Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook?

Cannabis and CBD products are gaining popularity across the world and tolerance to these products also grows. More people become interested in using cannabidiol products and it is essential to let them know about your offers. It is evident that your cannabusiness can benefit from advertising on Facebook but it is also incredibly difficult to post CBD ads on Facebook.

Only in 2018, the introduction of the Farm Bill made cannabis a non-illegal product. However, Facebook’s CBD policy still needs to be updated in order to allow companies to promote their products and services to the fullest.

Considering how challenging marketing can be, this article will tell you:

  • whether you can advertise CBD on Facebook,
  • how to create CBD ads on Facebook,
  • what to do if your campaign was not accepted, and
  • the effective alternatives to Facebook advertising.

Can You Sell CBD on Facebook?

While it isn’t strictly illegal anymore, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about CBD as a health or culinary product, which can make it tough for marketers to utilize native advertising and sell CBD on Facebook.

What is Native Advertising on Facebook?

In a nutshell, native ads on Facebook are advertisements that blend in with the rest of the content and appear to be natural. Both Facebook and Twitter have native advertisements, which can be seen on the news feed on both platforms as well as a small number of other websites and apps.

Yes, because it may appear as though the network or advertisers are attempting to deceive users into thinking that the sponsored advertising spaces are genuinely organic content. However, while they may be comfortable with the practice, many consumers have certain reservations about the concept:

  • CBD brands that you can trust are required
  • They need to be relevant

It’s difficult to find permitted wording and pictures for CBD advertisements to run between other health and medicinal postings on the Facebook platform.

Is it possible to run CBD ads on Facebook?

The short answer is “yes!” CBD advertising, while difficult, is still possible, and we know how to do it! There are numerous ways of marketing CBD goods for a variety of different clients. You can run a campaign by yourself or contact professionals who will help you with this. The main thing is to achieve a result that will help your business develop.

Yes, even if you follow all the regulations to a tee, your advertisements may be rejected from time to time. To avoid this, you can address a professional agency to give you advice or discuss the situation with Facebook representatives.

Tips on Facebook Advertising

There are several tips that will help you promote your products on Facebook and attract new customers. These are the steps you should take if your previous campaigns were not successful or if you are new to this and don’t know where to start.

  • For CBD ads to be approved, avoid stating that these products have specific health benefits or that they cure or treat any illnesses. This is crucial to remember since most of the literature on cannabidiol attributes a lot of the effects as being due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, and other similar medical qualities. However, if you’re looking for something a little more official, you may use publications backed by medical evidence such as those published by the National Library of Medicine and/or the National Institutes of Health. Both are excellent choices to consider when advertising CBD on Facebook.
  • When it comes to building trust, the most important thing for consumers is to always be your number one priority. You may inspect for pollutants, authenticate the quality of your CBD, and even get lab reports that will accurately display the content in your items. This is a solid start, but it will also pay off when cannabidiol becomes completely legal.
  • The Farm Bill requires each state to submit a hemp regulation plan for the Department of Agriculture to evaluate and approve. Unfortunately, not all States have yet implemented this requirement, so follow your local rules.
  • While there are ways of advertising CBD on Facebook, you should never mention any products by name. This is difficult, but you’ll need to think of alternative ways to describe your items to your consumers. Moreover, cannabidiol should not be used in a domain name.
  • Create a new Facebook profile if needed. You may add more friends or followers to your account if desired. On the page, avoid including any CBD-related advertising or information. Use remarketing to reach out to people who have an interest in the term “hemp oil.” Replace “CBD” or “CBD oil” in advertising with “Natural Plant-Based Remedies” in your ad creative and text.

Such simple things will allow you to advertise CBD online without breaking any rules as no one wants to be blocked or banned from the largest social media in the world.

What to Do If Facebook Rejected Your CBD Campaign?

Of course, there are numerous reasons why your ad is rejected. However, it is always worth double-checking whether you did everything correctly. Thus, you can get another chance of attracting new customers and expanding your business.

Make sure that your landing page does not refer to cannabidiol. If you’re required to, remove any connections between the landing page and your main website. It can be indexed by Facebook ad bots if it says CBD, which will result in it being rejected.

If you’ve previously had ad rejections, this may work against you in obtaining CBD Facebook ads accepted. Sometimes, all it takes is for an established agency to place your campaign. Other times, this may appear like taking a break from hemp and CBD ads and focusing on something else for a while.

Note that if your Facebook ad account is deleted after you are rejected, you run the danger of losing it. This is easy to address by following the steps we outlined above: paying attention to other things when feasible in order to keep your record clean.

Best Alternatives to CBD Ads on Facebook

Luckily, there are other effective ways of creating CBD ads on Facebook even if the platforms rejected your campaign. You can try one of the following approaches or combine several of them in order to address the wider audience. However, make sure that you have a plan and stick to it in order to not waste your time and money.

Create an affiliate network

Affiliate marketers are important individuals who can assist you in propagating your product without you having to do anything. According to market data, affiliate marketing spending will rise by 10% over the next several years. Affiliate marketing is a fast-growing digital market that has grown to be worth around $12 billion. It accounts for 15% of all digital media sales, and more than five billion times in 2017, web users clicked on affiliate marketing links!

Consider the fact that worldwide affiliate marketing transactions reached $170 million during a year, and it’s clear why this is an important business opportunity. ShareASale, CannAffiliate, and Clickbank are three popular affiliate networks.

Engage in SEO

Paying attention to search engine optimization, often known as SEO, is one of the most natural methods to expand your brand on the Internet. This method, like all of the other ones, does require some work on your part. The cost is usually a lot lower than it is for alternative advertising methods. Hiring an SEO expert to assist you is frequently the most effective approach to guarantee that your money and time are spent wisely. You can always ask for examples of CBD ads on Facebook in order to assess whether this will be beneficial for your brand.

You won’t have to worry about breaking marketing regulations, either. However, please be advised that if the FDA is looking into any health or disease claims, SEO CBD keywords will be regarded as marketing and advertising materials. It is increasingly important to maintain your SEO strategy. Maintaining a bonafide presence on the web will allow people to discover you based on what they are searching for.

Attend Expositions

One of the most effective kinds of marketing is word-of-mouth communication. It has always been (and continues to be) one of the most powerful types of promotion. Attending industry trade shows is a great way to meet with other industry players in person and analyze the market. Not only that, but you may also exhibit what your business has to offer at trade shows like the CBD Expo Tour and earn people on your side. By doing so, you have the ability to attract a new audience and perhaps raise cash for your CBD advertising campaign.

In Conclusion

Despite the fact that major social networking sites do not currently allow CBD advertising, there are workarounds available. CBD marketers may use social media platforms and content marketing to educate their audiences and develop brand recognition without resorting to aggressive selling methods, which can result in your account being shut down.

For the best probability of success with a CBD marketing campaign, conduct enough study upfront to better understand the constraints of the cannabidiol market in each state and on the internet. Make sure all claims you make are true, verified, and backed by good scientific proof before your brand launch.

Dmytro Syvak is an expert at MjSeo.Agency, where he works as a business development manager. He also writes blog articles for the MjSeo Blog, and he takes part in interviews and podcasts. Dmytro has a big experience in the cannabis industry, he loves to share his knowledge with others and develop his skills.