rejected Your CBD Campaign?

Of course, there are numerous reasons why your CBD advertising on Facebook is rejected. However, it is always worth double-checking whether you did everything correctly when running a Facebook ad. Thus, you can get another chance to attract new customers and expand your business.

Make sure that your landing pages do not refer to cannabidiol. If you’re required to, remove any connections between the landing page and your main website to advertise CBD on Facebook successfully. It is because Facebook ad bots can index your landing pages if they say CBD, which will result in advertising being rejected.

If you’ve previously had ad rejections, this may work against you getting CBD Facebook ads accepted. Sometimes, all it takes is for an established agency to place your campaign. Other times, this may appear like taking a break from hemp and CBD ads and focusing on something else for a while.

Note that if your Facebook ad account is deleted after you are rejected, you risk losing it. It is simple to address by following the steps outlined above: focusing on other things to keep your record clean whenever possible.

Best Alternatives to CBD Ads on Facebook

Luckily, there are other effective ways of creating CBD ads on Facebook, even if the platforms reject your campaign. Try one of the following approaches or combine several to address a wider audience. However, make sure you have a plan and stick to it to avoid wasting your time and money on running alternatives for Facebook CBD ads.

Create an Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketers are powerful because they can spread the word about your CBD products without you having to do anything. Among its main types are involved, unattached, and related affiliate marketing. Market statistics state that if we consider the subsequent several years, it’s predictable that this advertising model’s spending will increase by 10%. Because of analytics, cookies, and digital marketing, this market is rapidly expanding and is estimated by stakeholders to be worth nearly $12 billion. Business Insider notes that 15% of e-commerce earnings come from this industry.

When you think about how $170 million was spent on affiliate marketing around the world in one year, it’s easy to see why this is a big business opportunity. ShareASale, CannAffiliate, and Clickbank are three popular affiliate networks.

Engage in SEO

Paying attention to search engine optimization, often known as SEO, is one of the most natural methods to expand your CBD brand on the Internet. This method, like all of the others, does require some work on your part. The cost is usually a lot lower than it is for alternative advertising methods. Hiring an SEO expert to assist you is frequently the most effective approach to guaranteeing that your money and time are spent wisely. You can always ask for examples of CBD ads on Facebook to assess whether this will benefit your brand.

You won’t have to worry about breaking marketing regulations, either. However, please be advised that if the FDA is looking into any health or disease claims, SEO CBD keywords will be regarded as a marketing and advertising materials. It is increasingly important to maintain your SEO strategy if, in some cases, it is currently impossible for you to market CBD on Facebook. Maintaining a bonafide presence on the web will allow people to discover you based on what they are searching for.

Attend Expositions

One of the most effective kinds of marketing is word-of-mouth communication. It has always been (and continues to be) one of the most potent promotion types, especially concerning CBD advertising on Facebook. Attending industry trade shows is a great way to meet with other industry players in person and analyze the market. Not only that, but you may also exhibit what your business has to offer at trade shows like the CBD Expo Tour and earn people on your side. Doing so can attract a new audience and raise cash for your CBD advertising campaign.

Resort to the Help of Influencers

Regarding another effective way to replace paid ads on the famous social media platform for CBD business owners, influencer marketing and collaboration come into play. This is one of the fastest-growing marketing types, as its campaigns are paid an average of $15K by businesses. To promote CBD products and increase brand awareness, one can ask popular social media CBD experts to advertise product benefits to their followers.

It is crucial to consider the celebrity’s content and target audience to build trust with the one that your brand requires. But there is also the possibility of reaching a larger audience by following this method. Any CBD brand online can replace CBD ad campaigns on Facebook by enlisting the help of such influencers as:

  • The Stoner Mom;
  • The High Woman;
  • Montel Williams;
  • Dr. Rachna Patel, etc.

Use Social Networks

If you’re looking for one more effective way of CBD digital advertising, try Cannabis Business Social Networks to find like-minded peers and connect with new or target consumers. Joining social networks related to CBD and CBD products influences business development and growth. As there are plenty of reliable platforms about CBD, communication between like-minded individuals or cannabis connoisseurs gets much more effortless. Your aim as a CBD business owner is to find the targeted one that’ll meet your expectations and provide your goal achievement. You can choose from a wide range of variants, like:

  • WeedTube;
  • Duby;
  • High There;
  • CannaSOS, etc.

In Conclusion

Even though CBD advertising is not allowed on the biggest social networking sites right now, there are ways around this. CBD marketers can use social media platforms and content marketing to educate their audiences and build brand recognition without using aggressive sales tactics, which can get your account shut down.

For your CBD marketing campaign to have the best chance of being successful, do enough research ahead of time to understand how the cannabidiol market works in each state and on the internet. Make sure all claims you make are valid, verified, and backed by sufficient scientific proof before your brand launch.

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